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Embrace, the : A True Vampire Story
Vampire library of Darkness : Embrace, the : A True Vampire Story, Aphrodite Jones Vampire library of Darkness : Embrace, the : A True Vampire Story, Aphrodite Jones
Author : Aphrodite Jones Embrace, the : A True Vampire Story
Realease Date : 2000
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Visitor Rating : Vampire Book RatingVampire Book RatingVampire Book RatingVampire Book RatingVampire Book Rating      7.33 with 6 Votes
Resource : Victoria
Description : I enjoyed the book and the movie, but at the sametime I did not feel that there was enough information about the vampire clan. I have always wanted to know more about Rod and what made him do what he did, so can someone please email at Thank you
Resource : phiL choLits
Description : how can i be a real vampire?
Resource : anjali
Description : my id ir &
Resource : anjali
Description : i wana become a vampire
Resource : Riada
Description : yes I loved the book too. I do feel strangly drawn to Roderick, who seemingly haunts my very excistance. But that's okay with me. I feel bad for him and know what it's like to be just another teenage vampire in the modern world.
Resource : nasreen
Description : do human vampires exist anywhere in this world.
Resource : Jave
Description : If we wan't to be a Vampire, We need to die First..
And then We need to leave our Family,friends (etc)
And we live This world lonely.. Some people said There's one person who going to get your Body, and Make you, ahh.. thirsty Vampire..;-[
Resource : Jave s Hibari
Description : I'm already a Vampire.. If you wan't to be.. You Need to leave you Family.friends(etc)
And you live this world lonely:([)
But First you need to die And Someone well get your body, And then,, The Ritual will begin
and they going to make you The one of them The of us.. Ahh Thirsty Vampire..
Resource : Sad
Description : OK, vamipires don't really exist. I guess dark fantasy is sexy to some, but come on...
Resource : beverly
Description : i am beverly and i want to be a pure blood vampire but i dont think so if it is true.......... :)
Resource :
Description : The "Vampire Clan" was a loosely knit gang of Southern U.S. teenagers who played at being outcasts and goths, and then pretended to be vampires. The twisted fantasies and dark mind of their young leader, Rod Ferrell, dominate The Embrace. Aphrodite Jones wastes no time in getting inside the troubled 16-year-old's head, detailing his elaborate delusions (he sometimes claims to be 500 years old; at other points, he was born 60,000 years ago and "sent to earth to destroy it") and his eerie abilities to control other troubled souls. With a Jim Jones-like knack for bizarre showmanship, Ferrell picked up followers and "true loves" with ease, then led his small, unmerry band on a mission from his home base in Kentucky to pick up yet another groupie--15-year-old Heather Wendorf--in Florida. The journey ended in violence in 1996, however, when Ferrell decided to kill Heather's parents with a crowbar. The group (Heather in tow) fled to New Orleans, where Rod promised his "vampire friends" would take them in; they were arrested a few days later. Ferrell, who now holds the record as the youngest inmate on death row, still insists he's the Antichrist. Jones's account is rather spare, but feels balanced and honest. Like untold thousands of other American youths, Ferrell had the requisite bad childhood and unpleasant memories to later cause him both melancholy and grief. But unlike most of his peers, Rod Ferrell seems to have been born with a genius intelligence and the ability to memorize names, accents, and customs from different eras and places with ease, along with a talent to "perform" what he claimed to be. That he also happened to be deranged shouldn't be overlooked, but the real tragedy and concern here is that there might exist a rip in the fabric of our society large enough to allow healthy, normal teenagers like his group to fall through the tear and into the arms of animalistic hucksters like Rod Ferrell. --Tjames Madison --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
Resource : From Publishers Weekly
Description : On November 25, 1996, in Eustis, Fla., Ruth and Richard Wendorf were found bludgeoned to death in their home, with their youngest daughter, Heather, 15, missing. Jones (Cruel Sacrifice, etc.) portrays Heather as a lonely girl whose desire to transcend her "mundane," privileged life brought her under the influence of a charismatic monster who introduced her to an underground world of teenagers dressing in black, practicing ritual bloodletting and dreaming of traveling to Paris and New Orleans. Was Heather part of a gruesome execution planned by self-described vampires or a brainwashed victim seduced by pack leader Rod Ferrell? Jones makes a case for the latter, minimizing Heather's involvement in the murders ("She was without an ego"). While Jones claims to have used "proven sources of journalistic research," she does admit to altering "certain details" and taking "certain storytelling liberties." Jones seems to think Ferrell was just born mean, and she turns him into a larger-than-life character, calling him "the embodiment of insanity." Her entire account suffers from psychological na?vet?, as she appears to believe whatever HeatherAwho stands to inherit half a million dollars from her parents' deathAtells her and dismisses those who contradict the girl, including Heather's own sister. Jones provides a good overview of the facts surrounding the murder and her prose glows with a voyeuristic intensity, but she comes off as so wholly biased in favor of Heather, "the victim," that her presentation lacks full credibility. (June) FYI: Jones's All She Wanted is soon to be filmed with Drew Barrymore.
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
Resource : From Booklist
Description : With several best-sellers to her credit, including Cruel Sacrifice (1994), Jones returns with another expedition into teen true crime. The horror she investigates this time is the brutal murder of a husband and wife in a Florida suburb, perpetrated by Rod Ferrell, a magnetic, egocentric teenage vampire cultist, who lures a small group of troubled teens (among them the 15-year-old daughter of the murder victims) into a situation that forever changes their lives. The grisly circumstances are certainly right out of every parent's nightmare, with blood rituals, vampire role-playing, aberrant love, and dysfunctional family relationships, and it's the perfect stuff for true-crime writers. Unofortunately, Jones drops the ball. Although she draws on court records, news stories, and interviews to re-create the events leading up to and following the crime, her purple prose ("Only he could penetrate her inner sanctum"; "His strong arms made her melt"; "Rod filled her void"); clunky, confusing chronology; and reconstructed dialogue ("based on recollections of the participants") turn real-life tragedy into boring, almost absurd, melodrama. Expect some publicity-driven demand (and the inevitable TV movie), but most readers will find Jones much less satisfying than true-crime veterans Ann Rule (Bitter Harvest, 1998) and Joe McGinniss (Fatal Vision, 1983). Stephanie Zvirin --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
Resource : From Kirkus Reviews
Description : Veteran crime writer Jones (All She Wanted, 1998, etc.) unravels a horrific double murder in central Florida made especially notorious by the involvement of a teen vampire cult, supposedly including the victims daughter, Heather Wendorf. Documenting ringleader Rod Ferrells trajectory from pretentious escapism to death row, this grisly, long-winded book directs sympathy toward the beleaguered gothic subculture while exploiting its milieu of blood-letting and ritualized depravity. Certainly, the seeming current plague of violence by disaffected youths is a subject for urgent discussion. However, a large portion of The Embrace is vague, repetitive, and muddled. Although Jones documents the unappetizing middle-American circumstancesabsent father, incompetent mother, drug and sexual abusethat had demolished Ferrells moral capacities by age 16, piecing this together entails wading through much unmediated fluff about teenage vampire fantasies. Jones, a journalist for 20 years, offers no critical judgments about the rickety dream universe constructed by Ferrell and his few acolytes. This approach cripples her capacity to address the complex implications of both this tragedy and the apparently complicit culture of fantasy violence bred from trailer-park anomie. The book improves markedly in its final sections, which detail the inevitable fury of law enforcement in punishing what turn out to be four pathetic, disenfranchised kids and one seductive psychopath. The fragility of civil liberties is evident in the Jim Thompson-esque fate of Heather Wendorf; held responsible by the cops, she was cleared of foreknowledge by two grand juries, yet was vilified in the court of Florida public opinion. The vengeful grief inspired in rural Lake County by Ferrells brutality demanded community condemnation not just of the murderers, but also of Heather, who appears to have been a victim rather than an instigator. Narrative rather than reflective, but readers who plow through to the end will get some sense of the shadowy fantasy lives of kids fallen through lifes cracks. -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
Resource : Review
Description : Kirkus Reviews Readers...will get some sense of the shadowy fantasy lives of "kids fallen through life's crack."
Resource : Book Description
Description : With an extraordinary talent for staring evil dead in the eye, New York Times bestselling author and journalist Aphrodite Jones plunges readers into the front lines of a modern nightmare. On November 25, 1996, in their home in the lakeside community of Eustis, Florida, Rick and Ruth Wendorf were savagely beaten to death with a tire iron. The Wendorfs' new Ford Explorer was stolen, but this was no routine robbery gone bad. This was a crime carried out by one Roderick Ferrell, a sixteen-year-old self-avowed Antichrist. His human sacrifice was a testament to the unique and sinister bond of four brainwashed teens. Heather Wendorf was a straight "A" student, a petite blonde with wide-set brown eyes. Yet she had been heard to wish her parents "off the face of the planet." Heather never dreamed that when she joined her friends for a joyride one fall evening, her wish had already come true. Including exclusive interviews with every living character involved in the case, The Embrace will forever change the way we look at one of the fastest-growing religious movements in the country, and its most vulnerable fold: our children.
Resource : About the Author
Description : Aphrodite Jones is the author of the New York Times bestseller Cruel Sacrifice; the bestseller The FBI Killer, which was made into an ABC-TV movie titled Betrayed by Love, starring Patricia Arquette; All She Wanted, soon to be a major motion picture; and Della's Web. She began her professional writing career at age twenty-one, with a nationally syndicated column for United Features Syndicate. A published journalist for twenty years, she has also worked as a radio news director, lectured about writing as an assistant professor of English, and, for the last decade, devoted herself to human interest and hard-news stories. Born in Chicago, raised in New York, and schooled in Los Angeles, Jones now works out of her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
Resource : TIffany
Description : I am in personal contact with Rodrick Ferrell, I have his address at his penitentury, I am writing a book about him, and will hopefully stay in close contact with Rod, if there's anything that anyone would like to know please feel free to email me-
Resource : Charelle
Resource : carley winte
Description : these stories are fantiastic. but are they really real?a im doing a big reaserch papper on them and i need more information. but its hard to find it. if you could please send me some web sites or information that you might know about vampires. thank you for you time. :)
Resource : carley
Description : my email is
Resource : brandon whitlow
Description : i gotbitten 2 nights ago and i have begun sleepin in the closet during the dayand i have to quit my job its during daylight please help me find away to get back to my normal self
Resource : Charelle Coleman
Description : I have soon began to like roderick ferrell i did some research on him in school and i am trying to get some more information on him to keep in contact with him. my emails is you can email me any time
Resource : koiya
Description : is there any vampite in this world?im willing to meet him/her because i want to became a vampire
Resource : sourceres of the far east
Description : i am like batl urking behined the shadows and filling in the cracks
Resource : syntha
Description : I rented their apartment
Resource : syntha
Description : I rented their apartment and live upstairs of the girl whom ratted them out. Its terrifying and creepy in there. Their presence still lingers as well as the symbols they carved everywhere.
Resource : mayur
Description : d book seems to b so facinating..i tried a lot but not getting any copy in my area..can u plz send me a soft copy of d same..i wil b so pleased if u do..or atleast let me know d source from where i can get it in pune (country-india, state- maharashtra, pin code- 411043)
Resource : yatz pineda
Description : is it true that theres a vampire?if its true where can i found them?
Resource : ryan
Description : hey tymber i wanna know about all real stories about murders
Resource : ryan
Description : and i love to be vampire......

and this july i m going to change my look
Resource : Tonya
Description : Listen everyone Rod is my cousin and i am here to tell you that he is no god he is a sick twisted demented guy who thought that he could be god or satan whichever his mom was no different that whole side of the family was nothing but sadisitc people just remember that. I know more about that family than i care to know so dont for one min think he is somekind of god.
Resource : calpurnia thanatos
Description : im a vampire
Resource : theresa
Description : I am interested in meeting a real vampire, one that will treat me right . Il love vampires. I have always been fastinated with their darkside
Resource : jave D. Gempesaw
Description : i'm ready to be a vampire
Resource : Gypsie Rose
Description : Hey does anyone know where to get wallpapers, etc of Rod Ferrell? He is too effin hot. E-mail me with any links or if you have any pix you would like to share.
Resource : ali
Description : is vampire true
Resource : jazz sexena
Description : i want to becoma a vampire and i mean it
Description : hello everyone I am candlemagick and I like vampires and witches, I like the book she wrote
she is cool she reminds me of a vampire a real one
Description : come to the facebook and look up real vampires, there are real vampires out there what are for real maybe she is a vampire!!!!!
Resource : Kotryna
Description : This book was one of the best I have ever read. It gives a very detailed look into what people can do. I don't believe in vampires the way we are told they look: turning people into vampires by drinking their blood or that they look like in horror movies e.g. The vampires I believe in are just the person's mind and fantasy transferring into reality, for example, Rod Ferrel and the cult.
Resource : carlisle cullen
Description : is there a true vampires in this world?
Resource : Amber
Description : The book was Excellent, Its weird but I feel Sorry for Rod. I just feel as if its not truley his fault he is the way he is. His family was warped and I just hate to see a boy with so much to give to stoop to the level he did. My feelings go out to the Wedorfs. Read this book its an amazing twisted story
Resource : Prima
Description : I wanna be a vampire. I hate life as a human. I am soooo unlucky.Though I wanna be a vampire,I don't actually know whether they exist.
Resource : alian
Description : the vampires are true like the show of undreworld evolution
Resource : tymber
Description : My name is Tymber, and I live in Eustis and attend Eustis High School. I have a lot of information on Rod, and the murders. So if anyone has any questions, I can most likely answer them for you.
Resource : tymber
Description : my email is
Resource : rashi
Description : does vampire exist?
Resource : Ronald
Description : I really want to know more about vampires. I havent ruled out their excistence but i cant say they are real forsure. If anybody has information on this i would love to hear about it, email me any time
Resource : ANGEL
Description : I know that vampires exist because I was loved by one in the spiritual realm. I would love to elaborate on details however I wish to keep his identity a secret. He loved me like no other. The waves of love he shared with me was ectasy at its best.
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