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Admin Note:

This is by no means a comprehensive list, as there are new sites created often, and sites are often closed. If you have a link that you would like to see added, please PM Isealdor to be reviewed.

This list is NOT an endorsement by the Mod/Admin team of any of the included sites, people on those sites, or the philosophies and beliefs held by them. It is here for informational and research purposes. Always be sure to read the rules of any community before joining. Minors, be aware that many places are restricted to adults only.

Special thanks to Merticus and the AVA for the intial compilation of the list.

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)
Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC Research Site
Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)
The Vampiric Community Message Board & Resource Site
Darkness Embraced Vampire & Occult Society
SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page
House Kheperu Resource Site & Forum
Psychic Vampire Resource Site & Forum
Sanguinox Forum
Smoke & Mirrors Support Forum
Smoke & Mirrors Dark Forum
Atlanta Vampire Alliance (House AVA) Resource Site & Forum
TrueForm Within Resource Site & Forum
Drink Deeply & Dream Resource Site & Forum
The Vampire Church Resource Site & Forum
Shadowlore Resource Site & Forum
Les Vampires Resource Site & Yahoo Group
The Real Vampire Directory - Sanguinarius
Vampyre - Goth - Fetish Resource Site & Forum
The Court Of The Forsaken Forum
Immortal Covenant Resource Site & Forum
By Light Unseen Resource Site
Blood & Coffee Resource Site
Aquilus Vampire Community Resource Site & Forum
Gorlocke Vampire & Occult Resource Site
Nocturnus Online Resource Site & Forum Resource Site & Forum
Lost Children of the Oubliette
Black Swan Haven
Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan Forum Vampire & Occult Resource Forum
Vampyrismo - Spanish Language (Brazil) Resource Site & Forum - German Language Resource Site & Forum
Vampyrbibliothek German Vampire Resource Site
My Solitude Project - Russian Forum
SangSpace/PsySpace Vampire Community
Tantric Vampires - A Psi-Sexual Vampire Community
The Real Vampire Directory – Sanguinarius
The Vampirism Community eList Yahoo Group
Vampire Nation Yahoo Group
House Dark Haven - Savannah, GA
House Kheperu – Ohio
House Eclipse - Washington D.C. & Baltimore
House Quinotaur – International
House Of The Dreaming
House Sahjaza - New York City, NY
House Of Ottawa - Ottawa, Canada
Clan Hidden Shadows - New York City, NY
House Crimson Blade – Mississippi
House Aeterno
House Rosa
House Of Enlightenment
House Prytania Resource Site & Forum
House Of The Morning Star - Egypt
Ordo Sekhemu – Texas
House Lost Haven - Northern California
House Konatus
The Shadow Clan
Black Oaks Savannah - A Vampyre Gathering
Black Trillium - A Vampyre Gathering
Black Sunset - A Vampyre Gathering
The Court Of Lazarus - A Metropoliton Vampire Society
The GraveYard Press - E-Zine Publication
Vampyre Lounge Video Archive
Vampire at Eternal - French Forum
Armenian Vampire Resource Site
Russian Vampire Resource Site
German Vampire Forum
Silken Shadows Vampire Community
Fallen Creations Teen Vampire Community
Vampire Meetup Alliance - International
TWILIGHT - A Formal Gathering of the Vampire Community
Rise From The Ashes Forum
Vampyre Support & Information Society
Sanguinarium Networking Site
Some Lives Are Different Resource Site & Forum
House Lost Haven Forum
Immortal Covenant Forum
The Gaian Coven of Modern Day Vampires
Eternal Blood - Christian Vampire Forum
Out Of The Coffin Podcast
House of the Hydra - New York City, NY
House of Mystic Echoes - Louisiana
House Solaris - New Orleans, LA
House Obsidian - North Carolina
Vampgeist Vampire Community Creative Media and Networking
The Order of Maidenfear Online
Vampgeist Alliance
House Carpaythya
Vampire Rave
Puerto Rico Vampires Yahoo Group

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