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How to Become a Vampire in Six Easy Lessons
Vampire library of Darkness : How to Become a Vampire in Six Easy Lessons, Madeline X Vampire library of Darkness : How to Become a Vampire in Six Easy Lessons, Madeline X
Author : Madeline X
Realease Date : 1986
Visitor Value : [Rank]
Visitor Rating : Vampire Book RatingVampire Book RatingVampire Book RatingVampire Book RatingVampire Book Rating      7.59 with 34 Votes
Resource : Zakarii
Description : i am wanting to become avampire...i have these wierd things going on ithinki am half vamyre but im not truly sure...its wierd because i can smell blood...and my eyesturn different cloros i know it sounds rediclus
but ive done my reserch and i need a metore or a proper spell to turn me full if i am half
contact me at this e-mail address
Resource : Bex
Description : I'd hate to be a vampire! Im sorry but its true!! To see your loved ones perish and have to live with that grief for all eternity would be too much to bear! It would also be so lonely! I know that one day I am going to die, but to me, Just to know that every day could be my last, makes the world all the more beautiful in my eyes. But, I do have to admit it, everlasting youth, infinite control over men and sucking the blood from all my enemies does sound tempting....
Resource : darby
Description : i really want to be a vampire ive read books about them and ive been wanting to turn into one please can you e-mail me and tell me how i cant become a vampire easily
Resource : B Toffoli
Description : everytime i playfully bite my gf i have the urge to go over the top.... i get yelled at because every time i get cuts, i have the natural reaction to ingest any blood that is a result.... i feel an irritable sense to light.... someone enlighten me....

regards, brandon
Resource : poison
Description : i have flashes of me driniking blood and my family is wiccans they tell me over and over hat my life will soon chage and i was told that members of my recent fmily were vampires and i caint wait to learn more im in he middle of contacting my pass life and i crave blood during the night i caint sleep im just looking for answer to ?'s
Resource : Allyson Pyle
Description : i have always dreamed of being a vampire sence i was a little girl (now 16) i would always tell my parents when they asked me what i wanted to be when i grow up was a vampires . please grant my wish
Resource : Kimberly
Description : I wish to become a vampire for several reasons I want to:
to do so many things to save this world
to never grow old
to travel
to show humanity to be humane
to be free of the shacels that is time and life
there are so many reasons I want to become a child of the nite. And not all are unslfish as I'd like to tell you. Its odd, I have almost an obsesion with blood. . .
It fasinats me, althow I haven't drank blood exept when I was young and only frum a cut. (Its realy hard to find a doner and its not something I realy talk about)
. . .
I keep geting theses weird dreams of a "Shadow man". I dont know how else to discribe it. Hes ether a vampire or a werewolf. He makes me feel safe, scaird, nice, on gard, weiry, happy. . .
If I find my Shadow mad I think he might be the one.
So if you dream of a Shadow or Light girl, if your a vamp or just a cool person/vampire then email me and well talk.
Resource : Ravi Dudani
Description : Black hair....Black eyes...I want to become a vampire....I am tired of human life....I don't care if I have to give up my soul or whatever painful it might be...I just want it....I really want it...don't care how that might change my lifestyle...I always get used to changes...and better if it's a change that I want... I don't care how it has to be done and how much pain I have to stand for it...I'm ok in dealin with that...I just wish you can really help...anything will be great....Just want something that will actually work and that's possible and at my reach....
Resource : brianna
Description : my best friends a vampire he was born that way but wont turn me he says it will ruin my life what should i do
Resource : Loracca
Description : I want to become a vampire. I don't care what the costs are. If it means never having to see my family again, I will do it. Nothing would mean more to me than being something people wouldn't expect. I want to be supernatural. I would do anything just to be turned. Please help me, I'm in need.
Resource : Alys
Description : i reallllyyy wanna be a vampire i love them so much every time i bite some one it gives me and erge to become a vampire more and more so people back off me some.!
Resource : Crimson
Description : I really want to learn how to become a vampire. I'm...I'm jsut addicted to vampires really,I've studied so much about them.I've been studying them & wanted to actually be near one or be one since I was 3 or 4.
Resource : sam
Description : alright i want to be a vampire so could you send me one
Resource : jack
Description : i really want to be a vampire,dont want it to sound like a wannabee or smthn but i'd really like to know how to become one.. because i wasent born..
Thank's Jack
Resource : Shawn
Description : tall, dark, hansome
Resource : Sakuta
Description : i just want to have pale skin black hair and fangs...
Resource : Knox
Description : I want to become a vampire. I wont go into the details for why right now, and Im not some goth demon of the night, I dont drink human blood for fun, I hate when people use these titles to make themselves seem like some terrible dark lord, and Im sorry if I offended anyone by using the title vampire, but thats the only title I know for them.
Email is:
Resource : JohnnA
Description : i guess i want to be vampire because my world is already black what will make the diffrence if my soul was
Resource : brownm
Description : power ful
Resource : shelbie
Description : I have dark brown hair and very pale, I hate the sun, I love blood and I want to become a vampire
Resource : Rachel Sanders
Description : i want you to put a Spell to Become a Vampire and to have highy powerful powers to to my music to the next levels i want power from that so i can have engery in singing and dancing i'm a gospel singer i.i need those powers.
Resource : Rachel
Description : i want to live forever and get deilver from witchcarft in my dreams and when i have nightmares i wanna be free from that.
Resource : corey
Description : i have always wanted to be a vampire they entertain me more then anything
Resource : nicole
Description : i want to be a vampire because to me being a vampire means freedom from everything and everyone ^_^ so if anyoan can help me become a vampire email me at
Resource : Ariana
Description : Wow people here are not listening, that or they need to go back and read through the descriptions. A person named Leo wrote some pretty insightful things. If he was willing to come on here and tell you people that being a "vampire" is not a good thing, then maybe you should listen and gain more perspective before following your desires. I say play the cards you were dealt, make the most of it and live life to the fullest....Oh and be careful what you wish for. Ja ne!
Resource : vampire
Description : There are so much to learn that one lifetime is not enough. I've always want to live forever.
Resource : James
Description : hello people if you know how to become a vampire email me at that is all
Resource : Andrew
Description : I have readons to belive i am a werepyre or a vampwolf but im not sure and i need to know. I have every attribute of a vampire and lycan. I can feel peoples emotions and manipulate them....I'm a freak among freaks
Resource : stephen
Description : All I've ever wanted is to become a real vampire,sometime i have craves for blood. If I had a chance to become a vampire I would in a Heart beat
Resource : kaz
Description : i wanted to have diffrnt colour eyes from others,i wanted to have dark brown hair n a pale skin n i really3 wanted to be a friend of vampires coz i know its diffclut to be a vampire,btw pls teach me how to get tht kind of colour eyes,hair n skin..,n where do i ge to find vampire friend???
Resource : Anthony
Description : Being a human isn't easy. Im sure being a vampire isnt easy either. But as a human i feel more of an outsider then an insider, im tall 5'10 brown hair kinda pail skin. But I want to learn to become a vampie read minds, i kinda can read peoples eyes but thats about it. I go to highschool by the way and yeah i wish to learn from everything you know.
Resource : charlie lawson
Description : all my life iv whanted to be a vampire, but never succeed help me
Resource : cody bloodless
Description : i want to be a vampire. but first i wanna study them and to know there weaknesses and strenghs. i wanna know when and were i should feed if i ever become one.
Resource : ???
Description : I want release. I'm sick of my weaknesses. I want immortality and power at any cost.
Resource : willaim
Description : can you tell me a way to become a vampire and does it really work
Resource : annieoracle
Description : dark hair, dark eyes, dark mind, dark soul, attractive, vampires should be bisexual cause its a sexy nature and suits them vampires are beauty!
Resource : daisy
Description : turn me into a vampire!
Resource : brandon
Description : i want to become a vampire...but i dont know how i need help i would be happy if some one could change me and i would be gratley delighted and thankfull but Please tell me how to be changed or change me
Resource : brandon
Description : besides that i want to become a vampire I already know when some one askes you if your a vampire you HAVE to tell them the truth garlic dont hurt crosses dont hurt unless its a rossery i belive but some onne,any vampire reading this please tell me how to change into one or turn me into one
Resource : Ashley S
Description : I have been dying to become a vampire so someone please help me
Resource : kyla
Description : I love the taste of blood. I really truly want to become a vampire, more than anything in the world. That is why i will do anything to become one. If you know anyway to become a vampire, please tell me.
Resource : constentine
Description : i want to become a vampire so bad i dont care if it ruins my life iv researched them for like ever and i am the closest i can get in human form to actually being one but i want to take that next step dont you? it would be amazing to be like that i guess only in my dreams will i see the day im a vampire :(
Resource : Madison
Description : How do you become a vampire? cause my friend and me really want to become one...please email us
Resource : Roy
Description : I want to become one with the Darkness, i know all the risk's, i probaly got a few gd reasons to be a child of the night..
waiting for THE anwser.
Resource : Cameron L
Description : i will do anything it takes to become a vampire. i am getting tired of living the life of a mortal and plus one of my friends is a vamp. too
so if there is any way i can i'll be sure enough to do it. so if you can email me at
Resource : nova
Description : hello!
i just want to have vampire fangs and powerful strength,speed and sense.
Resource : Alex
Description : Hi, I'm Alex and I really want to be a vampire.. please. I am not a wanna-be. I've done my research and I understand the consequences. So if somebody, anybody, let me have the ability to have the power, the immortality, the never ageing, and more.. email me at PLEASE. This would mean a lot to me. Thank you.
Resource : Jarvis
Description : The name is Jarvis. I want to become a vampire because for so long my life has been out of touch. Nothing ever seems to go my way im also a good person who helps other people out in life but I have yet to recieve my blessing (Ive been on this planet now for 23 yrs.). Plus I am just ridiculously fasinated with vampires I just love the lifesyle the vampire portrays the young look, the extraordinary powers they have both physical and mental, the way the opposite sex cannot deny the strangly yet, irrisistable presence of the vampire. When I read the books and watch the movies I feel like im free just like they are but when its over.....,I feel like im in hell again and life starts to seem pointless to live this time I want to be free like them permenatly in my own world so as you can see I am in desperate need of a spell, mentor or something that will grant me this awesome pleasure. im ready to start living life the real please!, please!, please!, contact me with something A.S.A.P. at
Resource : scott
Description : i wish tobe a vampire.the true vampire one who stands for good purposes.i want to be one who can help the one i love.ever hear of a book twilight?maybe like edward a true vampire thats strong in will.when i turn 17 i want this wish.i wish to be able to control my hunger my anger and everything that will happen.
Resource : LILY
Description : i have always been fascinated with vampires. its my dream too become one. i love the thought of eternity and immortality. if anyone has any way thats actually real for me too become a vampire please email me
Resource : Holly Doss
Resource : tessa
Description : hey i really want to become a vampire so if you know anyone who would help me or if you are one plaese send me an e-mail at,
Resource : tessa
Description : hey if anyone is out there that can help a 12yr. old girl who dreams about being imortal and being beautiful and would dare to help plz e0mail me, i no people say that "you dont know what ur getting ur self into" but i think i have a pretty good idea. all the time thrist, blood shot eyes, never seeing ur loved ones again, probably killing them, like i said i have a pretty good idae but i still want a new life. my dad treats me like im a peice of garbage and so i want this for me. im trying to be selfless but its hard when this has been ur dream for ur whole life and its right in ur grasp. so, like i said, if you have any way of helping me, plz e-mail me at,
Resource : shelby
Description : i want 2 be a vampire,live forever pls email me
Resource : holly
Description : it's complicated. i'd rather not explain publically. just tell me how.
Resource : Joyce
Description : hi. i want to be a vampire i am 13 years old and this may sound a little crazy but i want to live forever i want to wander in the dark for i am always thinking of leaving this life and start a new one for i am always thinking how'd it would be like to live forever. and go into the sun without feeling pain. every single day i feel like im not me. im something else maybe a vampire i seem to have been nervous around blood. kinda excited really so email me. i may be young but i want to live forever...
Resource : Chris
Description : I'd become a vampire to hunt them all down, and have this world rid of the abominations.
Resource : Pure Blood
Description : Hi, i am a pure-blood its true.
I have seen this so many times, people always wanna be vampires, people wish it.Don't.
You dont know what it is to be a vampire.
Yes we do have a blood-adiction and we Dont burn in sunlight, yes we dont like the sunlight, we hate it but we dont burn.
i am just here to tell you:Don't wish to be a vampire.Don't.
Resource : Ferneyy
Description : Hi,my name is Janis,but i prefer you to call me Ferneyy. I'm Here for the same thing as all of you are. I do want to become a Vampire. But it just seems So impossible. I haven't been doing my researching for that long,but i do want to change. i just hate how we,humans, can't do anything. I do have weird dreams. i have many déjà vu's , like it's happened before. I feel as if i've lived another life before. i have this encouragement for pain,suffering,and blood. But most of all i've seen and heard weird things. And At night i feel like a whole different girl. Some of you might think that it's just because i'm 13 years old. But nope. It's not that. It's something bigger. i Also hear too many rhyming EVERYWHERE i am at. And i do have these weird feelings about certain things, like something that is trying to warn me,before it happens. My eyes do change color. Everyone says that sometimes they turn red. Though sometimes they look black, or lightbrown, you guys get the idea. Sometimes my teeth want to bite flesh. I Know it seems weird but it's like my jaw muscles tighten at some point. It's really weird. My Four side teeth are very pointed. My Friends say that i am too cold at times.And Most f all i do HATE light.i just HATE it. But Yeah,i'll just stop here.
If anyone has some information or anything that they would like to share with me, please contact me at ;;PLEASE HELP ME.~
Resource : ?
Description : How do we know that these people who claim to be pure bloods actually are i mean seriously weres the proof that vampires actually exist i love vampires i really do but i just dont believe that they actually do exist
Resource : Sanny
Description : I think it would be awsome to become a vampire.
Tell me if u know how to be one of them.
Resource : saleena
Description : i want to turn into a vampire because i want to live forever and have some strength in me so if u know any spells that work please tell!!! thanks
Resource : Kassandra
Description : i know to much about my speacies. and if any one needs ansers than ask me by e-mail. i`m trying to become human and not a beast and most of the storys and facts are lies and insults!!! by the way we prefure to be called pail-ones NOT VAMPIRE!!!! it`s to crull
Resource : jake
Description : i need to become a vampire I HAVE TO!!!!
Resource : christabelan
Description : i want badley 2 be a vampire but i cannot find a way 2 do all the steps and my father refuses to damn me by saying "may the groud reject they" ugh and i crave immortality i dont give 2 shits of outliving my family and freinds though i love them with all my icy cold heart my email is if got advice plez pass it on 2 me with the subject vamire
icy feelings
Resource : shelby
Description : i really want to be a vampire ive wanted to be one since i was like 6 i dont care how tough it will be or what i will have to do and go through
Resource : Racheal E.
Description : hi..i want a spell that will transform myself into a vampire that can walk in sunlight.
please i'm begging you,
thank you!
Resource : Leo
Description : you guysdont know what its like to be a real vampire you all have this dreamy view of what its like, you all think its living forever and never growing old, some of you have a slight idea by saying i realise i would have to watch my loved ones perish or it would be so lonely, lonelyness and loved ones mean nothing,that is only the surface of what it would be like. Stop watching so many movies and reading so many books that make it seem so nice. Being a vampire is so much more than immortality and never growing old, its intense on every level to the girl that said she wants to be a vampire so she can save the world and for unselfish reasons, if you became a vampire you would not be able to save the world infact you wold not even remember that part of yourself, humans that become vampires lose there sense of self, there are only two ways to have your sense of self 1st, is to be a pure blood vampire and be born into it, otherwise your just an animal, if your lucky you will have a slight sense of who you are but the it would take your over. The second is only done by those that find the right people only a certain few pure blooded vampires would actually try and turn a person and it involves so much more than getting biten or drinking a pure blooded vampires blood it involves much more and is painfull on a level you could not imagine, if its a realativly new pureblood then the pureblooded vampire can be left drained and for those that are weak death is enevitable.
For those of you that say you like teh taste of blood etc that has nothing to do with it, drinking blood is needed the turned will die if they dont drink and its due to needing a particular chemical, some humans have a desise thats very simmilar to this, however vampires do eat normal food its not just blood. pures will also eventually die a slow and painfull death if they dont drink blood.
The term vampires is a term developed by humans and its almost insulting and so is children of the night, the only reason im even forcing myself to use the word vampire is so you can all understand.
Vampires can go out in daylight but are extreamly sensative to the sun.
If these things describe you and you think you might be a vampires.. you not simple as, if you were a vampire you would know because you would have been taught from an early age and raised into it via your family, you would know the true words to call your own race and the history behind it. If you were a turned you would not be online you would have no sense of self so those of you that think you are vampires or have signs of being vampires your not.. im sorry if this strickes you deeply and your getting angery but that is the truth.
There are other types of vampires but to be honest i have gone into this subject enough already.

I will leave you with an email set up for all those with questions about the true vampires and even for those that wish to become vampires.
If your interested in learning more i will reluctantly teach those i think are worth teaching, however anything you learn is to be kept between me and you. Any violation of this will not be taken lightly.
For those that still wish to see what its like to lose yourself then i might just consider it... though i wouldnt get your hopes up...
In truth i am here to teach a certain few and laugh at the rest...
You might be asking yourself why i am offering to teach or if im real well i have no need to prove my reality to anyone and to ask me to do so is just an insult, though to those i decide to teach i will prove the truth of reality to them.
My reasons for teaching, i pity those that live in a cloud and its worth atleast some of you knowing, though i wont be telling you anything major just the history true terms and maybe somthing about orginial blood lines. I might even tell you things about myself if your lucky... which most of you are not.

If you are going to email me include what you think it is to be a vampire and anything you know about vampires already that way i can correct any information that you think is real but is actually just fake and also find out how much you have grasped already.

P.S - I do not need doners i have them already... so dont even bother with that..
Resource : Leo
Description : To ne a vampire you need a pure blooded vampire spells will not work its just not going to happen and no pure blooded vampire in there right mind will turn people that are not worth turning, it takes effort and time, not somthing to just be wasted and flung around. You have to be worth turning....
To those that think your vampires or even half vampires please just stop and look at yourself your not you never will be unless you are turned sorry to burst yoru bubble.
If there are any other pures online you all know the truth of what the greeks refered to as Lamia and the true last name please post it or email it to me there are only two familes of pures around this area its not enough to preform my rights... i would like to ask you to join and help in the cerimony, yes its my 100th year
Resource : Leo
Description : Yes lamia but the true lamia as you should have learned when you were younger the last name will do, its basic history.
My rights will be done in a few months
Resource : Leo
Description : Briana the reason your friend wont turn you is because if he is a real pureblood he knows how much pain you would have to go through and that its not worth teaching you also, he is most likely a relativly young pure blood meaning he wont have the strength to turn you yet. A real pureblood will not turn anybody unless it seems worth turning them, to be a vampire means you also have to be able to contribute to a socioty unlike anything you could imagine. it would also mean that his parents are purebloods and if he did try and turn you it would result in harsh results for him.
Oh if his family could take part in my rights cerimony for my 100th please email me we dont have enough people to take part and need more pures
Resource : vamp girl
Description : You all know nothig of what its like to be a vampire all you can say for a con is that by living forever you have to watch everyone around you die well this is true but this means that you would never make it to heaven nor could you fall in love because your lover would pass before your very eyes
also the torture of it all would drive you insane and you would resort to suicide to satisfy yourself
i bet more than half the people on this website have read that stupid book called twilight and all they want is the ability to run fast i know many ways to become a vampire and i am willing to give you the secrets but only if you have a good reason and you really think you can deal with the consequences
Resource : cody jenkins
Description : truly yes i want to become a vampire. but before i do i want to learn about then and learn their weaknesses and strenghs. i want to know how much blood should i drink a day if i ever become one and if i will truly live forever if i do become one. i wish to meet a vampire and talk about these things with them. i dont want to simply become a vampire. i want to know all about them so i can help them if they ever need help
Resource : Michelle
Description : I Love blood and pain... I would love to live forever... So i would love to become a vampire really really bad... And i love to bite
Resource : jonathan norris
Description : i want to become a vampire but i cant find a vampire to help me so,

if someone who is a vampire please help me
Resource : robert
Description : im a vampire that needs a stronger spell
Resource : Jade
Description : This is really sad, the fact all of you want to be something that you do not understand. Most of you just probably want to be a vampire because of Twilight. Have any of you actually tasted real blood? Do you know what its like being the palest person in your school? Has your boyfriend ever asked you over and over if you are a vampire? I have to go through this and im not even one! Think about it before you go seeking something that would kill you in a instant. And also think would you be able to leave your loved ones? Do not be foolish mortals and get yourself deep in to something you can not control.

P.S. Im not a vampire so do not ask me to turn you. I would rather not have a murder charge against me and who knows i might accedently drain you dry.
Resource : Alice
Description : hello ever since the start of this year i have always wanted to become a vampire! its been in my blood to become a vampire ever since i was a little girl i always dressed up as a vampire for halloween or scary partys! please i need your help! do u have any powerful riturals or spells or curses that could help me become a member of the living dead!??? please email me back for an answer!
Resource : dillon
Description : i want to become a vampire. i don't care what i have to do. will you help?
Resource : xVampirex
Description : Hey.. I'm looking for a way to become a vampire. Not because I have a desire to live for eternity, not for all the stupid reasons some of you have! I want to become a vampire because I already am about 90% Vampire
I love the dark, night. my skin is pale white and always ice cold. I don't go out in the sunlight. I'm incredibly fast and strong, my eyes change colour. I have memerizing sharp teeth, and (weird) I never sleep [literally, never]. So please help me become a real vampire instead of this 50/50 life.. It sucks ! Thank you..
Resource : twilight6667
Description : i want to be a vampire and i'm not afraid one if any vampire would help me email me
Resource : nina
Description : ive been wanting 2 become a vampire for a long time and i dont care about my family. i hate them very much and i just wanna get away from them. please if anyone has any idea on becoming a vampire or someone is and can help me become one plz msg me at
Resource : taylor
Description : hgfghvhg
Resource : Juliet.
Description : I want what you all want. Maybe even more. Its an obsession. I've made myself sick in the head with all of this. I want this because I'm afraid of getting older. I'm sick of all of the nights I lay awake thinking of what it might be like. I'm just death on legs. There is no more happiness. Please, help me.
Resource : Gina Freeman
Description : i want a i wish speel that you light a candle and chant something and then it happens over night i cant find anyhting like that pls if you find one give i to me and pls pray ot works
Resource : Johnny Kang
Description : im was stucking in a paintfull life i really hope someones could/can help me!! i was really want / wonder to become a vampires or demons!! this story is a true story all about me !!! Hi im Johnny From Malaysia Live in KL , Im 16 years old now , I am a chinese boy !! But i m a Christian!! I were so weird to my-self and got a lot of question about my -self too.... cz this is very weird things..... what is the hell going on... do u know.... i can talks to /with : demons /ghost /haunted /spirit /satan /diabolic / hells or event jesus so .... i can saw / see them with my eyes , i can heard them with my ear , i can feel them when they are near by me on anyway , and event i can no sleep on 3 weeks .... but im still untired !!! are u started to scared of me already ?? or u want to far of me already??? did i am a weird person ?? can somebody answer or explain to me why could / can this be happend to me ??? why ?? why?? i dont want it !! this is very scream..... and sometimes when i talking to them some of them will call me as their lord ( my lord ) their are scared of me , what ever i want them to do , they will succesed to do that!!! and sometimes i am getting angry , my eyes will change to another colour and my hair can become so long and changing to many colour too ....... when i started to getting changing or evolution... i can feel some weird power in my soul and my body ..... this is truth , im not lie or making this story !!! but i really hope i can be a real vampire !! some ppl want to be a vampire cz they think become a vampire is such of cool thing , can be longest life , can be stong or strenghtly and wont die and got the power to making fools to humans !!! if u are think like this i suggested u ... u are wrong wrong wrong!!! do u know ??? a vampires is a very mystery ppl / things .... a vampires are a life , a person with joyfull !!! for me i want to become a vampire is for my life , i want to leave this world .... this terrible / badly world of my whole life !! stay away with / from every ppl !!! those of the thing i tell u all was torturing me for 10 years already!! i am so paintfull as now!!! could/can someone help or answer or explain to me?? please !! or if i really is a demons can someone just go trough ahead to change me become into a vampires or demons !!! if got someones or got whoes ever any professiol from any where please send to my e-mail : !! Just From : please i really need assitant and help... just change me through ahead.... argh.............. please please help me!!! Thank You all assitant and thanks for this web-sites very much !! >_< Just From Your Prince / emperes : Johnny Kang
Resource : Ashleigh
Description : i have always wanted to be a vampire i would face all of the concequences it is my only dream, my only wish, the only thing i live for. i need help to become one. if anyone can help me, please please turn me into one i will face every concequence i can watch my loved ones die with ease, i have already. please please if there are any real vampires out there... help me become one of you. im begging you, if you can help me email me at i know it's a stupid email address my friend chose it for a laugh. just please help me i will do anything.
Resource : dominic
Description : vampires dont live for ever thas just a myth no im not a vampire and ive done a lot of reaserch and sofar all ive got for a posible explination is the v5 virus (not hiv5) do reaserch on it and any vapires that would like to send me info my E is i would to like to be a vampire i hate pssers that just drink blood and sudenly ther a vamp pisses my cause there just a bunch of pot heads... fin
Resource : Damiyn Nemesi
Description : Hey I really want to become a vampire. Because I bite a lot of people and when I do im like I need blood. Ireally do want to be a vampire. Im 5'4 Short dyed black hair, pale complexion, bright blue eyes which change to green or yellow. If anyone can help my quest to b a vampire please email me at (soz it don't look like my name but ya kno, I liked the sound of ChayzzyChayzz) please write asap
Resource : carina
Description : i want to live as an emortal and have the vampires powers. i want to live life in an interesting way. i have been wishing for a vampire to turn me and i will not rest until i actually get to see a real vampire myself. but it would also please me in how i can become one. i have researched on them alot and i am ready.

if anyone can help me please e-mail me at and thankyou
Resource : Marlee
Description : Its not really the immortality or the possibility of powers that draws me in, it's the chance to be able to watch life as time evolves and to be able to discover the many wonders of it all. If there is immortality involved I know that I will trully miss my family and friends but at the same time life is unpredictable, I will lose them all eventually, as they wiill lose me, so why should it matter when it happens? It is not cold-hearted, it is the truth. As for the powers, if there is a possibiltiy of receiving one or multiple powers, that is an amazing plus for the life, but if there are none, I have lived my life this far without anything other than a few precognitive dreams (I could truly live without) I could live an extended life without anything extra. When I think of being turned I don't truly know what to hope for, I think of being turned into something beautiful, and lets just say I would rather just look like an average person, I have also thought about becoming something hidieous (sorry I can't spell), and as a girl it is not an appealing thought, but when weighed against what I may gain being ugly couldn't be too bad. And yes I have thought about me having to consume blood, at the moment it really doesn't seem all too bad I mean I've tasted my own blood (nothing serious just like when I've bitten my tongue or had a cut) its not delicious but it isn't repulsive either, and if my life depended on drinking it than I'm pretty sure that any miss givings I'd have about drinking it would dissolve. I want to be turned but I also want to learn more about the way of life and if possible more about their place in the world. I have always been a nobody, standing on the outside of both popularity and of being a loser, I am here but never really seen, I figure if I'm turned I can keep it that way.
Resource : Andy
Description : I want to become a vampire. Its something i have always wanted. I have been through so much pain and greif i actually enjoy now. My friends say I have no heart or any emotion. I love darkness it is so peaceful and relaxing. I always have a thirst for something but pop and water don't help. I actually cut my arm just tto get blood so i can drink it but it just isn't the same as drinking some elses blood.
If anyone knows how to become a complete vampire please e-mail me at
Resource : margaret
Description : i realy want to become a vampire with some kind of power .i will do anything.please email me if anyone has a spell or anythnig else.i am willing to do anything.
Resource : kaytlynn
Description : if you are out there i believe that you can help me
i'm in desperate need of your abilities and your power
you walk this earth like you are one of us
but i don't want to be like one of them
i want to be like you and walk this earth without their knowledge of who you are and hopefully myself
if you find what i have just wrote and believe that i can be one of you and you can change me into your kind that i want to be a part of so desperately, a vampire, i'm willing to do anything to become one of your kind
i'm not an ordinary person who just wants to be one because of the movies and books and all those things but somewhere deep inside me i'm thriving for blood and i'm not even a vampire
i want to be like you and walk this earth for etirnity and feel the things you feel everyday of your immortal life
i wish to write my own destiny and be someone that you think is worth changing
i believe you know what my email is if not then it is
remember that it is only you that i wish to comfront
it is only you who i wish to be there when i change
i both need and want this so badly i WOULD do anything for it
contact me immediatly
Resource : Jade
Description : I wish to become a vampire , + i kno wot some ppl R gonna say.. DONT WISH IT , DONT . YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE..!!! * well yeah i dont know what its like + yeah i have seen movies and they do draw me in. but i want this so bad i hate who i am i hate my family + i dont care wot the RISKS ARE!!!! and dats da truth!!!
Resource : Silk
Description : I rather doubt that if a vampire really exists and is browsing this site in order to find someone to turn he will choose me out of all the others who have asked but I thought I'd put myself out there too. I want to be a vampire, drink blood, wear black, stalk the night and all that jazz. I also think the whole thing is terribly silly. And sad. I am horrified by how many people have posted this request. Does everyone here really hate their life so much? Ah well, I do so I guess I can understand. Still there is a time when you need to stop dreaming and join reality. I really ought to take my own advice but I can't be arsed to care. Hypocrite... I know.
Resource : none
Description : im different.... im half vampire, show me the rest of the way
Resource : nicole
Description : I really wish to become a vampire just like the twilight book After i read it i want to live forever plz help!
Resource : AmandaE
Description : I feel the same as most of you do , I want to be a Vampire ( sorry to who the people who dont like the term "vampire") so bad mainly for the living for ever part, that would be great even if I did have to see my family move on. I really would LUV to talk to a Vampire to hear the expierences of it, the goods and the bads. I am not like most of these people on here, living in darkness or anything. I like the light, dont think i like the taste of blood but for some reason I want to be one so bad sometimes it hurts, but anyways it would be really cool if a vampire would take some time to explain everything:)
My email is (they didnt have much so I had to those underscores, srry).
Resource : AmandaE
Description : plz.plz.plz email me if you really are a pureblood and tell me whats it like!

Tnks. (email:
Resource : Desiree
Description : i was wondering if anybody has a spell to become a werewolf and vampire???? if so plz tell me
Resource : sherryann
Description : it's always fascinated me...that thing called vampires...and today a urge and rush came over me after watching a movie on to wth tis im thinkin about and would really like 2 become one...not an evil one but one as seen in thie movie twilight.i no there maybe no turning back but as i said it always amazed me,so to this witches...please give me some insight on this...
Resource : allison
Description : i would love to be a vampire i have read about them and studied what they are and do i think it would be great im tired of all the things i cant do as a human but can as a vampire. i always thought there was more to me than jus... human. my urge to be more like a vampire and the way i have to control myself around blood. if anyone knows how to help let me know, i would risk everything and stop at nothing to become a vampire please contact me at please and thank you
Resource : KissAndTouch
Description : let me be vampire i will take risk for you no matter how it cost if there really have vampire please let me be vampire i wan revenge the person who did to me
Resource : Symone Young
Description : i want to become a vampire....but i hav no clue...any help?? please..i need tofind a way to change and very please reply ASAP
Resource : alice
Description : the things i have seen and done are horrible to feed my thirst i need to get out run as hard as i can to someware i can't hurt anyone anymore to find my true love with out hurting him..i need to extract my pain i need to find a new food source help me plz i cant drink animal blood i can't force it down to save my life i've harmed to many help me plz
Resource : Lucas
Description : im a normal man, football player, 6'4'' 225 pounds
my reason to wish that is revenge, about something personal, and i think about it everynight since i was 7 years old, im ready to do whatever its necessary to accoplish it
Resource : erron
Description : I wanna be a vampire please make me into a vampire
Resource : Gyn
Description : i very wish to become a vampire,
please show me the way or just give me a kiss here~
Resource : kelsey
Description : i want t be a vampire!
Resource : brenda
Description : hello, i want to become a vampire!! is there anyway to become one using spells or the other way which is get bit and which evre ways work i want to become a vampire!!!!!
Resource : Tabitha Ruff
Description : My friend's little sister, well one day she woke up and had a craving for blood. When we checked her over she had two bite marks on her neck. Everytime she goes into the sunlight she screams. She says that it burns her. Is she a vampire?
Resource : emittis
Description : why are u paranormal insolence of disatification of bing one. i wish i could be human it is stupid u would whant to be like me it suck only traviling in darckness not have a chance to love becuse they pass away i have problem try to with stand the lust to find the will power and i dont give a fuck what a book saus we do not have supernatrul reliability a vampire is a small mutaion in the dna strand that make ur teat sharp and give you the lust of blood i most go hunting two times a week
Description : I have a mishon for a vampire!
Resource : Katlynne
Description : I know I will become a daughter of the devil.But,I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to be a vampire more than anything.I want to live forever.I am human and I already LOVE the taste of bolld.PLEASE someone turn me.I'm desprate,When I someone I mean ANYONE.Just HELP TURN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!
Resource : WannaBe Vampire
Description : I've Always Wanted To Be A Vampire
If There Is Any One Out There To Change Me Into One
Please Change Me
Sometimes I Dont Eat Cos I Crave For Blood

By The Way Are Vampires Real ...?

If So Email Me @

I Need Handy Tips ;P
Resource : summer bryann
Description : hello my name is summer and i want to become a vampire.most people think im crazy but i want a life most dont or cant have. i want this more then anyone else i no. i have been doing alot of research on it ad i cant seem to find anything that will help me. so if any one can help please email me at
you may think this is a joke but im not kidding.
i want this so please please help.
thank you summer bryann conley
Resource : Alyssa
Description : I want to live forever, that's my goal in life. I want to be a vampire. Please help me.
Resource : last one
Description : i need the power.... iwant now....
Resource : brooklyn
Description : please i want to be turned for many reasons i am able to feel the emotional enviroments of those around me plz email me if you know how i can get turned
Resource : Nie
Description : I fear the worst. I do have a craving for blood. I dont know what it is. My faimly doesn't age fast we look around 10 years younger then what we are when he get into our thirtys, at the moment i only look a couple of years younger. It might intrest you to the fact that i am very fast, and strong. If i am not thirsty my eyes look normal, Brown. If i am they turn a redish colour. Alot of you probly dont believe me but its true. Believe me if you wish if you dont then dont believe me. Its simple. I dont kill humans by the way, thats a myth we drink animal blood alot do. (i hate how everybody is starting to want to be a vampire because of that book twilight truth is your born one)
Resource : Ally
Description : me and my friend are wanting to become vampires so us
Resource : nathan
Description : i want to be a vampire
Resource : luce
Description : i want to be a vampire so i can all way be in wood but one i want to find an i want to find a vampire.
Resource : elina
Description : Maybe I am crazy, but I wnat to become a vimpire only the reason > I want to look like it. I want pale skin and red lips. I was 3 times to the movie Twilight> I very like it > maybe it is becouse of the movie.
> I don't want that somebody bites me, I want to become in diffrent way. And I could be vampire vegitarien > only animal blood eater, becouse I don't want somebody to hurt.
Resource : elina
Description : Nie, do you have a email. I want to talk to you.
Resource : star
Description : i really want help becoming vampire...i've read all vampire books my whole life! i want to become a vampire i don't nessisarily mind watching people die yeah ill miss them but still they think wolves are awsome but i TOTALLY hate them if anybody knows or is a vampire email me i really would love you for it i even studied about vampires they are real!
Resource : Austin
Description : READ THIS PLEASE!!!!!
All my life, I've always wanted to be a vampire. My life has always sucked and my parents act as though I don't exist. I'm so confused and I am always depressed. I feel like my life can't get any worse. Everyone hurts me physically and emotionally about my flaws and weaknesses. I sometimes just want to die, But I've done some research and seen that there might be a way out, that everything could be better. And I don't think that anything could get worse. I would do anything to have that freedom, to be able to live(so to speak) my own life.No more pain, No more suffering, no more heart aches, and no more people living my life for me. Sometimes I dream about what it would be like to be a vampire....To taste the blood of my victoms, to see fear in their eyes for once, to see them cry from the pain. For once, maybe it wouldn't be me. I am willing to do what ever it takes to become one.... My life is already useless, why let me suffer. This website has given me more hope than I've had in, well I've never had hope till now. So please, if you can help.....than thanks, but if not, thanks for the tiny bit of hope you've given me.
Resource : felicia
Description : I have dreams of turning into a vampire. And i hear voices in my head of people talking. I want to become a vampire. Nomatter what it takes!
Resource : Castlevania
Description : How to Become a Vampire in Six Easy Lessons
Resource : milos
Description : spells
Resource : Ashley
Description : I beleive that you can help me, I am a witch. I have made my own spells, but they don't work all of the way. I mean, I have a thirst, I have an incredible memory, but I feel as though I'm missing something else. I've told my Coven, and they aprove, of my Changing. I hope that you can help me. Please I am happy with my state of mind, and I wish to become more. I know I don't make sense, but I would appreciate the help. Please feel free to contact me at
Resource : nicole
Description : I wish to become a humanoid with dark powers if anyone has a spell please help because i want to be a bloodsucking vampire with super powers and become immortal
Resource : Amanda
Description : I've done as much research as I would assume one could on this topic. Yes I would love to become a vampire. My life feels like it is...missing something, something important. I never really "fit in" with everyone else. I have always been the "different one" if you will. I love poetry and classical music to no end, unlike alot of others I know. I get criticized for it aswell. I'm certain this is what I want. Any help on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank You.
Resource : Helena
Description : add that for ideas and spells ....and for a darky chat friend
Resource : Vamprica
Description : I want to become a vampire so bad, I cry. I know, I'm pathetic. I have tons of reasons to become one:
To live forever
To drink blood, it fasinates me!
To become a beauty
To see the future
to read minds
to never sleep
to wander in the darkness
to hhave super sight
to have super hearing
to have super speed
to have super strength
to become a pale
to have a perfect life
to go through the pain of the transformation
to meet a vampire
to fall in love, with a vampire
to change the person I fall in love with, if they
are a human
To find a cure to cancer
To learn every language I can
To go to every country on the planet
to live in antarctica
to have cold skin
to have 'venom'
to have black/red/gold eyes
To okat music forever!
to have a dog forever
to just be me!
To get out of gym class, because I cant go in sunlight
to do whatever vampires do!

I wwould probably change my best friend too. *Only if she wanted it.
Resource : chae
Description : are vampires real?
Resource : Vampire
Description : u know peple there is no way that u can become a vampire without being bitten i am a vampire with the gift of telling the future i have many visions of things that are going to happen and i got bitten so there is no way no spells workmy freind wanted me to become a vampire and she didnt want to get bitten because yes the venom burns i found a spell on the internet and we tried it on her not even close so there if you want to become a vampire get bitten ask a vampire to bite you.
Resource : Devil May Cry
Description : I like Vampires to / but to become one? only in our DREAMS CRAZY PEOPLE!!! OMG
Resource : louey
Description : How can you find a vampire?
Resource : Melissa bloodlust
Description : I've always wanted to be a vampire. sounds weird i know but i feel hlepless. my eyes change colors and i can smell blood. plz grant my wish give me a spell or something that does not include lighting a candle or any certain color candle plz i want it. ans soon plz help thankz
Resource : clarissa
Description : ever since i was little i've dreamed of becoming one of the undead or at least haveing a guy freind who was one no fake fangs or faux blood so plez tell me i need to know e-mail me
Resource : clarisssa
Description : i am 10 years but still someone ples i beg of u bite me already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resource : flo
Description : I would give ALL of my blood to a vampire. Because I want to be a vampire!! Please just bit me.
Resource : flo
Description : I will give ALL my BLOOD to be a vampire!!!!!
Resource : flo
Description : VAMPIRES ALL OF MY BLOOD IS YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : flo
Description : I wanna be a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : Chris
Description : I was actually bit by a vampire but i didn't get turned. well atleast i don't think so Can somebody help me i know now its what im ment for is being one of you.
Description : BITE ME!!
Description : let me be a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : hannah
Description : i wish to become i have for a long time, i wish to be turned i have thought about everything that will happen the powers and the blood i can control it please email me if you have a vampire that will turn me ..
Resource : Ashley
Description : I want to become a Vampire. I want everything a Vampire has.
Resource : ailani
Description : i want to become a vampire not just becase i saw twilight because i want to do everything that a vamp so i can run fast and do what they can do. and i want to stay the same age for 300 years i think that would be cool. and i have grown sick of fast food and all of that juck food.and to get away from my life.
Resource : brittaney
Description : i want to be a vampire just like you guys. I am willing to give up my family. They were all jerks anyway. I have little friends that are jerks too. Even while im human ive been craveing blood. So if someone could help me with that they should contact me at
Resource : Serenity
Description : Hi my name is Serenity and i really WANT to becobe a vampire, i have these weird dreams of it too. Like me drinking some red stuff that smells like rust, and iron. And also i am indeed need of help, i even drink blood from some of my cuts too. My hands get all cold and i can't control my anger sometimes! I AM NOT CRAZY! Please help! contact me at Please!
Resource : jasmine
Description : i just want to be one so i dont have to be a hybrid and i can fit in more with my bf
Resource : J
Description : i do belive in vampires very much and if any of the guys think that they do exist then email me at
Resource : rosMhuire
Description : B Toffoli, I do that all the time drinking my own blood. My friends actually smells really sweet when she starts to bleed. It's been proven though that vampyres really aren't allergic to garlic. It's just the fact that most vampyres don't like it. The sun doesn't really burn them either, nor makes them sparkle *Twlight lol ^^.* It gives them rather large head aches, makes them feel weak and tired. A wooden stake won't do anything either, like a werewolf it must be silver tiped. Silver is one thing that harms a vampyre so it must be spelled with protection if they wish to wear it. Crosses and holy water don't do anything to them either. Most vampyres you will meet are Wiccan or Pagan. Also you can't be bitten to become a vampyre, most of them have to been born with the blood. I'm not exactly sure how you can tell but I'm pretty sure you'll notice some freaky things. Lol Vampyres rock! Being one is the best!
Resource : CIERRA
Description : im kidding but i want to be a vampire
Resource : vampiregirl
Description : I will help all of you
Just get
1drop of your blood
1 strand of your hair
2 tsp of water from a steam or another clear body of water
1 candle [preferably white]
light the candle at midnight and mix everything else in a bowl
pour it over the candle
it really works!
Resource : Anilabe
Description : I really want to become a vampire. If you know of any resorces i can look at than tel me. I am not a twilight fanatic!!! I would do any thing for that. (Well except for someone killing the people i love.) And don't say,"Get bitten." or "Hey obbsesed freak they aren't real." Thanks. Email me at I am not some gothic person eather. No offence to who are, butit isn't just how i roll! Also if you can explane to me why every night i have a dream that people like warewolfs, vampires, and sico people are chassing me than please email me too. It is wierd because what ever i fall asleep in i am dressed in in my dream! It is creepy. Oh, and i can sometimes on rare occation eather read minds, tell the future, or controll peoples enotions, i am not kidding! It is also a bit scarry.
Also in the book called THE HOST. It is really weird because I have a really close name to the person in the book. (That isn't my real name up there.) The house is alsmost an exact replica of my house. And again I've been having strange dreams! So if you have any info please email me. And thenks for reading, sorry it is so long, i just have alot to say or type.
Resource : Anilabe
Description : Hey i also want to say to all of you hatters out there why are you on this webite if you don't belive. Thanks bye.
Resource : Eric
Description : Dreamt To Be One, Wanted To Be One. But Isit Possible? If Yes, Then BITE me.
Resource : Dustin
Description : I wish to become a vampire for many reasons. Some of them are selfish, but everyone has those selfish thoughts. Mostly, I want it because human life no longer holds any excitement for me. I seems that my routine is going to kill me. I really don't care much about the pain involved. Another main reason is because I don't like being predictable. I want to be able to rip a guy's head off. I wouldn't really do that. Just knowing that I could would be enought for me.
Resource : Dustin
Description : There are many reasons for my yearning. I wish to be able to actually help people. I also wish to be able to defend my self completely. I do not care much for the pain that is involved. I would do anything to become a vampire.
Resource : chainne
Description : i want to be a vampire i realy want to
Resource : erick
Description : is there any vampire listening to me hen please convert me into a vampire.if it is ok please contact me at
Resource : Kevin E. Lenon-Ray
Description : Um ya Vampyr is spelled the way i just did and i am one we are not immortal nor do we have a religon or god or goddess we do have a councile and we also have rules and laws which must be followed we do drink blood but we do not harm the doner they are our friends and deserve respect, and yes were wolves do exist and no not all vampyrs and were wolves hate each other thats why their are hybrids among us and i do not beleive that they are abominations, they are gifts, a symbol of unity! if u wish to contact me here is how
Resource : Sharpie
Description : I think i am half because ifor bllod I don't seelp I can't stand to around my friends for i get hungry like really bad and I hate sunlight
Resource : Azaria
Description : i want to be a vimpire becase they a great and they run fast
Resource : lizethe
Description : my eyes are red in the friends even tell me that i look like a vampire. four of my teeth are sharp and blood (for me) taste really good please email me and tell me how to turn at
Resource : nics
Description : you aall are not thinkin about the side effects or say after effects of it . u can't love anyone ,you can't have a family and you could not have a real person in your life whom you could feel and touch you all are just thinkin about the immortality and the powers and the looks you are going to get . but beleive me it is a hell to be a vampire i am one of them i have faced it all and have to face it for entire centuries
Resource : Tia
Description : i think i am a half vampire because my eyes change colour and i can smell blood but i would like to become a full vampire because i would be able to help people so please send me a spell that can turn me in to a vampie (my email
Resource : wrilxanne
Description : h!..i just read all your comments here..and most of you want to become a me too..iwant to become a vampire,i want to live forever!!please help me to become avampire!!!if you are vampire even half vampire it works..just see me here in my email wrilxanne_17@yahoo,com tnx by the im girl (17 turning 18 nxt month)
Resource : geethu
Description : i worsted my human life,i liked vampires,so i'm eagerly waiting to change my human life to vampires,so plzz hlp me to turn into vampire...!
Resource : hesham
Description : i want to become a vampir
Resource : michey
Description : what u need to do is go outside in a full moon and then say this 10 times at night you have to say it at midnight i am i vampire if u guys want to be a vampire try ths and u will see thanks hope it works for u guys thanks
Resource : nadeen
Description : temptation, desire , NEED!!!!never wanted anything so badly in life_the ability to drink out the people souls has alwatys been a great lust
Resource : Katee
Description : this might sound a little insane, but i am a 17 year old girl, and lately, ive had these really strange urges and desires to meet a vampire. i have wanted to become one myself for a little over six years, but i dont know how. please help!
Resource : midnight
Description : bottom line...i want to be a vampire to take revenge..if you dont want to help...its ok.tnx..
Resource : Alexandra
Description : i really want to be a vampire ive read books about them and ive been wanting to turn into one please can you e-mail me and tell me how i cant become a vampire easily please help me
Resource : asia
Description : i want t be a vampire s what if i have to die or what ever i need this and the blood is all i can think about all the time plzz help me i want some blood NOW
Resource : zuri
Description : I want to become a vampire and i know how that sounds but i do. My life dull and boring and i hate it i want to live but really live. Have excitement and adventure but theres no way i can do that if i stay here human. I want to be free and find myself and i know this is the way to do it. Please tell me how to turn. Email me I beg of you i cant take this anymore im going mad...
Resource : Marcus
Description : ive been having dreams lately that ive been turned into a vampire even sometimes i get a piercing pain on my neck while i sleep can some1 pls turn me into a vampire just the thought of being one makes me happy i love the taste of blood n my family things im weird because i tend to drink my own blood whn i cut my hand if any acn turn me into a vamp email me at
Resource : Bailzellia
Description : I've always been so curious about all the mythological creatures and such. And I do not doubt that anything is real. They used to say that zombies were a myth, but obviously the living dead came true with that bathsalts. So there has to be something out there that can change the willing. They also said that when your eyes changes colour ( on certain people ) that it used to be witchcraft. and now all of a sudden it is a stigmatism ? My eyes have changed from hazel to green, blue, brown, grey, and orange with red. things like this just get me thinking.
Resource : binod bahadur kharka
Description : i want to be a vampire..plzzz help me out to become it..
Resource : brittney
Description : i really really want to become a vampire.also,are there any real vampire's in ocala?i want to become a vampire.i don"t care how much pain i have to go through.i"ll do anything!!!!please help me!!!!!
Resource : brittney
Description : please help.I'LL DO ANYTHING!!!!!I DONT CARE HOW MUCH PAIN
Resource : Dante
Description : I am a pure blooded Vampire...Obey me
Resource : Aqua
Description : i think it would be cool if you wantto be a vampire but it's stupid if your not already. it's hard being a vampire. i would know why would you want to be a vampire anyway when you might not even know the turth about vampires.
Resource : Alexa
Description : I need help i'm preety sure i'm a vamire
Description : dear anonymous....i hope u would please e-mail me i promise i won't ask your real name i just wanna talk 2 you about vampire and no more please im new o this site at least e-mail me...u can even make rules about what i may not ask you pleas my e-mail number is: NELLY.4519@GMAIL.COM
Resource : daniel
Description : i would love to be a vampire so can u email me back and let me know how to become one
Resource : sade
Resource : Paul
Description : Hey, my name is Paul, i’d like to talk about it, here is my ICQ 615364939. Willing to knot, i’ll be happy)
Resource : Shikha Chauhan
Description : wanna become a vampire.i hv good reasons
Resource : blade
Description : I really want to become a vampire all do anything to become one
Resource : rahul
Description : i am from indai in indai delhi rk puram, i am only need power and i do anything for power,if any one form my related area so plz contact me...
Resource : Elaine
Description : I am just a humble human who feels differently and i want to be turned into a vampire so that i can change the world.stop people like my dad from hurting my mum and causing her pain and help my loved ones have a better life.i dont mind having to care for them all my life and see them die as it would be better if i was able to live more than them and do something the same time once my loved ones are dead i dont mind living on alone to fight for good and i dont fear death nor pains.this is what i why i want to be turned.I will use my strength to do what is required of me.i dont need powers i just need more time so if you are a willing pureblood vampire you can email me at and you can interrogate me or ask all you want to get to know me more and see if im suitable.i would eternally be grateful:) hoping to hear from one of you soon PS:if you think i cant go through all the pains of turning,try me.I've been through a lot of shit and the hardness and sufferings of this world to want this
Resource : Bryony
Description : i really want to become a vampire, i dont like the thought of losing my loved ones but i love the smell of blood. Just to have the right to drink as much as i want, i can smell blodd from about 20 meters away. If theres anyone that would be willing to change me or help me change i would love that. If anyone can get back to me asap on my email thankyou, my email is - - thankyou.
Resource : rema
Description : I contacted Dr HOODOO in regards of my lover. who was no longer wanted to associate with me anymore. He was interested in working out of marriage, after begging and pleading with him I realized it was because of another girlfriend, he really was leaving me. My co-worker went threw a similar situation and told me that YOU had helped her. I cant thank you enough, I'm grateful she introduced me to YOU. After discussing the resolution with YOU, your get your lover back spell has done more than what I expected. My lover not only came back to me, but he had also totally left his girlfriend me and now were engaged, we are getting married next month, I don't know what I would have done without YOU,I believe you are my guardian angel. DR HOODOO want to thank you & your gods for all that you've done for me all these years.I'm thankful for all the time & effort you & your gods have put into my case.I am very happy and I will always be grateful sincerely,His email is
Resource : kelvin
Description : Dear friends, my name is kelvin from Canada, i am into business,but it was not bringing out profit as it was supposed to, life was not what living cos things was bad for me financially, i have a beautiful wife with four kids to take care off. i sold my car and most of my property just to keep earns mate and still things was not going easily for me. so i complained to a friend of mine who said he knew a powerful spell caster from Africa called Dr.EGOGO who can perform magical money spell or good luck or automatic promotion in office, making someone love you back, spells to bring close one in jail or lost back home,healing spell etc.that help straightened his brother life from taking hard drugs. At first i was confused and doubtful, then i decided to give a try and did what Dr.EGOGO told me to do, to my surprise 3 days later things started going well for me, i got what i ever bargained for, my business was flourishing like never before, i now have enough money to take good care of my family and we are living happily,I thank His greatness Dr.EGOGO for bringing my source to hope and joy with his powerful spell,well if you want to be a living testimony like me or interested in any spell casting you can contact Dr.EGOGO via this email
Resource : ediy
Description : “Thank you for making my wish true! I was totally devastated when Frank left me. It was like all my world vanishing into sorrow and pain. But your kind words when I first emailed you gave me hope. I felt how sincere, honest and authentic you were from your first email. I know it sounds weird but out of all the casters I contacted, you were the only one to give me that impression of being so true and caring. More than your words, it’s the fantastic work you accomplished for me that I will keep in mind. You brought my lover back and you made all my wishes come true. He’s now loyal, pays attention to me, he offers me flowers every Sunday, and we often go out at the cinema or at the restaurant. I will be forever thankful for turning my life from hell to heaven!email
Resource : Abigail
Description : I am a normal human who have read about vampires and know about them over the years.Guys its no use trying to ask for one to turn you becauseyou can only be turned by a pureblood.besides the turning process is extremely painful and you can die from it or the vampire if he/she is new.On top of that vampires do NOT reach out to people unless they think you are worth turning which in most cases are the people they already know well.

For me despite knowing the risks and costs i still want to be turned because i have this want in me-a gut feeling.So im gonna leave my email here in case any vamps just wanna chat or want another in your crew^.^
Resource : arunvijay
Description : i want to become a vampire
Resource : hammad
Description : i wnt to bcome a vampire if any one have spell contact me at my email address
Resource : katherine
Description : want to be a vampire
Resource : joseph
Description : i think i am starting to become a vampire becuaes i did the vampire rital and my eye are starting to become red and i have a craving for blood. and that not all my body is a lot more faster and i can stop dreaming about a place i've been in the woods i think they want me to go there. plus i have starter fangs
Resource : brittany
Description : hello is any one a vampire if you are come to my house at 51 high street ilion ny because i want to become a half vampire can enyone blood be today or someother time vampires are the cooliest humans in the world. please iam begging you
Resource : david james court
Description : i really want to become a vampire i have seen every vampire movie there is and i really want to become one i have tried nearly every spell i could find but they didnt work so please help me.
Resource : Bella Cullen
Description : hey people . its bella cullen from twilight. im glad you guys want to be vampires
Resource : kevin
Description : plz tell me how to become a vampire, i am only 14
and i really need to become a vampire i want to take revenge. i want to make satan proud of me
i want to kill jesus. i am a son of a pastor and irejected christanity. i want to find my lost love, Mavis. because Mavis is also a vampire. i love mavis so much but she is not real. plz tell me and chat with me in facebook if anyone finds it
i love vampires, i love evil, and i hate GOD !!!!!
Resource : kevin
Description : the reason why i need to become a vampirre is to stop christanity and find my mavis she is somewhere in transylvania, romania. i dont know how she looks like but i'll still find her once i become a vampire
Resource : nate lee
Resource : Aiko
Description : Arguing, being condecending, and nit picking over how to spell it or what terminology to use. Or saying things like you have no idea what it's like, are just idiotic and mundane things to post. You know, they may have no idea what it really is or what to expect. But all you saying that don't have any idea what that persons life is like either.
Then there are those of you saying that it is 100% a certain way and that is that. Have you ever heard of evolution or quantum physics? Things change and the human mind has a lot of power. Nothing is certain.
I have been reaserching vampires, vampyre, lamia, vrykolakas, strigoi, etc...(whatever term you want to use) near constantly for quite sometime. Why?, Because knowledge is usefull and helps you better understand yourself and the world around you.
If you want other motives it is because I suffer from severe sensitivity to sunlight, my body rejects food and craves blood, I only sleep well during the day, etc. It also seems that someone or somthing has been guiding me subtly and watching me.
Am I looking for lamia? Yes. I have always felt out of place in this mundane life. If you can even call this living. I belong with darkness and children of the night. Everything in me pulls towards it desparately. I have done all i can by myself. I need help.
If any of you really are vampyres and feel something pushing you to me, then perhaps there is a reason for it. Please contact me.
Resource : naniaravind
Description : i want to change my self
Resource : D.Z
Description : OMG! two days ago i was on my way home from a friend and .. ive heard something from the forest!!
i started to go faster , but the sound in the woods was getting closer , and i started to run and then it just stopt! :/ and now i have a hole fucking , army of weapons (stakes) (bow) , , but that night . im not soo sure if there was a vampire or haha a ( werewolf) but i knows that it wasent an animal or just the wind , you see , in my town or village or what i shall cal it , village there are many overnatural things that happend if someone wants me to write all of the things that have hapend here soo just email me ! befor its to late , haha just kidding , but email me NOW!!! / \
Resource : D.Z
Description : hey there ! i have seen what you write on the website : : i just want to say the thing you write about the shadow man !
i also getting weird dreams , this is one dream : i wake up on a big garden , and when i look up i was seeing a big castle !
the year is like : '1500' : there are guards outside but they are not notice me i going in to the castle , and when i am inside
i seeing a mirror and when im looking into the mirror , i am seeing who i am , do you know who i was in that dream ,
i was bonnie in the vampire diaries , i am not joking !!!! :S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and then i wake up ,..., and next night i dreaming again .. BUT!.. i am starting the dream there i woked up last time!! and im not joking !!!!!!!! it was scary shit!!!
this village or town i live in , i cal it (THE GHOST TOWN) Cuz , i know maybe ... 10 things that have happend here and its not funny , and again , im not joking !!!!
Once When me and my friend was out and play whit a tree we , pretend that we was frodo and sam in the lord of the ring ! :D , but when we played
there whit the tree , we heard something right in front of us . i went closer , and then a stone just come out from nowwhere! just betveen me and my friend , and my friend (PHILIP) started to back off , but i did not do that , And then it come more , we run like hell , well not so far but the stones just keep come to us!!!
And then it just stop! Next day wee went back to the place , into the little forest the the stones have come from , and when i was starting to diging whit a stick i found old things from an old house , and after that day i was keep going there , and look sometimes , and one day i found a dead animal in there i dont know
what is was but it was an animal ! idk ( maybe it was a warning ! the ghost there maybe just wanted to be alone !)

thats all for now! AND SRRY 4 MY BAD ENGLISH!!
Resource : D.Z
Description : I AM A .HUNTER, NO JOKE!!!
Resource : jiren
Description : hi/ im jiren can u tell me any way or thing to become or transform into vampire or dracula
Resource : paige
Description : please i've been dreaming of this since i was a kid
Resource : mouse
Description : geronimo
Resource : Kianna
Description : I have believed in vampires since I was little and now I'm 12 years old I still do believed in them. I always have wanting to become one and now that I found you gies I know that you will help me become one. I'm a spellcaster my mom and dad nows, my dad believes in the devil I don't know if I believe in god or the devil now. So please turn me into a vampire.
Resource : robin
Description : I have been wantting to become a vampire for years, but my ultimate question is where can I go to be turned. I also want to know what i differ from being dead to being alive, i just feel like this isn't the life for me.
Resource : monica AND NATASHA
Description : I REALLY WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : austinm
Description : i want to be vampire because i think im ready i am just an aveage guy im 18 and i think im ready please send one to me
Resource : Liam
Description : I have been born again, I have questions, If you have answers, I am waiting.
Resource : taylor delacru
Description : im only 12 but i want to be a vampire,im not like a girly girl,im just like a yung,yug wold be verry helpfull ifi become one.better be good,becose ill do enny thing to ecome one.if stayng upat nigt annd sleepingin the day for a whole week cunts.pleas,no games.
Resource : nancy
Description : i am happy to be a human
Resource : eric
Description : so many virgins, so many losers
Resource : Lockhart
Description : Okay, I reaaaally want to become a vampire! If anyone can help me? With ideas, answers, options.. Email me at
Resource : corey
Description : i want to become a half vampier so i can finaly have the ability to be stronger faster beter then ever and so i can go to vampire mountain and train as well i need this so that i can be free of my life right now and enter a new
i hope i can be what i used to be again for i still have the lust for blood but i control it i need it now.
Resource : kimone
Description : i am short bark in complextion and wating help with this
Resource : kimone
Description : i am short and bark in complextion
Resource : myanna
Description : i wont to be come a vampire these kids pick on me i wont them to suffer
Resource : thatcha
Description : i am dying here 2 b a vampire!!! i reli wanted 2 b... i hate dis HUMAN life!!! i ald fed up wif dis human life!!! can u plz help me 2 turn me into a vempire!!!! i neeed it badly!! i wan 2 b dead n alife at da same time!!! i need it!!! i wan it!
Resource : myra
Description : When i was seven i saw interview with a vampire i am 14 now and ive studied vampires since then i know it comes with a price but id be willing to deal with it. Id actually like to talk with a vampire willing to change one first before being changed so i can find out what they are like if any vampire would be willing to change me please email me and i am not to younge i am 14 with the mind and maturity of a mature adult ask me anything.
Resource : lauren
Description : ppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me I want to become a vampire
Resource : Elizabeth Anne Gage Adams
Description : i want to be young fast strong i want to have blue eyes to be able to see the world i want it all
Resource : madison
Description : Im half vampire but i want to be a full i know people will say i will regret it but i wont
Resource : Jenna
Description : i want to become a vampire if god could really do this for me it would make my life comeplete
Resource : rynasia
Description : if u r a real vsampire email me i want to be bitten
Resource : julia
Description : i have been wanting to be a vamp i am a fan of them i so want to be one
Resource : Phuong - danh le
Description : i really want to be a vampire but i want my two friend to join me their names are tanjianay and diamond
Resource : Michelle
Description : I have no one. I want death or to hunger for something, anything really. I do not know everything about Vampyres and I probably never will, some things should be kept secret for the sake of survival, but I do know the Greek and Roman Myths on them, even the gypsy myth. I know about the Lamia and the bloodlines, but I don't know if they are real, I don't know if they still exist, and i dont know if they would be willing to help someone like me, but i would be forever grateful if they would. Assuming anyone of such high esteem would even be reading my short ridiculous message.

I know the transformation is painful and can even result in death but i am perfectly okay with that. If I am meant to die then I am meant to die. Please E-Mail me at
Resource : saki
Description : i really want to be a vampire ive read books about them and ive been wanting to turn into one please can you e-mail me and tell me how i cant become a vampire easily
Resource : Adrian Cabahug
Description : I've been reading a few of vampire books, watched a few of vampire movies.. yeah some of them have the same abilities and some don't. But here's for sure I really want to become a vampire, that's all I've got now, it's my only hope in life, to live forever. To experience generations and generations of people. I mean my hope is all on it now. Please turn me into one and I shall be your assisstant...FOREVER!
Resource : skinhead
Description : i really really want to become a vamipre, but i dont know how can i make it. pls help me how to become vampire
Resource : skinhead
Description : pls help me how to become vampire
Resource : INDER
Description : i am make a vampire so plz help me.......any one....
Resource : anonymous
Description : is there any other way to become a true vampire ?
Resource : anonymous
Description : is there any other way to become a true vampire ?
Resource : anonymous
Description : is there any other way to become a true vampire . . .
Resource : prabhakar
Description : i want to hunt a vampire ..
Resource : Tajinder
Description : vampires are lesbian how want to suck cock only
Resource : Pureblood_vampire
Description : i really want to be a vampire a true vampire or pureblood i <3 vampires p.s. do u want to know a secert .... when i bleed i eat my blood cause i like the taste
Resource : jordan
Description : i wanna become a vampire so much! my life totaly sucks! i mean i dont like the blood sucking and stuff... but im competely crazy about vampires!!! i want the strenght the imortality... un ending love...
Resource : junior
Description : please help me become a vampire, i also feel like im half vamp, my teeth are longer than others and i crave the taste of blood a lot, alot of times when i had cuts i would drink the blood, please help me become a vampire, i stay up all night and i sleep most of the day also when i bite someone playfully i want to bite down harder and drink there blood, i would love to be a vampire, if i am half vampire i would want very much to become full, if im not half i would really just want to be one, please help me become a vampire, i would basically do anything
Resource : unknown
Description : lol vampires are not real its funny how you people think they are there storys movies to show if vampires are real i want to see one prove me worng lol none of you are so stop faking
Resource : Rainey
Description : i want to be a vampire cuz i wanna drink other types of blood instead of my type which i dont know what it is all i know is that it taste super good and im just really bored of human life with all of the blood that i cant drink cuz i have no fangs cuz i wanna taste my boyfriends blood soooo bad and of everyone wanting me to be normal all the time when i cant cuz i just have this feeling in my stumach that i was ment to be one of them and if in anyway i can become one i would be forever greatful and i mean it and i want to see if i can help people that are like me that they have the same feeling in theyre gut like how i do PLEASE HELP ME IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE IM BEGGING YOU HELP ME BECOME A VAMPIRE ILL DO ANYTHING THAT U WANT ME TO DO
Resource : helena
Description : my friend realy wants to be a vampire please tell her how she could become 1 email her on how at
Resource : Lakhan
Description : plz i am realy tired and boared from my life. I want to die but if i can become a vampire it will make me happy. so plz help me to become a vampire.
Resource : Josiah
Description : Robert, can you help me become a vampire or suck my blood?
Resource : Josiah
Description : Or any vampire...
Resource : Josiah
Description : ...because I'm just determaned to fly arround the city at 1,000m per hour at night, and going into houses to suck pplz blood!
Resource : Eric
Description : i have always wanting to be a vampire please teach me or send me a V blood to feed on so transformation can take place please
Resource : sierra
Description : im intrested in learning about the vampires alot and was really intrested in becoming one but idk much about it do you think you can help me out? i really want to learn and really want to become one someone help me?
Resource : kelvin kariuki
Description : I want to become a vampire tonight.a vampire that can walk at day and night
Resource : wiisba04
Description : im am a regular guy who is 13. if always loved the night and everything creepy. im bored and need some action in my life. now most people would think this is stupid but id love to have a relationship with a vampire. i want to be turned!
Resource : william
Description : the reason that i want to be a vampire is that my life sucks and i have nothing to lose.
Resource : Nini
Description : im 16, im always having weird visions, i actully crave the smell of blood, and i dont fit in where i am, i get irritated in the sun and i cant sleep at night withought having extreem nightmares, im bipolor but im also incredibly sweet and caring, i have a strange ora that attracts people to me, im willing to wait in line if your not ready for someone so young, im inteligent beyond my age but im dyslexic, i come from royal lines and live in the small beehive state


Nini G.
Resource : Jedoria
Description : I've been a vampire for about half a year now. Not by choice, but because he or she snuck behind me. Its not the life you want. I had to leave my family, I'm only 17, and whenever I'm around any human i just want to drink them dry. Its not the life you want. LIVE
Resource : benjamin huamani
Description : i want to be a vampire and have a vampire sister
Resource : alfie
Resource : Alana
Description : Please, I have dreamt of becoming a vampire since I could barely speak. My parents remeber me saying that I wanted to be one even at age 4. Now I have lost much of my family and now I think it was time to try to reach out and try to see if I was worthy to become a vampire. I will do anything to live in the darkness as a vampire. please emaill me the steps at:
Resource : vampire daughters
Description : hi were two girls one a vampire born with marks on her neck and her friend whants to be one......
Resource : skylar
Description : i love vampieres a have watid a lon time to become one
Resource : natasha
Description : please send me a chant or spell to become a vampire
Resource : janella
Description : i am tired of my life i bet a vampire life would be better then my human life someone i realy need to become a vampire and if i could just find an easy spell that doesnt need canndlees or knives or anything except my soul i would be fine with giving my soul up i just need to become a vampire SOMEOENE PLEASE HELP ME FIND A SPELL PLUS IM ONLY ELEVEN
Resource : selina
Description : Dear Dr.Zack Balo, just a quick hello and update. I am selina from Florida. I don't know if you remember me. I ordered a few spells from you. I just want to let you know that they are beginning to take full effect. I absolutely love the results from your Make Me Irresistible Magick Love Spell! I am so busy with all the dinner invitations and dates that I'm getting, its almost unreal! Thank you for helping me get that extra boost of confidence, email to reach this great man is
Resource : bridget
Description : i have wanted for many years to be a vampire.i have done my research so i know what i am getting into.please help me.
Resource : jessie
Description : i wan t to be a vampire more than anything else in the world but i am not one i dont know one and i was not born one so is there any other way i can become one
Resource : Austin
Description : i wana become a vampire all you guys need is to go to
Resource : Christina
Description : I'm not going to give my life story. All I want to put out there is I am not a "vampire". I cannot even fatham what being a vampire is even like, but it would be breathtaking to find out. I don't need to be "converted", I would just like to know more about how the other side lives.
Resource : jayden
Description : i'd love to be a vampire i will do eneything to become a vampire someone tune me into one PLEASE
Resource : ansh
Description : i m 16 and want to become a vampire but i dont know how to became a vampire so plzzzz tell me i really want tobecame a vampire please tell me please please
Resource : zakiyah west
Description : its my dream.
Resource : zakiyah west
Description : its a dream
Resource : unknower
Description : serously,i am a newbie of wiccan. i wanna to trying to become a vampire
Resource : Crystal
Description : hi!i DONT want to be VAMPIRE!!But i do want to be LOVED!!when i was a lil girl i was beatin and abused by my parents raped since i was 4 years old.I rember laying there thinking while i was being raped,"loved"that i just wanted to die!!Ispent my life looking for love in ALL the wrong places and in the WRONG ways!I grew up with such a hatred of myself and how i didnt "Feel"worthy i hated ppl but i really hated myself and didnt kno why and i hated GOD for letting all those bad things happen to me!!i became homeless my husband took EVERYTHING i had including my kids from me just when i "felt like things couldnt get any worse he lost custody to the stsat of va.For 3 long years ive been fighting to get my kids and i do believe that Very soon that the GOD that i grew up hating so much becuse of the bad things that happened to me will give me my kids back!!Becuse this GOD that i found by dillagently seeking him IS LOVE!!He let me kno that bad things happened to me becuse my parents made BAD choices and in turn taught me to make BAD choices.So now i dillagently draw CLOSER to MY GOD THE GOD OF ABRAHAM ISSAC AND JACOB and see him for the LOVING FATHER/GOD that he is!!PLZ SEEK THIS SAME GOD THAT IVE FOUND AND KNOW WHAT TRUE LOVE IS HIS LOVW JOHN 3:16 FOR GOD so LOVED the world that he gave his ONLY SON JESUS CHRIST so that who ever belive in him shall not die BUT LIVE and have eternaal life and have it more abundantly!!God gives us spirituall gifts some ppl can travel the cord others can 'ASTROL PROJECT speak in tounges call down fire and EXSEECT IT TO HAPPEN Exseect ppl to rise from the dead ezekial 37 the Valley of Dry bones in the HOLY BIBLE talks about ppl coming back from the dead!!And not in the way they show in horror movies these ppl who come back from the dead will whole heartedly give their EVERYTHING to GOD!!And not think twice about doing it!!So for the soon to be bros and sis who will read this and meditate on this GOD of Abraham Issac and Jacob GOD bless u!!we pray that u have an E xpediant growth wit GOD putting ppl in ur path to help u along ur way!!to LOVE Uand not JUDGE u or CONDEME U!!T hats not my GOD!!MY GOD IS LOVE NO MATTER WHAT U DID IN THE PAST OR COULD EVER DO GOD LOVES U AND HE YEARNS FOR A CLOSE AND PEARSONAL LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH AND EVERYONE of YOU!!Daddy were sooo THANFFUL for the ones ur bringing OUT of the DARKNESS and in2 ur TRUE LIGHT!!
Resource : brenden
Description : i really wanna be immortal ,fast,strong,and drink blood. i would love to be a vampire
Resource : Heaven
Description : First thing you do is you say this chant three times when its night.

"I wish to be a vampire. On this night, I wish to crave blood, to want to have blood,I can no longer walk into the sunlight if I am in the sunlight I burn and I can see smoke rising from my skin cause I'm burning in the sunlight. Whenever I see blood, the veins in my eyes appear and my eyes turn red and long pointy fangs appear. I have pale skin. I can compel people. That I shall be able to run super fast. I shall be able to hear things from far away. So Mote It Be."

Say it three times when its night and then you'll be a vampire instantly after yo udo this spell.

Good Luck.

There are no side effects on this spell.

It does work cause i've done it and it worked and so did my friends and it worked perfectly for them.
Resource : nakalaya montgomery
Description : i simply just want one thing in my life and thats to have the taste for blood how amazing are theses fasanating creatures they are the gods of romantical love making the live to iternity but you the only reason i wont to become a vampire is because of it passion and lust so if you would dearly help me i would be iternily greatfull
Resource : Dee
Description : I'm tired of my short-sightedness problem... I hate wearing glasses. I'm afraid of getting fat because I can get fat and get slim easily (idk why)... I prefer staying up late to study and it's hard for me because I will be sleepy in the class in the morning... I have migraine.... and of course, being a vampire is the only thing I could think of. I've read a lot and yeah weird because I'm hoping to be something that I never witness in my real life (or in other meaning, "vampires didn't exist") but um yea, I'm young, I have flaws and I wanna be forever young and flawless.... Whatever, it's so hard to describe...
Resource : daniel reed nielsen
Description : hi i am only 13 years old and desperately want to become some kind of vampire. i know that they are real and at any cost will become one. i am usually the boy who sits at the back of the class' gets chosen last for everything' deeply stares off into space' always react to what people say' and always wants to be indoors anyways. ive wanted to be a vampire. a true vampire. not a fake one betrayed in twilight. i hate human life. i will do anything or give up anything in order to become one. please help me. i live in missouri so if there are places here that can help me let me know.
Resource : Gino
Description : I have cancer..... not long to live and I have my brother to take care of. I need this please I have to become a vampire so I can be healed and take care of him... I'm all he has left.
Resource : darklovelessgirl10
Description : I really want to be a vampire!Ilove every thing about them!Well its kinda wierd i hate daylight and love darkness sometimes i bite the inside of my mouth on perpouse just to tast blood.I think my friend is worried about me i dont know if im half vamp or full?And if y'all know a way for me to become full or a vamp email me at!!
Resource : victor
Description : i wish to be a vampire ot something xtra ordinary and super natural can any body help me
Resource : Nakeya Trowel
Description : i want to be a half vampire can some1 help me i live in pineville,louisiana
Resource : jude
Description : pls i want a real spell to turn me into a real vampire my life being a human was bord so pls tell me
Resource : edie
Description : i want to become a vampire for saving the world from the criminals and also for my purpose .
several malpractices were occured in our world , for destroy them. importently I WAS CURIOUS ABOUT TO BECOME A REAL VAMPIRE ,oh ITS WONDERFULL....................
Resource : shyanne
Description : i wish to be a vampire tonight ive always wanted to be one...i need a real spell i hope its only 3 sentences long. please i wish to be a vampire!
Resource : American Teen
Description : I LOVE Vampires. I have ALWAYS wanted to be one. I have tried spells but they dont work. :( I have small but SHARP canines. Nobody in my family likes me. I really want to be a vampire. PLEASE HELP ME! :) IM ONLY 13. :)
Resource : Cara Cochrane
Description : I wish i could become a vampire.... i think im half vampire cause my eyes change from orange to black to green.... im in LOVE with vampires and my boyfriend,Vic,is in love with vampires too... please,if you have any tips for me to,become or,stop being upsest with blood... my e-mail is: you
Resource : sumiralama
Description : i really want to be a vampire there any method or spell or any kind of thing that can trun me into vampire!!!i just wanna be a vampire thats it.i can do anything to be a vampire
Resource : Alissa
Description : like most of you, i wish to be bitten and turned into a vampire. my reasons are simple: To protect my friends. i am very week and my friends get beat up and jumped alot... i tried to protect my best friend and lost. i broke 5 ribs. as a vampire i would restrain myself unless the really deserved it. i just want to be a protector
Resource : Shivram
Description : I'am wishing that I want to become a vampire. Please help. I hate life. I would like to become one.
Resource : Nic
Description : hey ik there is alot of kids on this page who dont understand what being a vampire is and i dont think i completly know even after research. so i am asking if there is a vampire out there who is willing to help me learn i would really like your help. if you can plz email me at and help me understand what it truly means.
Resource : Alexis Kilpatrick
Description : Hi im Alexis, im 16 years old. I dont like my life anymore i get bullyed by my race. Im starting not to care for anyone anymore, I dont think my friends even like me, my family thinks im a bad infulence and not a nice good behaved person. i do sneek things from them but i dont care, i dont beleive in god but my family dont know. I just want a different life, i feel darkness in me like i want to do bad things. sometimes i want to kill people for fun, i always have dreams me being a vampire killing people and hidding screts. I want to run off into the night and hunt humans not animals because j think animals are just boring. i want to do things i want to do and want to ware things. nobody likes me because they think im strange but im not but i want to be a vamp really bad and join the darkness and the stupid humans wont mess with me. also i want to have dark powers, like make dark orbs,fire,run faster,teleport and a lot of things. i want my eyes to be red or purple and i can change them back to the color i had before. i want to have fangs also and be able to be in the sun because where i live its a lways sunny out..thank you....
Resource : aljade
Description : i'm not fan of twilight ..but the bright place gave me sick and i cant sleep when night ....there's another one, sometime when i saw blood they makes me thirst and it's make me irritated. i doesnt know what i am now.
sorry for the bad english !! :(
Resource : ren
Description : I have been wanting to become a vampire for so long.Can some Email me on how to become a vampire!!!!
Resource : Greitan
Description : every thing a vampire can do i like every thing.
night vision.
unlimited power.
endless life.
not to fear of death.
wanderning in night.
somany things is their endless resone to say.
Resource : code 0
Description : plz help me out
Resource : Naomi Haynes
Description : I want to become a vampire as long as I don't have to sell my soul,I do know a few spells though
Resource : Andrew Lydia
Description : My name is Andrew Lydia i am from United States, I was in a relationship with john and we loved and cherished ourselves for 3 good years and every thing was going on smoothly but February 14, 2012 a day i can call a lovers day we both had misunderstanding because i answered a call from a guy that is asking me out for a date but i refused,and he told me that the relationship is over and that he is fed up with me and i begged him because i love him so much but he refused me i was so down cast and i felt the world has come to an end for me but my friend told me about a Dr IYAYI that helped her sister out in getting her relationship back,a good job and favor in any of her endeavor but at first i was scared but i have to give this man a trial because i love Ben very much and i am not willing to loose him to any woman,so i ordered returning my love spell from this Dr IYAYI that made me a happy woman again to say it all my ex came back to me with much love and a caring heart...i am testifying to this great spell caster Prophet of Goddess. if you need his help you can contact him on
Resource : Tome
Description : I'm 14, a freshman in high schol ulike nearly everyone here, i don't feel i need, or want to become a vampire but today I walked out side and had to curl up into a ball because the sunlight made my eyes hurt. I put on my sunglasses and the pan went away. I can hear extremely well, have a good sense of smell, and a semi photographic memory. I don't get cold, like at all and I have memories that i know aern't mine, of some rebel dude named Tomeonea Moocart. My bud K. got a cut on his lip the other day and I wanted to drink it, not a thirst but more like a hunger. I get these weird ergs to start walking in the middle of the night when the mon i bright, and lately at night a weird noise has been repeating in my ears. Lycan, larci sanguini (latin for blood theif hopefully i didn't gaff the translation), or just a weirdo, I just want to know more about what/who I am.
Resource : Davis Cindy
Description : Hello everybody, my names is Cindy Davis Am from Canada i want to give thanks and honor to Dr.ATILA for the great work he did for me, he brought my lover within 24 hours which i never taught it will ever come through in my life, but this great man Dr. ATILA proved to me that powers can do wonders, i got his contact from a friend in the USA who he helped, this friend of mine told me that this man is great but i felt as hmm are you sure? cause i hardly believe those kind of things,so she told me not to worry that when i contact him, that she is guaranteeing me 100% that my lover will come back that if it does not work that she will be the one to give me back my money, to show her sincerity to me, she gave me her car that if it does not work that and she did not pay me the money that i spent that she i should collect her car and she gave me all the documents, i was so so surprised she was very serious about it so that was how i contacted him and i told him what i want he just told me that everything will be done within 24 hours so with the assurance my friend gave me i was having confident, so in the next 24 hours that he told me i just heard a knock on my door i never knew it was mark, so that was how i opened the door the first thing he did was to go on his knees, he started begging me to forgive him that he is very sorry for everything, i was really surprised and was also happy, so that was how i forgive him and now we are living together happily than ever before, and am using the media to invite my friends on my wedding which will coming up on 30/10/2013, am very happy thanks be to Lucy who gave me his contact and honor be onto Great DR. ATILA who helped a lot, if you need his help or you want to thank him for me you can contact him through or cell number +2348169457829
Resource : Jerneille
Description : can you help me or tell me how cause i really want to be one for a very long time now and im just 18 email me at if you can help me
Resource : Paige
Description : Hey I'm 14 almost 15 I was looking for some help. I don't want to become a vampire. When I was younger (4) my family and I. Went on holidays to fiji and I got bitten by this little boy. The bite mark started blooding and then my wrist went pale for weeks. The bite mark diddn't go away until 4 weeks later. I have small teeth and they look like vampire teeth. I have weird thing happening to me like wanting blood. I stay up late and go bed around 4 -7. I have alot more to say but fi you can help me out email me. my email is, please help.
Resource : Lord Cedric
Description : I Want To Become A Vampire But I Don't Know How To... Please Help Me.... Mail me thnx...
Resource : Aalycia
Description : I want to become a vampire. Vampires are real and i know it! I want to be one i just don't want to be bitten. Can someone please help me become a vampire
Resource : taniya
Description : i want to become a vampire as soon as possible. i am very much happy in leading a vampire life. if this is possible than want to become vampire as soon asa possible
Resource : crusly villarante
Description : i want to become a vampire i want to become a imortal and i want a life never ends.
Resource : Gleb
Description : I wish to be a vampire. Not because I want to but because I feel lifeless already, and I want to expirience what is like to be a vampire. Also I'm not denying GOD almighty in anyway and in my heart I love GOD and his son Jesus. So relatively I want to try live my life as a vampire.
Resource : alissa caruso
Description : vampire teeth that show only when i whant them to show and i can run fast and fly and my reflection does not show
Resource : alissa michelle caruso
Description : brown hair 10 years old some babby teeth dark skin a little dark loves vampires dogs and geanie pigs
Resource : Vampiregirl
Description : i want to be a vampire, i dont know why but i have been having the urge to bite and drink blood, i tryed many spells i know that vampire exist and i want to be one i want to turn into a bat when ever i want, i want to burn in the sun but not die, i want to drink the blood of humans and if i have to i will drink my own blood.. please if anyone knows of a spell that truly works to turn me into a vampire message me at thx^^
Resource : derrick
Description : i want to trily feel free and if this not real then see ya i don't want to talk to vampire wantbezzzz
Resource : ava
Description : please i dont have speed i get bullyed alot but i can now scare them and they will back off so please or brianna where is your friend ill make him bit all of us i am i right so lets find a vampire ands lets become one
Resource : stephaine
Description : can i please become a vampire because would like to bite someone
Resource : Lirit
Description : You´re talking about vampires. Well, if you wanna be a vampire, lets think about that.. You even know what to do when is raining outside, you don´t care about others who have problems out there, you don´t like learn in school.. ect.. Vampirism is about learning! You will learn about yourself, about your powers, about everything.. So there is no differents.. You have to listen to your mentor and play by the rules. This is not really a free way to "live". There are rules you have to stand by.
And if you think that vampire will be talk to you through chat or websites. You are wrong. They like to stay in anonym. I really don´t think they will be chating here. I am looking for an old vampire, and never found him on net.
I dont really believe they will be here. So if you have an contact to some vampire or an old one, please message me on my email..
Resource : Trixie
Description : If is there som vamp, i have a wish..i need help with something. Write me please..
Resource : Ch. Bronson
Description : I am 18. Nothing wrong with my life, really. Except, maybe the shortage of money. I want to become a vampire, because it is extremely boring to live like this. I am always craving knowledge and I think that immortallity is a good tool to use in learning every bit of information I want to posses. I also want to travel the world, make some money, see where this planet goes and interfere if I have to. I have always been a person, who'd rather stay up till 6:30 and go to sleep just as the Sun dawns, so sunlight won't really be a problem for me. I want to be able to walk this Earth knowing that no regular person can harm me. I also know pain, and I'm no longer afraid of it. I've been searching for a way to become a vampire for a lont time and yet, I haven't found one that works or isn't insanely hard to accomplish. Anyone got ideas on how to turn into a vampire? e-mail me at ""
Resource : amanda
Description : Hi my name is Amanda and I am 14 years old I watched twight and i want to become a vampire like Bella Cullen can somebody please help
Resource : Kayden
Description : I am a vampire i think i hate garlic and sun and i like blood i will eat anything that has blood ike deer meat
Resource : Kishan Kumar Das
Description : i need to b a vampire,,so plz help me to b vampire...
Resource : Kim
Description : I want to become a ruthless vampire. I want to suck blood. I want to fuck girls without being tired. Learn to seduct using my eyes.
Resource : anounymous
Description : i hate that he left me to another woman ,but i really love he and i don't want any thing except he i had to look for help to get he back when i saw a post of one on the internet how this man Doc Obodo help get her lover back ,and if any one needed his help should contact Doc Obodo @ or call +2348155425481 i did and lo and behold 2days later he call me and started pleading for me to take he back
Resource : Mercy brown
Description : I’m Mercy brown by name I have a few testimony to share with you all about myself, I was in a relationship with this guy and for 3years and we were about getting married when we both have misunderstanding with each other and he ask me for a divorce and we both agreed and after 4months I head that he was having an affair with one of my closest friend and I was very upset and worried so a friend of my advice me and told me if I still love my ex and if I really want to have him back so I told her yes, and she ask me to contact Dr. Madurai the spell caster and I did although I never believe on spell so he gave me something when he was casting the spell and ask me to say my wishes on it and after the casting of the spell a receive a phone call from my ex and was ask me at which I did and now we are back together again I’m so happy and I wish not to ever have this mistake again in my life. I will also advice anyone with this kind of issue to contact him for help he is really nice on phone and always there to answer you question giving you the good advice that you need. his email is
Resource : malaysia cosand
Description : i wanna become a vampire right now and because i would
Resource : rachana
Description : i m changing in vampire coz i can smell human blood and i can sometime run faster than a horse...yesterday ran faster than a horse with was amazing for me...and mind control with is so easy..i can control any one i like...sometime i feel like i want to feed in human blood but i can't do that because it creates bad illusion among people so i compell human to give some amount of blood..i like o+ve blood which is teasty...vampires in this world ...i haven't truned anyone one into a vampire and i will not turn anyone to vampire like me...i have lived 192 years in this world..the person who is vampire i want to suggest them to not to trun human a vampire..till now i haven't found a vampire in this world...i want to meet a vampire .. till 192 years i have no true friend..and lastly suggestion for human...please don't turn your self into a vampire because human life is best than a vampire because after you become a vampire you will not have any family member,friends,none to whom you can say tha she/he is yours... :'(
Resource : TOCK
Description : I am your pretty face make me yours we will walk thousands more years together,. I am true of truest.
Resource : jammamaw
Description : i did a spell and i just can't stop dreaming of drinking blood oh gosh my teeth hurt and everything f.r i think my abilities are growing too.
Resource : shawn naim
Description : how to be a vampire? am i worthy?
Resource : Prasanth
Description : i like vampire culture and their guts, appearence and i wish i could be one of them.
Resource : Leamay Campos
Description : Hi I'm leamay but you ca all me lea.
So this alot of years i just want to become a vampire but they say the wicth just ca only have a spell that ca tru you a vampire. If you have a idea how to become a vampire pls say it to cause all of us is really wat to be become a vampire...
Resource : kimberly
Description : hi my name is kimberly
i been trying find a real vamipre because i want to become one i try blood beofre is not easy to stop hate sun love the darkness
please text me or call me please do not be fake
here my number 661-487-7821
Resource : charmaine tolentino
Description : i really want to become a vampire, because i dont like my life so boring
Resource : Emily
Description : I want to be a vampire so I
Resource : Emily
Description : I want to be a vampire so that I can live forever. But I think I already am a vampire because my eyes change colour I love the taste of blood and Ihate the sunlight!
Resource : daedae
Description : HELP ME PLEASE?!!!!!!!
Resource : alla
Description : if any girl wants to bcom a vampire me ....i need a life time friend. I WILL TELL U MY AGE AND EVERYTHING..........IF YOU THINK VAMPIRE DONT EXSIST................DEN FORGET UR DREAMS...I CAN MAKE UR DREAM TRUE -.-
Resource : Ethan
Description : i want to be the vampire i would use it to protect the ones i love but harm my enimes and travel on through time so please email me i will do what ever it takes my email is
Resource : ily cooper
Description : i want to become a vampire becuse i have no life to live nomore people call me black my mother donot like ma becuse i donot like to go to school.
Resource : Bradley
Description : dirty blonde hair, goldish bluegreen eyes
hate moral life, want to be a vampire
Resource : caitlin graves
Description : im 19 and wanting to become a real live vampire
Resource : Jessrene
Description : I want to become a vampire
Resource : caitlin graves
Description : im 19 wanting to become a real live vampire plz can someone help me become one i hate my mom and shes bossy and i she wont let me sneak out at night and like cant sleep plz help me
Resource : Mr Barry Wallace
Description : Welcome to ( New-World Vampire Kingdom). Do you want to be a vampire,still in human,having talented brain turning to a vampire in a good posture in ten mines time to a human again, with out delaying in a good human posture. A world of vampire where life get easier,we have made so many persons vampires and have turned them rich,you will be assured long life and prosperity,you shall be made to be very sensitive to mental alertness,stronger and also very fast,you will not be restricted to walking at night only even at the very middle of broad day light you will be made to walk, this is an opportunity to have the human vampire virus to perform in a good posture.if you are interested contact us on
Resource : Jessica
Description : i want a spell that can change me into a vampire i tryed 1 but didnt work i need someones help find me a spell that can change me with another spell that has a ring that can protect me from day light much is appreceated.
Resource : Eliza Marisa
Description : I think i am full vampire. im lucky that i dont have any family or they would be gone in a second or so... I do not do many things and here are things i can and can do
crave blood- YUM!
eyes change to red so i use blue contact lenses.

eat a whole meal, eat once a day or none if i can help it.
cant go into the sun or i get sore and get blisters or my skin heats up and gets sore.

i am 16- feel free to email me at

p.s i am happy to answer any questions that i can.
Resource : shelbie williams
Description : i want to become a vampire i hate the sun but can protect mmyself from it i want to feed on people i love blood i want to run fast you know zoom i want to have real goods heraing i want to have everything a vampire has long teeth and scary eyes when i trnaform i want to become a vampire please i have been waiting ages and i cant turn in to one but i really want to so help me i want to be a vampire i will do anything
Resource : kayla
Description : i would really like to become a vampire so could you please just at least give me some tips to learn how to be one
Resource : yuuki
Description : i want to be a vampire...pls. help me
Resource : mina
Description : I want to become a vampire but it seems like I am one I hear things far or close. I smell things things that I never knew I could smell before and when I lose control I never know how to stop myself. I can't take things out on the world. Every moon is bound to death for me. And sometimes it's uncontrolable. So beware of deaths that comes to you.
Resource : vampirelover
Description : alright i'm here to look for a vampire to change me but i feel none want my blood is A+ contact or
Resource : wannabecomeavamp
Description : i have just noticed that i have craved blood a lot and i've been searching ways to become one but none come up. so whoever is a vvampire please email me at
Resource : angel
Description : i want to become a beatuiful vampire that can be in the sun with any protection and i want to have a lot of vampire powers
Resource : shreya
Description : i would luv to be a vampire. I have been a fan of twilight since years(especially bella). Just the way she turned into a vampire was nasty but i really hope there was some easy trick. Whenever my friend's ask me what's u'r ambition i always reply something else other than vampire cuz what if i truely turn into a vampire. Nowadays i really started behaving like a vampire so i really request u to grant my wish.plllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Resource : angel
Description : I really wanna meet any vampire from india....!!
Resource : Linda
Description : Thank u!! Thank u!!! This is crazy! I was doing a relaxing ceremony you gave me and meditated on him coming back and the door knocked and there he was? Is this the candid camera?? OMG is REALLY AMAZING!!!
Resource : Judith
Description : Hi Everyone ,My name is Judith and i am from USA ,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called IKHUORIA who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay the sum of $250 to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his email address today (
Resource : sarah
Description : Hi Everyone ,My name is Sarah and i am from Canada,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called MAID who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State ,address and asked me to pay the sum of $250 to send me his blood which
i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact him in his email address today (
Resource : brae
Description : Hi Everyone,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called Mr Marc who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay the sum of $250 to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his email address today (JANEASHLEY333@GMAIL.COM)he also has a friend who is a warewolf just incase you want to be one okay...
Resource : Dallas
Description : Life for me is too boring, i want to see the higher existence of beings, and be able reach those heights. Also i must free the world, and about 100 years is just not enough time.
Resource : nashaya
Description : i want to be a vampire so then i can turn my family into vampires so that my family never dies!! because i dont want to lose my family plus everyone would die before me because im the youngest.
Resource : johnroselin
Description : my Names is john roselin,AM from usa.i never believed in love spells or magic until i met this spell caster once when i went to Africa in June last year on a business summit i ment a man called PRINCE AYAWU, is powerful he could help you cast a spells to bring back my love s gone misbehaving lover looking for some one to love you bring back lost money and magic money spell or spell for a good job i m now happy & a living testimony cos the man i had wanted to marry left me 4weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down cos our relationship has been on for 3 year i really loved him, but his mother was against me and he had no good paying job so when i met this spell caster, i told him what happened and explained the situation of things to him at first i was undecided,skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try and in 6 days when i returned to Vancouver my boyfriend (is now my husband ) he called me by himself and came to me apologizing that everything had been settled with his mom and family and he got a new job interview so we should get married i didn't believe it cos the spell caster only asked for my name and my boyfriends name and all i wanted him to do well we are happily married now and we are expecting our little kid and my husband also got a new job and our lives became much better in case anyone needs the spell caster for some help his email address:
Resource : franceis
Description : who ever is reading this testimony today should please celebrate with me and my family because it all started like a joke to some people and others said it was impossible. my name is franceis i live in canada i am happily married with two kids and a lovely wife something terrible happen to my family along the line, i lost my job and my wife packed out of my house because i was unable to take care of her and my kids at that particular time. i manage all through five years, no wife to support me to take care of the children and there come a faithful day that i will never forget in my life i met an old friend who i explain all my difficulties to, and he took me to a spell caster and the name of the temple is called,, i was assure that everything will be fine and my wife will come back to me in after 2days time then he told me what i need to provided for him and i did the wonderful work of prince ogbondu, my wife came back to me and today i am one of the richest man in my country. i advice you if you are out there passing through any of this problems listed below:
1) If you want your ex back.
(2) if you always have bad dreams.
(3) You want to be promoted in your office.
(4) You want women/men to run after you.
(5) If you want a child.
(6) You want to be rich.
(7) You want to tie your husband/wife to be
yours forever.
(8) If you need financial assistance.
(9) How you been scammed and you want to recover you lost money
(10)(10)Stop Divorce

contact him now at
Resource : celeste espada
Description : i will ony speak of being one with one...i shall not waste my vocie on none contract me on my email
Resource : arraies
Description : i live in ennis texas.look at all these crazy people.people one day they want something one day they wont.running in the moon light feeling the power of the night.knowing and seeing you truly belong to something greater.if you are real im calling out to you.i feel you.come see for your self.come touch my arm and feel my from a odd place in ohio called newcomerstown.from a young age i have seen things the way other people do i know every one will say that but its the true. even if you will not talk to me i will allways walk in the night.
Resource : justin
Description : i want to be a vampire, but how ??
Resource : shaheed
Description : well im not to happy and i want to become a vampire and so mote it be
Resource : déesse sattpire
Description : My only that i became a vampire...but does they even exest?? cause life is short 4 us,as a human...but long 4 them if they realy matter ..whuy did they didn't search an get all of the glampires all around the all does age??...well let's be real..there is 2 thing...the first they don't exest..the second we are nothing 4 them,the thing that make us dreaming...=i dont care about any i'm stealing beleving in i'lle always.
Resource : george
Description : i want to be a vampire to suck people blood out and i went one to com up in my bedroom and suck out my people
Resource : ya'll are stupid
Description : its not that i want to be one but i have questions and i would really like to talk to a real "vampire" as you call them i dont think that is the true word that is just the word movies created if that is a real "vampire" please email me @
Resource : veronica
Description : my dream pz im

pz ,pz
need it!,,,,,
Resource : Angel
Description : Please help me... this is my dream. Im so depressed and wishing that i could just die. learning about this actually will help me a whole lot. As a mortal i cut myself and hurt my self on purpose. But as an immortal, i will become soomeone or something better. Please please help.
Resource : Arist
Description : I can say that i'm boring in this human life i wanna become a vampire be strong more strength no weakness can read peolple mind but i don't think have vampire in this entire world i think vampire could be in novel or movies only anyw, if there a few or also read this let's email n tell me how could i change into one i'm in neet thx...
Resource : Arist
Description : I can say that i'm very boring with this human life i wanna become a vampire instead but i don't think there has vampire in this entire world anyw, if there has few let's email n tell me how 2 change or changed me i'm in need thx...
Resource : Arist
Description : I'm very boring in this human life but i don't think there has vampire in this world anyw, if there has few let's email me i wanna become a vampire i'm in need thx...
Resource : Arist
Description : I'm boring in this human life let's changed me into one i'm in need thx...
Resource : Maiza B. Bello
Description : I want to become a vampire becauss if I am a vampire its super cool and I want to become stronger than anyone else and I dont want to die I want to live with my family foreever and I dont care if I die a vampire I really want to become vampire please help me to become vampire I beg you
Resource : prillia
Description : Hello welcome to (new-worldvampire kingdom.Do you want to be a vampire,still in human,haven talented brain turning to a vampire in a good posture in ten mines time to a human again, with out delaying in a good human posture.this is an opportunity to have the human vampire virus to perform in a good posture.if you are interested contact us on our mail, and you we have the knowledge of turning into vampire
Resource : prillia
Description : Hello welcome to (new-worldvampire kingdom.Do you want to be a vampire,still in human,haven talented brain turning to a vampire in a good posture in ten mines time to a human again, with out delaying in a good human posture.this is an opportunity to have the human vampire virus to perform in a good posture.if you are interested contact us on our mail, and you we have the knowledge of turning into vampire
Resource : joe
Description : okay, im really not sure but i have alsways belived that i feel superior to my freinds, im faster, more intelligent and faster reactions, im not being mean and i dont hang around with idiots and im not cocky its just been there, my eyes change colour, i find the sun to be irritable and i can feel somones pulse if i am near them, i love the taste of blood and if i taste it i get the lust for more :/ i dont know what to think but im really not sure :/ no lies or anything
Resource : megha
Description : i just want to become a vampire to be beautiful and to have sex.....
Resource : Skylar
Description : .....
Resource : jane
Description : aHi Everyone,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called Mr Marc who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay the sum of $250 to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his email address today (JANEASHLEY333@GMAIL.COM)
Resource : kayleigh
Resource : kaif
Description : I wish I can be a vampire I hate to be a human because I always fall sick easily I hate human body I hate sick can u teach me how to change myself into a vampire

Sir plz plz plz make me a real Vampire plz help me
em i tride to human life plz sir
Email me on here
Resource : Bri-anne
Description : it's my dream my whole life to be a vampire! I want to know who to become one, if people say it'll ruin your life. Then explain to me how it'll ruin my life!? email me at:
Resource : christopher daniel smith
Description : long brown hair hazel eyes get dark when hungrytall white
Resource : chistopher daniel smith
Description : i used to be a vampire i need to be one again
Resource : jhon
Description : I am a vampire my eyes turn 5 different colors i can sence things i am super strong i can smell some one 50 yards away i am a vampire.
Resource : lorezalde fabria
Description : im really obsess with vampires and i want to be an immortal and i want to be a vampire eventhough i got hurt or my family get hurt all i will gonna do everything to brcomr a vampire can you help me please!?
Resource : Brandon
Description : how do i become a Vampire I want to be a Vampire for sure so i can live for all eturnity I want to live a very long time and I need some help of becoming a vampire
Resource : ashly
Description : i want to be a vampire i had a dream one time and iv wanted it ever since im not anything like one and just to be a half would be the greatest thing in the world i want it no matter what the cost
Resource : ingrid d
Description : i m a real vampir i didt know i was tit my 16 th birthday by eyes glow red whe i am angry or smell boold i know my spellin is really bad and i have super speed i have 5 cm long fang i might come ad bite you until now i have bited 10 people in my area.mwahahaha
Resource : Kelcie Hovland
Description : I really really wish to become a vampire. I want to escape my human life, no one really likes me. i really love vampires and how they live, with all their powers ans such. so yeah...if you would like to help me escape my human life contact me at I live in colorado.
Resource : halisha
Description : my hair is blonde to hide the fact i'm half vampire
Resource : Samial Danial Burson
Description : Ha Ha Ha reading all of this comments is quite funny to think your all so willing to give up your very lives for something that would never be granteed to someone so weak and feeble as yourselves its truely funny what makes any of you think a true creature as beautiful as a vampire would waste their time on pathitic begging creatures as yourselves its descusting to think you all really believe anyone with any real info is going to give it to you, you all descuse me grow up and if you truely wont this life go out in life and truely find a vampire look in the darkest of places places that your brain is telling you to stay away from telling you to run and you dont know why hunt out that which should remain hidden from you and just mabe one day you yourselves might be granted the chance to be the meal and if your truely liked for whatever reason the vampire you find might grant you just what your all looking for but a word of caution looking for that which is meant to be hidden has grave consequinces so choose carefully what it is you really wont in this life because one day you might just get what you've been asking for and its not what you think you wont!!!
Resource : cierra
Resource : Anonymous
Description : I dont know much about um..vampires. I spent alot of time researching them, but the closest thing I've found to being possible was the whole vempyric coma thing. I believe in vampires. I do want to become one, but not nearly as much as certain other people. I understand the pain and suffering and that it probably is a big mistake that I will surely regret. But I cant help but to sometimes just mentally think about becoming one and how life would be. And I frequently have dreams of becoming one. Whenever I have a cut, I like lick it. I don't crave blood like other people, but I don't hate it. It has sort of a rusty taste. But sweet at the same time. What I really want, is to meet a vampire. I dont expect to like become best friends with him/her or fall in love with him and have a whole twilight thing, I just want to meet one. okay I think Im done now haha byee . feel free to email me
Resource : Bryaane
Description : i wish to be a vampire, i have wanted this since i was three, i always talked about being a vampire and always ran around wearing those false teeth
Resource : chris
Description : the fact of the matter is, it is a choice, if you don't want to no1 will make you become a vampire. I would happen to like it do to the fact that the immortality means i can live and see things no other person would dare dream of seeing. On another note, for those who think it is a wrong to cheat these so called "GODS" i haven't seen proof of them, so we can't cheat what can't be proven. I would embrace the transformation into such a wonderful predator, mainly because life is survial of the fittest and vampires just so happen to be the most fit predator out there. This is just my opinion, not to hurt anyone.
Resource : sydney
Description : i want to be a vampire more than anything. i just cant let this go. if you are a vampire. will you please email me. thank you. i am from dearborn m.i
Resource : Lydia English
Description : I want more than anything to become a vampire if you are a vampire near the Auburn Hills MI area and are willing to help me please contact me soon thank you
Resource : Jessie Bailey
Description : I really want to become a vampire really bad. i remember when i was a little girl me and my friend would always say and think that we were vampires, we would always go around biting people to the point they would bleed. i remember one time i was at the dentist and it was so tempting to bite there fingers when there hand was in my mouth that i couldn't hold back the urge to do it, so i bit her and drew blood through the glove(the next appointment i had there was to get my sharp pointy teeth out=() and if anyone reads my this and u r a vampire message me, my email is i really dont care what it take i want to be turnded into a vampire!!!!
if a vampire reads this message me and tell me u are one cuz i will do anything for you to make me one!
Resource : linger
Description : so you all want to become vampires right?well you all obviously have no idea about us. become a vampire in six lessons? take it from one when i say, you cant turn from "six lessons".it takes more than that to turn..and the sacrifices needed to be made are endless.
Resource : chris
Description : hey i am chris and yes i want to become a vampire. just like everyone else in this website. and yes i have thought about it i have a twin brother and i love him very much and i would not give him up for anything in this world but i am dying and i guess that if there is a vampire who reads this stuff and would change me i would love it i have did my research it says that i might be a hybrid vampire what ever that is i dont want to become a vampire just to inhiret the abilitys like everyone else mostly does no offense to the ones that dont i wat it to be able to livee life so i can get old from what the docs say i wont make it to tenty five and if that means becoming a vampire i will do it always wanted to be one any way so if there is one that reads this help me thanx always chris
Resource : chris
Description : i have wanted to become a vampire for many years i have a craving for blood i can smell it when my frends get to close thats why i have only one frend she wants to become one to so we could live forever as soul mates if someone could contact me i would gratly aprishyate it.
Resource : Miranda
Description : As i was reading every single one of these; i started to cry. People wish such; horrible depressing things. Having Black hair doesn't you a vampire, having pail skin doesn't make you a vampire, doing research over the internet to become a vampire its just to depressing. You guys; Vampires have feelings to, and what you people are doing is begging to become one. Begging to be monsters. Begging; thinking this is a way to truly bring you Happiness. You miss the heat; you miss smell; you miss the feeling of carpet on your toes or someone brushing past you because there late for something. You get lonely. How? Why? Why, do you wish such, Depressing things. I'd do anything just to be called normal. (I'm Not a Vampire, but i was always Compared to one, even in early youth) But why do you wished to get bullied by such Lies.
Resource : Gabrielle
Description : Green eyes in the summer there like cat eyes. little lower the sholder blond/brown hair.
Resource : nebula of darkness
Description : I know htat im met to be a vampire please haelp me i can read minds
Resource : Hayley
Description : Ever since i had read the book twilight. and saw the movie, i have been dying to become a Vampire. I really would be the happyest woman alive! Any ideas?
Resource : kirstie
Description : please help me be a vampire im prepaired to do ANYTNING email me please
do it quick im really desprite.... please help
Resource : chris
Description : chris um i wrote the other not um if u will contact me at thanx chris
Resource : jeny
Resource : antonio
Description : i wish to become half a vampire cause i want to become one if ur a vampire contact me at
Resource : Shelby
Description : i am half vamp. i bite someone and i make marks that r still there after 1 month. its fun being half vamp. u never die, u r pretty, can go in the sun, fall in love, and have human friends that u dont have to worrying about hurting them realy bad. Ps. halfys r not poisin. they eat human food but they dont like it. If u need more info, i will post another one soon.
Resource : Jocelyn
Description : I've always wanted to become a vampire.Since I was 3 years old.I love the night,and I hate the sun.My friends think I'm emo (didn't mean to offend any one.) because I cut myself.But I just do it for the blood.I really want to be a vampire.And I don't care what it takes to be one.
Resource : amaya
Description : I WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE!!!!! excpt i want to be one like edward cullen and not some freaky one that goes around sucking peoples blood all the time. i am so desperate to become one so if anyone out there is a vampire like edward cullen, then come bite me but this is not my real e-mail s dont send mee anything...
Resource : Marie
Description : Ive been wanting to be a vampier for my whole life and if you your self are a vampier and lives in san antonio tx the contact me at
Resource : codi
Resource : kelsie
Description : ive wanted to be a vampire. i have sharp teath and i bite people i think i aM Half because i am strong and really fast. help to find out please i am begging its been a dream sence i was 3 years old. i wish it and dream it every day and night when i bite people they bleed. when i do bite i cant stop its so hard. i love the taste of blood. i see red every where. its so kool i think i am.
Resource : aj
Resource : cha
Description : i have these dreams where i can see in the future and no i didnt do witchcraft or anything like that
i want to become a vamp for good purpose and if theres witchcraft involved i am not doing it and also i thing i am half
Resource : mikayla
Description : I want to become a vampire so bad and i dont want any bs
Resource : Carl
Description : Guysz hello 2 you all, if anyone knows here how 2 become a vampire can u share us plsz I'm from Australia and i really really want to become a vampire im searching all over it in internet and google but cant find any clue of it,some people block it and they dont wanna show it, guysz contac me if u are a vampire or if u know how 2 become plsz share us and we will see together once u share us and u know what else some times im searching the vampire things like 24/7 if its schoool holliday here i really want to become one so badly, i know its gonna ruing ur life but idk about it im tired bieng human bing... contac me plsz if u know how tysm ty ty
Resource : adi
Description : Me and my family has a history of strange things happenin to us....i'm a really strange person...i'm sick of my whole life all i wanted to be was a vampire since i was little....i've tried many rituals none affective...i really really want to become a vampire so please help me i'm desperate...very desperate...its unbearable.
Resource : Addy
Description : All i ever wanted was to become a vampire....since i was small when asked to make a wish in by birthdays i'd wish to become a vampire....the last few days have been really weird...i crave if anyone is a vampire in NEPAL then plz contact me my id is - i'm dying witout help..please help me.
Resource : Victoria Whitney
Description : I want to become a vampire because to me life has no meaning to me at all pain and sorrow bekcons me at every choice i welcome death no i want death to find me everytime i eat something i cant eat cause it sickens me, i have been having this dream for about a month know that it is taken in the 17 hundreds and i killed a man and i dont know what this mean but i do want to be a vampire so i cant leave the pain and this mortal relm for good.
Resource : ardhra
Description : itz ma..wish to turn into an
Resource : Megan
Description : My life sucks and I would do any thing to become a vampire I am empathic as well but being a vampire has been my dream since I was 2 I dream of it every night so pls help
Resource : jeremy kiba
Description : hey ppl vampires r real and all im ..... well put it in modest terms i was bit by a wolf when i was 10 trip to alaska then this 1 dude who was a vampire was scared of me i should b dead by no i hit my head against the cement hard enough to crack it i have cracked cement with my head 1ce hur like a bitch and well my friends a vampire and he bit me damn him now every1ce and a while i hear a heartbeat then my mouth waters up and u cant b immortal ppl but u get reincarnated... messege me if u want to know more
Resource : Leyla
Description : I haven't been into vampires for a very long time - but I gotta admit it - becoming a vampire is my biggest wish in life. I would love to have powers... especially be that 'save the day' type vampire.
Well, I'm still kinda young... so I sometimes bite my dad for fun XD. Well, once I do that, Usually I can barely stop myself because I really want to sink my teeth in. I never drank blood (except for papercuts - I usually try to suck out as much as possible) but now I am slowly becoming addicted.
I would also love to outsmart one of the dumb guys at school, who thinks that he is best at Physical Education. And he annoys me about it. I sometimes just wanna throw in a punch, but I can't. I would love to see the look on his face once I beat him in P.E. I I were a vampire, it would be the most awsome thing in the world... fly over the roof... like WHOOSH!
Resource : Marina
Description : I want to become a live forever.I know for a fact I have a destiney a path i need to follow but it is unclear to me yet and maybe even unclear to the person that desighned it for me.
Please contact me if you know i can find my path and help me become a vampire.
Resource : dragon
Description : i wish to become a vampire.
i wish to live a unhuman life for all eternaty i wish to be damned.
Resource : anik
Description : i want to become a full vampire.
Resource : marie
Description : Hi well Ive been thinking and wanting to become a vampier for almost 5 years but i cant find a way how to and if you your slef are a vampier and could i think bite me for i could become one the contact me at
Resource : cathrine
Description : hi im jordan but id rather u call me cathrine i really want to become just like most of u do. we have all heard the rumors about the sunlight and the garlic and the crosses but i believe noine of those are true. i have tried so many sights and they all say that there are spells and shit u can do to become a vamp, i dont believe that either. i have dreamed of becoming immortal for as long as ii can remember. that is all i will ever ask out of life so if you are a vamp and want a vamp friend that wont care if your into drinking human blood contact me at please i really want to be one of you
Resource : austin steffey
Description : guys guess what im seirous i have teeth that look like fangs but they grewout wards so they r not fully down yet but hpefully they will be
Resource : Ben
Description : i want to become a vampire plz can u haelp me?
Resource : nick
Description : iv always wanted to become a vampire since i was 6 iv these wierd dreams and i love look,and smell of blood please if anybody can help turn me into one email me at and mi aim screen name is njm2563 please contact me
Resource : The One And Only
Description : I've always wanted to be a vampire eversince I was a little girl! If there are any real vampires(immortal ones) please email me! Love ya!
Resource : ....
Description : If any of u knew a thing about vampires u would know they dont truly grow fangs,theyre not affected by crosses,garlic, or holy water.Honestly knives and such hurt vampires but dont die easily by them.This only a comment to let u guys know vampires rnt creatures 2 mess with.theyre deadlier than imagination reaches.if any of u think this stuff that im saying isnt true then contact me at
Resource : josh
Description : u get a lot of people wanting 2 b turned,huh?well,herez another 1.i actually think i am though,cause i drink blood,i smell it,i have eyes that change colors,im fast and stealthy,and i have sharp "vampire teeth,my dentist says",so i want to know,an i,or can i b turned if im not?
Resource : Rebecca
Description : hey
i need a spell to turn myself
into a vampire so can you please
add this:
Resource : Raiatea
Description : Are there ANY vampires in New Zealnd???
i want to learn!!!
please contact-
Resource : jewelz
Description : ok im a mortal but i no alot about vampires and im interested in becoming one. what do i do, or how do i do it? i also want to meet a vampire face to face! I NEED HELP!!!!
Resource : david m henderson
Description : i was told as a kid that i was diffrent and that i was adobted but i have never seen any pics or documents stating i was adobted i feel atrected to blodd and i dont know y no liye im wiccan i come from a line of royitly i need to no more plez help
Resource : david m henderson 4766 brezzer drive
Description : i wish to know more about vamps can any one help I WOULD U LIKE TO BE A VAMP
i would help peaple protect the ones i love live forever ialread lost every thing i have nothing to lose
Resource : james
Description : im not into listening to all of this fake stuff people put if anyone nos a proper vampire spell message me on this email and id like to talk to people about it
Resource : need-to-be-a-vampire
Description : Heyy im looking mainly for vampgirl or someone who could actually change me as far as i know you cant be changed my friend is a vampire abd he cant change me i dont care about the pain i understand the rules. im not going to see i want all the cool things about vampires i have studied as much as i can understood mostly everything about the coven and the runners. i have my reasons to want to be this way. ad i dont mean the stupid shit other people want super strength and mind reading actually i have really fallen for my friend but since im not a vamp i cant be with him for as long as i want i really want to be with him forever and im not worried about the pain or consquences really i already dont care about anyone else but him and i really want to be with him for ETERNITY i know it will take alot but im willing to do whatever it takes please email me if you know how i can spend forever with him or or or and i have a myspace also if your not truely a vampire i will know.
Resource : Olivia.
Description : You guys think that vampires live forever and grow fangs, sparkle in the sunlight blah blah blah. Twilight, movies and the like are not reliable resources. They are FULL OF MYTH/SH..ugar!!!
You guys have no idea what being a vampire entails. Go and do some peoper research and then come back and tell someone you want to be a vampire. And to the people who wont "turn" others when they have perfectly good reasons (and i mean actual reasons, not "i wanna live forever blah blah") Would you ever wish to become a non-vampire? No? Then why do you decline those who wish to join your ranks. That's all i had to say. By the way, I am not a "Pure-blood" or any of the sort. Just a human being. I am not going to plead for someone to turn me, nor am i going to give you soppy reasons on why i would like to become one. If someone wants to contact me, do not hesitate to email

i may not reply. If i dont within 5 days, dont email me again.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Anyone live in melb?
Resource : cole
Description : i am 12 years old and i want to become a vampire i have lots of dreams about it and i have done all the reacerch if any one can help please email me at
Resource : purple
Description : pleas i want to be a vampire i dont kare if i havet to be dead... forgive my speling it socks ok . pleas if you cud tern me i wil love it i dont kear if i have to pey ok ... jofuli i dont cause i dont have much money ok bot pleas i beg of you of any vampire fealing alone and wishes fore a partner fore eternety i promis i cud be the one fore you ok. so e-mail me ok hin.15@hotmail tankyou ok ps i live in PR
Resource : erica
Description : a vampire.. hmm an interesting aspect. something that would be a very interesting concept. though many people think that vampires are creatures of the night that look great and fly and drink blood. many do not even read about vampires they only watch the movies. they know not of the torment that many vampires go through the psychological and physical torture they live with every day.
No I am not a vampire. and my reasons for wanting to become one are very personal so I will not disclose them here. Though my email is real and all vampires can contact me if they so wish. please young ones read up on vampires. there is a reason that there are not alot of children vampires out there.

Good day all
Resource : Kayla
Description : please even though i am quite young i know what i want. I want to become a vampire. i hardly sleep. every day i is a constant reminder. and i dont want this because of twilight... thogh its pretty good. i have wanted this since i was 8. my paents hate me. i have physical pain, and a ton of emotional pain. so that is no poblem by me. my life is sad, i love the night, all i want for my bithday, and all i want period is to be a vampire or i hear sometimes the vampires hink that name is an insult (i do not know for sure) and prefer children of darkness. please if you ae one email me please i would not waste your time if this was not important to me with all my life
Resource : tay
Description : I have been reading the twilight series by stephanie meyer and i have been researching vampires and i realize that i really really want to become a vampire.
Resource : jacki & kacie
Description : i always wanted to become a vampire!!!! please email me nd give me easy ways!!!!
Resource : gina
Description : please send me the steps to become a vampire i have all the qulites all i need are the powers please send me the spells
Resource : lamar
Description : it doesnt tell anything about how to become a vampire
Resource : nazeer uvise
Description : plz tell how to became a vampire guys
Resource : crystal
Description : I'm a slav by blood and have desired as a child and still to be a vampire. my mother was a whore in yugoslavia and my father was a neo nazi (typical german boy) both 15 when i was born. I have very strong feelings of yugoslavia but can never get there as money is an issue and i live in australia. as i child i would rip my skin back off of my feet until i saw the muscle and blood. pain makes me high as does blood. loopy i know. my friends always comment on my eyes as they have these colours in them: blue, green, golden brown. i desire so deeply to be one think of all the things you can see and do. i'm not talking about the vampire crap you see in movies but the actual stuff they did in history; seems so magical.
Resource : hahaha111823
Description : I desperately want a vampire to bite me...
Resource : Tanisha
Description : I have had weird feelings lately in my life. My eyes feel as if they were trying to change eye color on me. I have the lust for blood. I smell it and i even taste it when i think of it. My friends have told me that every time i seem angry i start to change eye colors quickly. I almost even broke a womens hand. Which i didnt mean to. But i need to know if i am the chosen one out of all of my family to become A vampire. If you have any idea what this might mean please contact me a.s.a.p at my email adress thxs. Tanisha
Resource : Zac
Description : hi im well yeah im Zac
firstly if all u guys want is a spell like that then just look it up on google
im sure from what all these other vampires are tellin u its not going to work
but i believe everything is possible
so i dont know
but keep in mind
if u arent a vampire now ur probs
not supposed to be a vampire in this life
mabey youll get reancarnated as one
By the way
Leo ur email address doesnt seem to work for me cause i fail sending u mssges
i was wondering if u had a hotmail
tanx everyone
Resource : Maya
Description : red hair, frecles pale skin
Resource : Alice
Description : i dont know if i wanna be a vampire i've been thinking about it for a while, mentally listing all the pros and cons, but i have to be honest this, "vampires" truly intrest me so please, if any one knows anything about vampires i'd like to hear it, everything you know, but only if you're a vampire youreself or know one. if you chose to enlighten me please email me
Resource : Madison
Description : I-I- think i was born one. I am way different than other ppl... i think...

When i am in a room with alot of ppl, i feel dizzy, and my heart starts to beat very fast... i sometimes feel that for no reason. I am not sure. is there a certain time in your life when the transformation starts?
Resource : that is not your buissness
Description : i want to become one....ney i need to become *screams in pain* NOW!
Resource : sandra mccallion
Description : since i was small girl i have always wanted to be a vampire i have dreams that one comes to see me but when he gets close he leaves i need him to come to me i am ready
Resource : tyler
Description : half vampire and werewolf believe it or u will die
Resource : tyler
Description : i am a true werevamp join me if u dare follow a true monster
Resource : jocelyn
Description : ok LEO you are so wrong i kbnow what vampires are like onely becaus i!!!!!!!!!!its scary but the onely way is werll the onely way i know is to be bourn under a full moon
Resource : madeleine
Description : I want to be a vampire so i bad don't even know how to explane it,please help i will do any thing,
well exsept comit suiside of corse.
Resource : Tang
Description : hi i am tango and i dream to be a vampiers and if u r a vampiers plz contact me and when i become a vampiers i have to contro ma self as well
Resource : Tango
Resource : mysteria
Description : ppl of earth do not need to become vampires. ur born the way ur for a reason. so dont miss judge ur purpose on the planet just yet. ur time will come when it comes, and if it doesnt, OH WELL! vampires may exist or maybe it something else, some other creature. look up google search; olympians or greek gods. vampires were created by this creature, so vampires are considered a myth really. this creature was seen incorrectly by humans and renamed. so dont be fooled by the name vampire!!
Resource : sophia
Description : i want to be a vampire because it seems cool to be different from everyone. like i can also have different ey colors every day and sometimes there are different , and i love to drink blood from my scratches and i even make huge cuts on my body and i drink all the blood fromit. if anybody has a solution tell me. my email is
Resource : rissa
Description : omg plz plz plz email me i have some very important questions to ask u
Resource : Derian
Description : ivew always wanted to become a vampire please if you can help me. contact me at
Resource : hannah
Description : i wish to become a vampire but i can go in sunlight and if someone know's a spell please tell me.
Resource : Grace
Description : after having love a boy for 2months now iv chnaged i no longer crave food infect i hate it which is wierd used to love it my head has become blank as if it no longer exists i am looking for a way to "become" a vampire i am extremly passionate about it and it just feels right. im looking for spells or something soo if possible help would be appreciated many thanks
Resource : christine crance
Description : ok first, i hate how ppl assume vampyres are not real. they are and jst becuz ur to fucking stupid to relize that then well ur loss.
second, if u wud like to talk to me go ahead and add me on facebook or myspace. my name and email r how u can conact me.
third any of u guys/girls in boca raton florida wanna hang out hit me up!
fourth[and finally getting to the point i mite add lol] i may not be a true vampyre but oh baby do i want to be. im half. not joking. i can smell blood. i cant see it. like pumping sometimes. lol i have extremely good nitevision. the sun really bothers my eyes. and i kw that vamps dnt burn up. its jst like an alergy XD. i am so not naivee. i knw wat i am tlking about. plus i can see future events, i get "feelings" about ppl and life. and i must drink blood. if i dnt my stomach starts to hurt so much and unbearably but that blood is like my elixar oh yes. plus i find drinking blood kinky and totally a turn on.

all rite remember my email ish me how u got it and i WILL always talk t u! alrite bye babyz!
Resource : ai enma [hannah as nickname]
Description : i want to now if im a vamp cuz i got really really really sharp teeth and i can sence when things are gonna happen like ill know when some ones bhind me or ill know when the phone is gonna ring and ill know who it is i rise with the moon and fall with the sun i dont really care for it and its hard to stay awake during school and i smell blood and i know where its coming from and it smells really good and i also think im a witch cuz i do spells rituals and chants and potions and theyev also come true and i have premonitions and dreams of the past and future and i need you to tell me if i am those and write me back at
Resource : kevin
Description : well i want to become a vampire like all of you that post these coments, sometimes i think that something is following me or watching over me, my eyes dont change colors oh and im only 13. well if anyone knows how to plz tell me my email is ( i hate that email but watever) plz someone tell me
Resource : Dee
Description : I've always been interested in vampires and how they work. I wish for immortailty everyday. To be young and beautiful forever is what i want. if there is a spell to turn yourself that really works please email me. i just want to know if the true immortial vampire is real or are we all just crazy? I want this to be real very much so. Please don't disapoint me.
Resource : Trudy
Description : i wish i was a vampire i wish there was a way i can become one
Resource : ai enma [hannah for my nickname
Description : am i a vampire cuz i got natural dark bloody red eyes and super white teeth and extreamly danderous sharp teeth
Resource : Me
Description : Please help me, I need to become a vampire
Resource : Sorceress Kat
Description : I really wish to become a vampire and I belive that I might already be a half vamp.Can someplease please help me change?If so then e-mail me at
Resource : jordan
Description : ....fuk u all....vampire's are not real, there is not such thing as immortals....i am 16 years old with a heart condiction...i think all u guys are dumb and retarted....if they were real, wouldn't the gov like take them out or sum bull shlt like that..i don't care...fuk u all...and the people who think they are vampires...yea fuk u 2.......u can't help out these people...just get bak to ur ''sad, emo lives''.....i have been studying vampires...and they just....there not real, i get that dieing....and im wut.....everyone is going to die u no wut........fuk u all...and anyone who would like to bitch at me for it email me at

and oh yea fuk twlight...any guy who sparkles in the sunlight ladies is gay.....>< dam it yalls piss me off....well, yea i feel a lil better...fuk u all....

and im a sorry but it seems i always have to ponit that out 2 im a tiny skinny a`ss chick..and i hate 16 and im like fukin 5'4 lol anyways yea fuck u all...and have a nice day
Resource : sophia
Description : sorry i forgot i hate the sun and love the dark and i sleep during the day even in school. i dont care if i lose anything exept my if youre a vampire pleas tell me.thanks
Resource : abrus
Resource : nikki
Description : please tell me..every time i leave my house into the sun it hurts, i smell blood alot, i always do something to get blood, all my friends think im weird...i really needa become a full fledged vampier
Resource : Gabriella
Description : i wish to become a vampire. Ever since i watched Twilight my mind has been filled with images of me being one, a vampire. i would love to be a vampire. To be a beautiful creature ever set foot on this planet, to be with my love (my boyfriend i love since 2006) , to live forever, and to experiance how it is to be different and immortal. if anyone can transform me, bite me or help me do any spells.... email me.
Resource : daryl
Description : hello my name is daryl bryant if u have any type of spell plz tell me one night i was sitting in bed and started to crave thirst i coundlnt control myself i would like to ask the first guy from up there to type back to me if he has a way to make me full vampire becauze i think seriously i am half-vampire i am a 11 year old girl plz i eed halp for it
Resource : Tyson
Description : can you send me it at
Resource : kim lester
Description : brown skin, cute, friendly
Resource : tannis
Description : i want to become a vampire i am ask u guys 4 help plasce people
Resource : tannis
Description : i want to become a vampire 4 life i need u guys 4 help plasce
Resource : cade
Description : i have always wanted to become one so if you have a spell pls tell me it pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
Resource : Reality
Description : Hey vamp girl
can you please give me your e mail address i'll tell you everything a little personally...and yes i'm ready to face the consequences.....and as for leo why dont you do us all a favour and give us ur real e mail id i've been tryin to send you emails but they jus wont send...but anyways please vamp girl give me your e mail address
Resource : TO LEO
Description :
hey leo is this ur real id?? i try to send u e mails but they just wont send
Resource : weather
Description : i just want to learn how to become a wizard. and vampire also
Resource : mishell
Description : i wish that our world would be like in the story of Twilight. It would be awesome if some people are vampires with special powers like Edward, Alice and Bella.
Resource : maya
Description : Please pleas help me I really want to be a vampire
no matter what the costs please help me If you know how!
Resource : josh
Description : i have tried real hard to become a vampire and done a ton of reasearch please i would do anything to become a vampire
Resource : alexander
Description : i like to become a vampire
Resource : nicole
Description : i want to be a vampire for may reasons. my homelife sucks and i want to help the world become a better place and maybe save people and animals. i dont care how much pain there is. ive lived 12 years bathed in pain and suffering. i dont just want this, i need this. i dont care in which way im turned. although i might be changing into one. im fat and lazy, not strong and ugly without very good senses but i like the taste of blood and my eyes are changing somewat amber. please help me and change me. i dont care wat way. bitten, cursed but just dont kill me. ive studied vampires since i was 6. email me at
Resource : andrew scoville
Description : ive always wanted to become a vampire its always been a dream to me im just fasinated with vampires i want to live life as a vampire i want powers like super speed and strength fiest on blood humin or animal never die eternal life
Resource : Lara
Description : PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! I wanna learn EVERTHING about vampires i kinda do, kinda don't wanna become a vampire !!! Also to help u guys go to =]
Resource : ava
Description : im 17 and ever since i was 5 i wanted to be a vampire not becus of watchin movies or reading stupid books such as twilight just because it seems to be my destiny i dont get sick around blood i actually have a hunger for it sometimes and every bday of mine i hav made a wish to become a vampire and or meet one(hopefully both) but so far nothing i do know d consequences but i dont care its my dream and if anyone can help me make this dream reality pleaseeee contact me at my email address
Resource : noelle
Description : I alway have this feeling in we where i am searching for blood but dont what to kill any one. I might be one but this stuff mostly started happening when i was 12
Resource : Donn
Description : Ach look at what you've become, your not going to become a vampyre unless you have a GOOD reason, not because you really really really with a cherry on top want to be a vampyre.
Resource : Shannon
Description : I really want to be a vampire,I found this website with symptoms of awakening into a vampire,and i have most of them.If im not a vampire i still want to be a vampire i actually pray everyday i'll become a vampire...can you please change me?
Resource : In Nepal
Description : Please people if anyone of you are in Nepal or are planning to come contact me at i want to get bitten .i know abt the consequences and FUCK all of you vampires from telling us what to do its our fuking choice if we want to become a vampire then w ehave the full please bite me i live in nepal.
Resource : Marius
Description : I have always liked vampires. I will soon be 17 years old and I watched a program about Vampires when i was younger. If there is a vampire here from Norway or Sweden I would be glad if you mailed me
Resource : Holly
Description : I'm a some-what pretty, down to earth girl who has been dreamong of being a vampore for years and years. I was reading through the other descriptions, my compliments to the writers, and I noticed that one girl said she wouldn't be able to stand losing her loved ones. Here's a tip; Don't have any loved ones. My parents make me feel stupid and idiotic, and my younger brother tries to push me down the stairs every time I turn my back(Not that it works, For some weird reason I can feel his presence behind me and can hear his arms moving through the air when he lifts his arms to push me). Honestly, I am 12 years old and am afraid that if I wait until I'm older I will have found my loved one and it will be extremely hard to leave him. But that's not the only reason. I have a hard-to-live-with thirst for blood and get thrown outside for 5 hours straight when I purposely cut my arm and suck my own blood(I have no other options). Please listen to me when I say this. I want nothing more in the world than to become an immortal vampire. If you would be kind enough to help me, please, send me any spell or ritual that will grant my only and much-wanted wish.

Thank you kindly for considering me,
Holly A. no last name.
Resource : danni
Description : i have visions in ma daydreams and nightares that im drinking blood and i see unfamilier faces of people that i think i knew in my pas tlife i think its my vampire family this might sound a litle crazy but i want 2 spend the rest of eterrity being a vampire to have the freedom and the adventure in my life if amyone knows anythink about how to become one and i need 2 no quick i want the transformatiion done as soon as possible so i no how to control my self i recently read a book called twilight about a vampire named edward cullen and my obession started to workonce again if anyone has any information at all help me please im realli desparate even if its only a small bit of info anything will help thx email me at
Resource : kori samone
Description : i love and really wanna become an immortal my sister is but she refuses to change me please give me a spell ritual or anything so i can join my sister in immortality. please & thank you
Resource : Andres
Description : listen ive done lots of unatural stuff ive found and well to be honest nothing really to much and i would like to be a vampire no mater how much ill hurt or watever but pleaze im tierd of being humman. ill explain why if you email me and by the way if anyone anyone knows how to contact the devil and trade my soul for something i need pleaze tell me ive heard of some people in the 80's who has come cross and i will like to make a deal so pleaze if youre a vampire or something else contact me pleaz!! Email:
Resource : Adam
Description : I am a real vampire. For all of you fools who believe it's a wonderful experience or merely a fashion choice, you are wrong. It is awful and you don't understand the depth of your actions until much later. Then, it's too late. To Leo, you are so right. Thamk you, my friend, for helping these poor misguided people. As Christ said, "They know not what they do."
Resource : vamp lover
Description : i am a vampire and if you want 2 b 1 2 email me at
Resource : halfbloodgrl9946
Description : my friends tells me about my mom and how she was a vampire she tells me im a half blood but idk (im adopted) but i beleave its posible i have semi sharp teath i love the taste of blood and now i have a bite onmy left leg help me out
Resource : bita
Description : you should not become a vampire. drinking blood from a human is the best in the world for are kind.we try not to drink blood from a human unless we have to. i love drinking blood sometimes we can not stop drinking but it so good drinking blood. i think about drinking biood everday . we feed on animals sometimes but it is not that good. human blood is better
Resource : Samanths
Description : I've Been longing to become a vampire since i was little and not because of the stupid movies and tv shows email me and I'll tell more about why i want to turn i have what it takes..plz
Resource : bRIT
Description : is it weird or a sign or watever to see things weeks months even a whole year ahead and when its happening u no the outcome cuz i guess u would call it DeJa Vu idk im just asking
Resource : nora
Description : i've always been interested in bein a vampire. i wanna bcome 1 so i can b beautiful,strong,read ppls mind,have super strength nd....just b free. im sick of ppl tellin me dat i cntb sumthin. nd if u help me i knw dat i will bcome dat sumbody so plz just me?....if u knw nethin or ne1 dat can turn me plz, plz tell me!!!!!!!
Resource : Andrea
Description : All I can say is that I think vampires are real and I would absolutly LOVE to become one
Also ive been having this weird pain in my throat like burning but at the same time it was cold :/

Resource : Rizu
Description : All my life I've wanted to become a vampire. But I refused to become one without having a good reason for myself, and for the one whom I wish to turn me. I have thought long about it, and have finally came up with some sort of answer, no matter how stupid it seems. Its true that life is short, and I don't want this short life. I want to live longer, to see the world and hope that, some day, something that could help me could. I don't know if becoming a vampire would help me, but if so even more of a reason. But if I were to become one, I would do all I could to help others. Please, if you could, get ahold of me.
Resource : mahlon
Description : for years always wanted to be a vampire. i just turned 14 last month. i want to have either gray or green eyes, look young,be strong, have beautiful hair, have speed, have powers like the characters in twilight but still have children and walk in sunlight. i want to be more popular and pretty then the girls in my school
Resource : heaven
Description : i have had dreams of becomeing a vampire my hole life , there is nothing keft for me to furfill in the human life, i know what i want, and i know the risks, i know of the pain, the hunger i know all i need and more to become a vampire its what i want more than anything in the world, if any one can helpit would be most appriciated.. (
Resource : venatile
Description : make me a vampire....i will show the world what i can do
Resource : Renee
Description : Could you please give me the vampire spells so i could become a vampire.Thank you so much
Resource : Dominique
Description : Could you please give me the vampire spells so i could become a vampire.Thank you very much i really apreciate your help.
Resource : Eklavya
Description : i want to become a cold blooded vampire ....
Resource : sarah
Description : email me on all the details to becoming one plese :)
Resource : BloodyRose
Description : Ok. I'm not desperate to be a Vampire. I would love it though! When I hurt myself Ilick the blood at first it tastes rusty but it becomes sweet and then I feel sick because it was a weird thing to do. But if anyone could help me become a Vampire i'd be eternally grateful. xxx
Resource : dark boy
Description : hey people i like vampires but i dont know that i want to be them but i want to see one vampire it will be so nice to see it because i believe it , hey vampire if u are real come to me i think its easy to find me...
Resource : Moon
Description : i would like to say something im not a normal vampire though u might ask y i cnt erase memories n i dont suck the blood out i give blood n each month my blood increases n i spill out blood through my nose i need to have this a secret so if i u may please n tell anyone i would agree to spare ur jk i cnt kill u i cn only make u energetic hehehehe :[) so email me if u have any questions
Resource : Andrew
Description : i would like to become a vampire my life sucks right now and i like how a vampire is an indapendent creature i would like to hunt and feed and feel the night on my skin and i really dont have to worry about leaving any loved ones behind because my loved ones dont care about me so if there is a vampire out there that will except my offer contact me at
Resource : Scarlett
Description : AHHHHHH!!!!!! i wanna be a vampire soooooo much. i absolutly luv Edward and hate jacob. I want superspeed, 20/20 vision, superstrenth, supersmell, completly and utterly beautiful, smell really nice, golden or bright red eyes, i wanna hunt, i wanna make a coven!!!!! plzz make me a goddess of the night.
Resource : elizabeth
Description : i want to be a vampire like the rest of you and i want to know how to do it. i will give up sun and stuff for it as long i can have my wish of being a shadow in the dark and prey on things! i want to be fast and able to do anything i want when i want. ive tasted blood and its great! i always peel off a scab and drink the blood when ever i can. and im a night person i dont like the light at all and i can see almost anything at night! i can hear very well to nothing like a human. i belive that i am half vampire but i want to be a full vampire. please if anyone knows anything tell me i just want to be a vampire girl! a shadow in the night!
Resource : sam
Description : PLEASE! someone! help me b a vampire! if u r 1 and live in or near boylston Massachusetts, please email me at! PLEAS! im already part vamp- i cant smell blood and im WICKED cold all the time and my eyes change color! please someone make me full!!!!!
Resource : charoline
Description : i would like to know how someone could become a vampire without beeing bitten, i have read in a lots of places this is impossible or foun many stupid spell that many told me they don't work. so, could you help me?
Resource : sampda jha
Description : i dyehearted want to become vampire please send someone for me who can turn me into a vampire please you are like god to me
Resource : arooj
Description : im different, i want to be a vampire.
Resource : rachel c
Description : i feel weird all the time when i am close to some . i belive that vampires ex ist but my friend is, but some people think something else . i crave ifeel cold when it is warm i ask my friend deklyn if i am cold and he says yes . i almost bite some one ones i did not mean it

email me at rachel.cuthbert
Resource : donna
Description : hi
i want to become a vampire since im 11 years old
i have a lot of dreams about a vampire..

pls message me in my

Resource : master
Description : iym a real vampier hunter + vamps ar real + dont be a vamp + iy will kill you if you ar a vamp so y am iy talking lol well any ways good luck out ther vamps = bye good luck
Resource : past life name ally( kate
Description : i am a vamp a pure blood i have been called one for a long time i know my past life every well. i was known as ally i dio drink blood human and animals and i do stay up at night
Resource : conor
Description : whenever i bleed i suck my blood and i just cant stop some times i even try to cut myself with my nails just for the blood please email me on how to be vampire on thnx
Resource : bell
Description : please is there eny way to become a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : Anna
Description : hello,
my name is anna and im 13 years old.'
im not going to come up with this sad sob story to try and intrest you in turning me.
first of all you might think im way to young but im not i know my consequences for what i desire
and im willing to go through every inch of pain to leave this life'
i have been wanting to be one for the longest time. well since i was two
but my father passed away and my life suxz i dont have any reason to be scared
i know what i want and if you wont help me then ill find someone who will im just asking please.
Resource : Sanijela
Description : I wanna be a vammpire on real.I hopes a find a spell ho will transhormers me to a vampire!
Resource : Vic
Description : M normal human like every 1 else i have problems but m not cowered to face it , bt still i want to become vampire and strong one cause i am totally into these amzing creatures i want to become one and full fill my dream and who ever bites i consider them as my master and serve them , if any one can turn me to one pls contact to the undersigned E-mail or else i wll fullfill my dream no matter wt ! i wll become an Vampire ! bt pls some 1 b the reason 4 it and help me pls
Resource : Meredith
Description : If you don't mind, I would like to speak with a vampire.
I'm not going to ask to become one, because I have a pretty good idea about them, but I'd like to make a few clarifications with a real one. Just to see what's REALLY a myth and REALLY the truth.
Resource : Mac
Description : Wow, I have never seen so many people wanting to be a vampire, yeah I like the twilight series but being a vampire is more than that i would imagine. imagine watching your family dissintergrate before your eyes one by one, going through that pain over and over again, then at the end of it all you're all alone with no one? who do you turn to then? who do you have at your side or the person yo ugo to in the time of need? i suppose vampire are self controlled people that manage and survive on their own, i mean they have all the strengthin the world that most of us want, the speed and the immortality. i would love to watch the world evolve and see what becomes of the human race, see if we benefit from our mistakes and are not the selfish creatures we have come to be. To live in a secretive world that many others desire is what does it for me, i dont want to play God and decides who gets what, I just want to be around to see what we do with what we have where we are and where we're headed. This world must be difficult for vampires, we're a world where we are all scared to be different, we all want to blend in so that others don't judge, well i am who i am and who i am there will be no other. wether or not i become a vampire i will enjoy my journey on this earth as much as i canand when my time comes to an end i'll be ready for what ever awaits me.
Resource : genelia
Description : In fact i dnt know but uh i am different from other girls since im small and people avoid me. Its not a bad thng for me because im used to it, Im only 13 but i often get "deja vus", when im alone i can hear voices, people callin out my name and i want to be a vampire but i feel as if im already one as i love blood and im really dangerous most of the time. People are scared of me and boyz are alwayz after me. And im Goth too. Well if anyone have a spell to become a vampire jst tell me. Thx
Resource : paige
Description : hi my names paige and i understand that all of you wish to become a vampire and i do to. Im 12 yrs old and ive ben made fun of because of everything that i believe in. Me and my bestfriend and our other 2 friends r so tired of being made fun of and jerked around and yesterday at school was the worst ever becaue me and my bestfriend, Desiree, had a very strange feeling about our sub because she was always looking at us, her eyes kept cahngng color adn not to be races but she was black and her eyes werent the color that black (brown) people should haveand her eyes ent red then changed back to grey before anyone saw. Desiree and i have seatrched and searched fore spels and then we found some she did all ofthem and it wokred she has sharp but dull baby vampire teeth, and i want her 2 bite me on this upcoming monday. shes going to but if any vampires like desiree are on here please contact me at, thankxs i hope all of u find wat u desire soon enough
Resource : secret
Description : theres a spell aba allasaga la bar laget allasee nobee arees combu lamee translation;i want im a slave to light creature forced to drink blood i am ... a vampire it only works saying the one thats not translated its how i became what i am
Resource : taylor
Description : I have alwase whanted to become a vampire all my life I have ben having dreams of becoming one
Resource : amy
Description : i wish to become a vamp because it would be easier to live my life.also because i already belong to the dark..but i want to b part of it forev
Resource : walter
Description : for some people they are born one but if you want to be turned one here is a warning it will very well risk your life you may die from it like i say let the weak die and the strong go on i was born half luckally i just went through the awakening stage at the age 15 vampirisim though has its ups and downs you dont live forever you just age a lot slower you will be 2x as strong and 2x as fast then you were i am also royle blood although someone else got the fortune of my family i still learning to use my powers and abilities we are not as demonic looking as some people say at least some of us but as a vampire you have a code were you must ablige to the black vial if you dont and you screw up in public people who kill my kind will come after you like how a hunter hunts deer
Resource : kim
Description : i think im a vampire but im not for sure i think if you have sharp teeth your eyes sometimes turn red and freak you out and you wake up in the middle of the night on your back with your arms crossed,somethings up!!!!!!and if you LOVE the taste of blood,and your best friend might be a were wolve(which doesnt really have anything to do with this)try sitting outside during a full moon go back inside 30 minutes later then think trust me you feel ......thirsty
Resource : Renesmebell
Description : I want to become a vampire. is there any vampire? i'll give u my blood if u promise to turnn me. or can i be ur friend? EMAIL ME:
Resource : Carissa
Description : I have been wanting to be a Vampyre so long! I have researched for spells, and everything! I would be the only vampyre in my county. Please help me out
Resource : Dakotah
Description : I've allways had the urge to drink ones blood but I've had to drink my own my eyes at one point look blue then turn green this is not natural i know this to be true, but all i want to is how dose one turn, there have been nights where i dont sleep and walk around and whatch my family sleep and have no reason to be there again how do i become one as a vampire?
Resource : tia
Description : i just want to be a vampire coz i kno m best at doin things i like d most n watevr i want i get it widout ny its or buts its jst i kno no ways of becomin a vampire bt if i wud hav known dn really i wud hav nver beegd u people if u really kno ny way to become a real vampire dn lemme kno as soon as possible oderwise dnt create useless sites to divrt everybody's mind nd attention!!!!!!
n get it rite strait dat m damn serius coz m pissd off searchin ways??????????
Resource : isaiah
Description : hey i have some questions 1st off whenever i turned 13 both of my 4th top teeth from th middle got really sharp and every time i see this girl at my school i have the urge to bite her and the guys at my school start pissing me off an i have the urge to tear them to shreds with my teeth please tell me whats happening to me!
Resource : jen
Description : i really do want to be one...
im not a believer but if there is a such thing of being one i would love to.
Resource : monica
Description : if your real show me because i have what you want
Resource : Aurora
Description : I wish to be a vampire and please if u have a real vampire spell,than sent that to me!!!!!!
Resource : Cyberson
Description : i wish to be come a vampire!
Resource : terrence crawford
Description : i want to become a god vampire i hate sunlight im a very fast runner
Resource : vincent
Description : it has always been my dream to become a vampire
Resource : Melissa Mireles
Description : Hi, my nme is Melissa and I know how it is being a vamp. but though i not one. I want to be one though but it coms with riscs but im able to handle it. please e-mail me onhow o become a vampire te easy way my email is I know cheesy e-mail.
Resource : carlene
Description : hi yea id realy wanna be one i have nothing else to do and basicly evreyone hates me please mail me the spell
Resource : Ana And Shayla
Description : We want to become a vampire becuz we think we can do good things and a human is just gross think bout it they eat like pigs and stuff
Resource : ninmark
Description : help me please,..............................................................................................................
Resource : Jennifer
Description : It's my dream to become a vampire..I know the consequences, I've done my research...and I just want to me one so bad, most of them say don't wish to be one, but I can't stop the wishing! I want to become one...If you have any info on vampires or you are one..please e-mail me or add me on msn!! my msn is
Resource : Shade
Description : My grandfather was a cold one. i always wondered why i was ho i am but i want to be my full true self. a Vempire. plz help me.....
Resource : camilla
Description : it´s my dream to be a vampire since ever
Resource : Alena
Description : I want to become a vampire. Why? Funny question, really. I LOVE being in the dark, the light is not my worst enemy, but it's not my most favorite thing in the world. I've got dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes. Anything better would to be to have fangs.
Resource : abel santos
Description : i hate my stupid life and i dont care what theconsiqenciz are just if there'z ANY ONE OUT THERE THAT CAN MAKE MA A VAMPIRE PLEASE HELP ME I LIVE in banning califonia at vista serina apt. room 1228 and my name is abel please change me
Resource : Lane
Description : I have lost the will to live my pathetic human life. My parents are divorced and both hate me. My dad has a wife who hates me. My mom has a boyfriend who hates me. I have three brothers and 2/3 of them hate me. The one that doesnt lives in Ohio while i live in Missouri. My mom hates my friends so im not alloud to hang out with them. I have hundreds of reasons to want the vampire life. Including that my life would be better. But there are so many other humans with the same wish that i probably wont get mine. But if u consider the thought of changing me heres my email

With Gloom,
Resource : Alia
Description : i have always wanted to become a vampire, so if anyones knows how i can then contact me at or my cell 1 705 203 0788
Resource : Holly
Description : Sometimes I can't explain to my self who am I.. if I'm human, vampire or any thing else... I have a obsesion with blood and I can actually smel even if it's far, I have brown eyes but sometimes they turn red, I dream about things that hapen.. I really don't understand whats going on... if someone can help me understanding this things, please send me an e-mail or something...
Resource : Melania
Description : please help me I have nothing to live for in my life. i am 13 and i just have no reason to be a human. the one thing that made me want to live was my mom and she has been dead for 3years and my stepdad is out of my life i have no friend s and my family treats me like crap. i have always ben an outsider. i was born with solid black hair and solid black eyes change colors.i barely sleep and yet my family doesnt even worry about me not being able to sleep.i have a weird thing tho i can tell wat somebodies mood is spmetimes. someone please help me i am sad and lonely and tired of this dull pointless human life.
Resource : mary alice
Description : i loved playing the role of alice in twiliht we ar soting breaking dawn in eptember
Resource : Jada
Description : i want 2 be a vampier i want 2 live 4 ever life as a simple human is like i dont known i cant do it any more
Resource : kelsie
Description : i been dreaming to become one since i was 13.... i know that i not the same as twilight... i wanted to be a vampire cause i want to stay away from my family.. friends n from the people who love me ... I want to be with a real vampire family.. and i want it in real life ... i tierd searching in every wedsite but all of it is point please its my only wish so that ii can be with my brothers forever
Resource : subhankar
Description : i want to become a vampire in real life.....plzz help me if someone really cudcud ...plzzz plzz...
Resource : kaitlyn
Description : My name is Kaitlyn and I wish to be come a Vampire. I know the consequences and Ive thought it about it constantly but the truth is, its not just my dream I have. I am amazed with Vampires. I wouldnt kill but becoming one would give me a new start. My life is not so great but Im not blaming my reason to becoming a vampire based on my life. I know my shit of a life is my problem. But i would really like to become a vampire. So could anyone email me any helpful spells or somebody coud turn me? Ide be eternally greatful.
Email me:
If you email me i wil give you number if you are truly real or helpful due to personal reasons.
thanks you,
Resource : isabel
Description : please please please help me i want to become a vampire sooo bad please i wanted to become a vampire sense i was 5 please contact me to tell me how to become a vampire
Resource : andrew
Description : i would like to become a vampire because my life sucks right now and i want to enjoy the hunt in the night i have no one to leave behind my family does not care about me my life is sad i was wondering if a vampire would invite me in there clan
Resource : Byron B
Description : i need not say anymore...
i just want it, help me turn
Resource : VICTORIA
Resource : Emily
Description : i want to become a vampire..i love cloudy weather and the sun makes me angry how can i become a vsmpitre the most easiest way
Resource : Mallory
Description : i am just so tempted to become a vampire ive read books about them and watched movies about them too also i dont know how but i can smell blood and when i do my eyes change color please Email me if i am a vampire and if im not how to become one
Resource : Mrs.Dracula
Description : i am a vampire because i was bitten by a bat
and i sleep at morning
Resource : sherry
Description : i really really wanna 2be a vampire,is there any vampires here.i can meet you night..
please email me ~
Resource : christoph
Description : i been looking a vampire spells for a little while but i still havnt turned yet if anyone knows a better spell or someone who is a vampire tell me
Resource : jacob
Description : Every time every day at school i always bite people and then that gives me an erge of energy and every time I see blood i feel like sucking it.

Pleace tell me how to become a full vampire at
Resource : manal
Description : i can onley say that ilovee being dark iand ilove goth i do like the dark look on my face and i would love to b come a vampire girl am nt joking tell me and u will see
Resource : v boy
Description : there is literly a millon & 1 resons y i want vampiresime i know alot bout vamps and other such stuff. please if anyone knows how email me at
Resource : Anastasia
Description : hi if your a vapire please read this i dont want to get bit email me at and can you tell me about yourselve like what vamps mostly are like and maybe i might let you tern me into one i do not know because im just an 11 year old and im really interested in vamps.
Resource : Talyn Benitez
Description : I wish to become a vampire for the reasons that it is my on wish to be among the sanguinarian vampires.
Resource : destiny crowley
Description : sometimes i hear people speaking but their not there sometimes i smell blood and sometimes well i drink my own blood.. email me back please.
Resource : zak
Description : i wanna become a vampire because im tired of my normal life as a human
Resource : jillian
Description : how can i become a vampire.
Resource : toni smith
Description : I want to be vampire so i can live forever and to be loved by other and then suck their blood!
Resource : gabriel
Description : i wish to become a true vampire pls help me i want it.
Resource : becca
Description : some times i have a hard life and i want to start all over and re live my life and i think it would make life so much easyer and sorry if you dont like it
Resource : Jfdlkaj
Description : me too
Resource : yaritza
Description : i have wish 2 be a vampire ever since m uncles would ell me storys(13) i love blood sometimes i feel the weakness to drink it y teeth use 2 be very sharp and i find myself having vampire dreams every night please grant me my wish
Resource : Sally
Description : i really want ot be a cat/vampire, mostley a VAMPIRE, so i wont age and/or die, i tried millions of spells....NONE...worked....if anyone is a vampire...come to my house and BITE me! btw my eyes turn different colors everyday, i am energenic all night, i do not go outside in the i turning into one?...plz tell me EMAIL- plz tell me!! how!!
Resource : ugne
Description : i would realy love to become a vampir and have all the powers in the whole world
Resource : Kylie
Description : I wish to become a vampire aka pale one. I kno its not easy to become one. I am willing to accept the pain of transformation and the lose of loved ones. I think they are beautiful and i also have defended pale ones when people have said bad things...If any pale one wants to talk feel free to email me at
Resource : beth
Description : I have these weird cravings for blood like if my friend is bleeding i will want some.. i need to be one
Resource : zack
Description : im absest with them if eneyone knows a spell please tell me it its my wish to become a vampire
Resource : casey j.
Description : im a wicca... ive always wanted to be a vampire or vampyre depends on how you want to spell it... ive been obsessed with blood from birth then sun makes my skin crawl but i can go outside any time i want... my boyfriend is a vampire... wont change me :/... he also wont tell me much about vampires (i know alot about them anyways) i want to know more and be a vampire... ive tried every spell, chant, ext but yet no luck... someone help me out here email me at
Resource : casey j.
Description : btw im wicked pale blue sometimes purpled eyed skinny tall and my teeth are slightly longer than normal
Resource : sierra
Description : hi my name is sierra,im 14 and i want 2 b a vampire,plz help
Resource : Ashley
Description : I want to become a vampire without dying or any other pain and suffering because I want to stay 16 for a long time and also because I want to do everything a vampire does and more.
Resource : Ashley
Description : (same person as before) I also wanna be able to have children with my boyfriend.
Resource : ashley
Description : i really want be a vampir so can anyone help me ??
Resource : beck
Description : hi! my name is rebecca but people call me beck....what ever... I have been investigating on vampires by two years and i really don't get an answer about an spell and i really need the spell (if there is someone) well i want it and i mostly need it but if someone know one effective please please send it to me ... my e-mail is thank you (:
Resource : Beckie
Description : darkness and power, immortalitey, its what we all want, i want it, but you have to think, are you allone, do you have no family? i dont, i have only dreamed of becomeing a creature of the night, to be a vampire, its all i want, please if you can slove my problem, if you end my mortality, you see the reason i ask this, is beacuse i truley am allone, i want this and i am willing to end this human life, if there is a vampire out the please help me, im live in England, Maidenhead town, my email is,
Resource : Jocelyn
Description : o.k. i am a vampire a new one and im filling my teeth right know if your not sure your a vamp reach me at this e-mail addres or call me at 440-539-7302 and have a plesant night
Resource : Heather
Description : i really want to be a vampire.ive wanted it all my life.not because of the gay stuff about vampires like twilight that are making people want to.ive done all my reasearch and i really would love to become one.please get bak to me if you know how to become one thanx
Resource : Charllotte Mary-Anne Johnson
Description : Guys,
Being a vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Firstly, you don't burn or glitter in sunlight. You get a faint and dizzy feeling; like you've just ran a long exausting marathon, it makes you weak. It wont kill you.
Garlic doesn't affect us either. We have quite strong smell so garlic, fish, celery and durian are very putrid smells, so we try and avoid them.
Superspeed isant so super. Imangine that your running as fast as your legs can carry you, but you don't get tired, you don't increase your heart rate (because it is true we don't need to have a pulse but if we don't brerath it feels uncomortable and you can't smell whats around you very well) thats all. People belieive were so fast because they never see us in the day because of the sun, so at night every thing seems spooky and agile and of course fast.
Super strenth we do have. We could lift a full car above are head with ease. But thats mainly because of the cripling pain in our throat constantly. If you were calm and relaxed do you think you could lift a heavy computer and throw into the wall. No. If you were in pain or angry you would be able to smash it into the wall. So we are mainly driven by our thirst.
20/20 vision. Yes. The blood we drink goes all around are body powering it (like your food)it also creates a red sheen over the eyes (vampires can still have blue,green,brown,grey or other human eye colours it depends on how you were created or who created you.) with is maximised to 20/20 vision. Sometimes if you have not fed for a while it will go blury. Also vampires can hypnotize you with there eyes.
Hearing. Same thing with the eyes, someone elses blood powers extra good hearing.
Nearly every vampire gets a bonus sense. A power. I have a electric current power. It is a physical power. I raise my hand at the victim and slowely start closing my fingers into a fist witch sends a real electric curent going through there body. If while i'm doing that gently turn my hand to the side it turns the electricity up a notch.(or five) This power makes my prey squirm around on the grownd helpless and in pain. I could give somebody a little zap in class and they would think "Ow that nipped i wonder what that was" or i could electricute them so much that they would die. One thing about powers, you can't get to of a kind. There is only one of a power never two. If we drink blood from a human that is already dead we will get very sick. Beauty. Nup. sadly not. We are just the same looking as you humans. This is so no one would suspect that we are different to humans. But we do have a some magical alluring thing that make us desiarable to human eyes. Are weakness. Sun, witches, Fire ( fire kills us if we are burnt.)
Anyway. There are only two ways of becoming a vampire. One: Get bitten. Two: Follow a spell on how to make you a vampire. As long as it is genuine or it is not a witch spell, it should work.
Good luck, i hope you make a right choice,

Charllotte Mary-Anne Johnson.
Resource : cory
Description : i've always wanted to be a vampire ever since i was 13
Resource : Sydney
Description : I have always dreamt of becoming immortal but every spell i have cast never works PLEASE HELP ME at
Resource : luci
Description : lol i just wanted to know if something is wrong with me. With the dreams I've had since i was a child to now. From all the 13's that run in my family. I was just curious and honestly after reading what was posted I feel You guys sound like a bunch of pathetic losers looking to better their lives when i'm honestly looking for answers. really i was expecting something close to gypsies due to my heretige. i guess i should be looking into numerology but with the dreams i had lately and now being allergic to the sun (probably because of my fair skin and lack of exposure) i figured i would try a different route. so if any of you have any insight so my strange dreams and sensitivity to sun please give me shout. If it helps, Im half hungarian which is where the gypsies came from a far as i know. the number 13 runs really strongly in my family and i will explain if needed. thank you.
Resource : kim
Description : I think i know how you can become a vampire.I went on this site that told me you could do meditating or chanting to become one.And the only the thing you would have to do to get to know how to meditating or chant would be to become a member!I dont remember how to get to this site but i went on first.I know you guys and i are dying to become one.And I also know how you can bend fire,water,earth,or air.Go on
Resource : jordan
Description : i think my girl is a vampire she tried to bite me yesterday if you have a cure to save her contact me at
Resource : Chad mckee
Description : Someone help me become a vampire
Resource : danie
Description : hello i am human i want to be a vamp for many reasons including i love to drink blood ,be cursed,have fangs,live foever,stronger,prettyer,even cruler then i alreadry am and many other reasons if u can help me become a vamp txt me @9035766439thanks
Resource : Taylor
Description : I desperately want to be a vampire. Leaving my family behind is almost no problem!

I am already sensetive to the sun and love the night. Blood and death fascinate me, please give me an easy way to become a master of the night. anything will be helpful!
Resource : caleb
Description : i am avampire. my gf thinks its hot how fast and how strong i am. i keep thinking im a monster. i need to find more of my kind
Resource : natalie
Description : hi, please send me ways to turn myself, i am related to a vampire but she will not turn me... please help. i did bite someones neck once and blood came out and he was on the ground, i was drinking his blood... he was terrified but i was seeing if i could become one, but i didnt. he has now left my school he was that scared. i said i was so so sorry... please send me ways to turn into a vampire! Natalie xxx
Resource : automeddows
Description : i would enjoy being a vampire. i know that i am related to the original count dracula. the count who every one said to be a vampire. he would chop off the heads of others and stake them then he'd drink their blood. Could vampirism be in my genes?
Resource : kissass
Description : can anyone be a vimpir mabey not then mabey so that you will have to ask your-self are ask a vimpir
Resource : alice
Description : um hi im alii im 13 but ive wanted to become a vampire since i was 5..i know i will have to sacrafice almost everything but it would be worth getting away from my family if you could even call them that so please email me at if you are willing to change me or give me a spell for it or anything!
Resource : shaun
Description : look i have always wanted to be a vampire but i dont know how and i think the only real way is a real vampire sucked my blood but not all the way then i drink some of theres then they drink mine again and then i die then i will arise as a vampire
Resource : mags
Description : ive always wanted to be a vamp howerever i still want to hang with frinds and do stuff in the day light ive been reseacing look at spell and i came across 2 things a daylighter and a have vampire icant be both so i need helpwithch one is better for my problemand how do i bcome one?
Resource : katie
Description : I desire to become a vampire. I have studied them and I must say...they are fascinating. I am from Seekonk Massachusetts. please contact me but e-mail. I will not expose who you are to the world and this is not just a joke. I desire to become a vampire because it has meaning. To be honest my life is...not fufillable. I want a reason to live for real. I have opened my eyes and i want this. please e-mail me @
Resource : shadowcat
Description : Someone please make me a vampire. I want to free myself of the shakkles of life and time. If someone out there is seriously an immortal creature and takes the time to read this i would be your servant for 300years and then be off on my own so i may rejoice in the darkness and fulfill all my deepest desires so I may never know lifetime regret.
Resource : kathryn
Resource : kento
Description : Hmm...I did come across a very strange russian spell in my studies, it seems to drive people made with a thirst for blood. My colleague diciphered the spell (out loud) and killed most of the excavation crew. The spell is very dark and evil. I was one of three out of twenty-two who actually lived, The tomb in which it came from did have some very interesting corpses that seemed to have a different anatomy than humans. If anyone has come across something like this i would love to here about it to finally find some answers.
Resource : Ralph
Description : Please help me to become a vampire.. I'd love to be one.. e-mail me at
Resource : katie
Description : ive always wanted to be a vampire i have the speed strength and i smell blood i hear people heart beat from 10 feet away i drink blood and bite myself all the time i have razor sharp teeth i dont know why i really am not a vampire do you.
Resource : Makenzie
Description : I want to become a vampire & I don't care what the costs are. My mother just died on July 29th and it has sent me spiraling into a deep state of depression, making me think that I don't deserve to be alive. The only way to get rid of that grief is to become a vampire. If you have a spell that will make me a vampire, please email me at PINKBIRDIE14@YAHOO.COM
Resource : Talitha
Description : i wish to become a vampire because ever since my 11th birthday i dreamed every night to become one with the undead and if there is someone out there who is a vampire please come to nebraska nd hepl me become a true vampire please
Resource : Vishal
Description : I really wanna become a vampire plz if anybody here knows how to then plz contact me on my e-mail address i.e-
Resource : emily and merissa
Description : we want to become a vampire and we need spells that dont need candles or any ingredients...plz help us...WE IZ DESPERIT
Resource : Kirsty
Description : i really want to be a vampire, ive serched all over the internet but theres nothing, i want to become a vampire without a vampire if you get what i mean, it will be the happiest thing of my life, so please if you know how to become a vampire then contact me on
Resource : yaa
Description : i wish to a vampire, please help me
Resource : dark one
Description : Tall, copper hair that shimmers in light, black eyes which are yellowy brown in light, halloween jokes get on my nerves, feel connection with the dark, favourite colours are black and red, want to be different and feel like i am loved and belong to something. I want to be a creature of darkness but i think ill stick to magic thanks but might consider being a vamp in future life.
Resource : coolest3133
Description : brianna youre friend is right its not worth it i was born one its not like most people think
Resource : kayday
Description : wow no one wanted to become a vampire really long ago and know everyone wants to.....
Resource : dj
Description : i want to be able to control the humans around me i want to destroy the worl to live for eternity to have emince speed and power to crush my foe`s and decemat the earth
Resource : crazyfitfreak99
Description : ok welll i have gone crazy.....i have lost about 30 pounds in the last month and i am super fast....i never eat and i can here what people say b4 they even say it....PLEASE HELP!!!!
Resource : madison stewart
Description : 5 foot 6 american im 13 i wanna be a vampire super bad brown eyes and brown hair
Resource : the man
Description : vampires and fantasy is not real come on its like saying i shot you in the head a point blank with a shot gun and you lived its not gonna happen
Resource : Flavia
Description : "vampires" do exist ;) but they look nothing like the ones in the movies!
but for all of you that want to "turn" check this website out ... < this is really interesting and explains alot.
* feel free to email me anytime.
Resource : arielle greogrio
Description : i want to become a real vampire can you please help me!?
Resource : Angela
Description : I've alwayz dreamed of becoming a Vamp. itz been my dream since i was small, i have a friend datz a Vamp but she won't bit me,some oder vamp plz bit me i don't care 'bout da pain, or hav'ng 2 leave my parnets i'll do anything 2 b 1!!HELP ME PLZ!!!
Resource : dashaia
Description : i want to be a dalight and night vampire.
Resource : jodie
Description : hello i am a vampire u r so desperate so i will change u no catch
Resource : Apollo Stormrage
Description : I always wanted to be a vampire, I want to see how this world would change for the next thousand years. I want to save people from the bad guys. I don't belive of what I am but who I am. I am 17 years old, I want to stay young forever. I want to become a powerful vampire. Powerful enough to that I am able to go out during daylight. I wont die even if I get staked at the heart, I want to be the strongest vampire in the world. To slay the devil itself. Cut him into pieces and bring prosperity to mankind.
Resource : Tera
Description : i've wanted to be a vampire since the first vampire movie i've seen wen i was lil and i've always dreamed of being one and i want to be one really bad how can i be 1 plz tell!!!!!!! :)
Resource : alice
Description : blue eyes , brown hair , red lips
Resource : fffgfjytjy
Description : i wanna be a vampire plz help me.................
Resource : alexander ramos
Description : im 17. im gay. i love the color black, but i dont believe thats i should become a vampire. but i do. my entire life ive been an outcast and i want something better. for me i am convinced being a vampire is better. look, im not going to sit here and explain y i want to be a vampire. i just need something or someone to convert me. 2941 n. franklin st. philadelphia pa
Resource :
Description : y i cant be a vampire my whole life scense i was 3 i wanted 2 become a vapire know im10 years.the date is feb.13.2011
Resource : kristalyn
Description : i want to become a vampie, i have wried crazy dreams every night!!!after school i stay in my room locked up. no lights on but the t.v. and i can't stand the sun light!!! i see things in my dreams sometimes that come true the next day!!! or sometime tho out the weeks that follow the dream. i can smell and love the smell of blood (: when i have to go to a frunel i act wired around the body because there cold and the smell is great!!! if you have any spells or anything here is my e-mail:
Resource : ody
Description : how to be a vampire? I wish to become a vampire that could destroy anything who infront me!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : not said
Description : latley i have ganed an increase in strenght and a grater in speed i beet a car in a race and i can run faster than 30 miles per hour i can hear very well i can sence when something is about to happen my teeth are geting sharper every day and in the last 6 months my body hasint aged a bit and for some reason i stay awake late at night upto 3 am and then sleep until 1 pm i need answeres
Resource : Miyea
Description : I wanna now how to get into touch with the vampire community because I want to now how you now that you are a vampire and not just a raving lunatic.
Resource : heidi
Description : i wanna be a vampire :(
Resource : darrnell birdsong
Description : I feel that i am a vampire because vampires can be different some walk in day light and some dont but i do but besides that i rode my bike but i never go fast but when i walk i go so fast that every time when i put my head down then look up i am already there. Every time in school i was walking twards my friend he did not see me coming and i scared him to death. And when i eat dinner i am still hungry but one day i cut my self when i was cutting some tomatos and i tasted my blood and i could not stop and when i did stop i was not hugery and i am not joking around.I even hit my brother and he fell to the ground when we were playing.
Resource : kernia
Description : i wanna b come a vimpire ever since i was 10
-itsz sohh beautiful to turn into one!!
plsz tell mehh some ways to become
sum people sayy im half way vimpire cusz i suckk my own blood alot
-ndd i ken smell ihtt even if itsz jux a lil bitt
-sounds crzzy but no lie itsz true no joke
Resource : courtney
Description : hello.
i want to beome an eternal child of the night. I wish to drink blood and have super natural powers. If anyone, anyone at all has a spell, or knows of a vampire who can help me, please emal me
plae help me! please!
Resource : sergio
Description : please help me i need to turn into a vampire i koe theres consiqence to being one but plz turn me into one and if you turn me i will be willing to help u in anyway.
Resource : aliyah
Description : i am obesessed with vampires and i will anything in my power to become one unless it is unberrable i will even go through the pain plz help
Resource : Kcarr (Pronounced "Car")
Description : Hello. I really want o become a Vampire, and I have 64 friends who want to as well. I really want someone to tell me the Spell and/or Ritual to become one. I have read up on Vampires (not in Twilight. I hate those books), so I know the Cons and Pros of becoming one (my friends know as well.) I know that they are Immortal, and anyone who claims to be a Vampire, and says "they are Mortal, etc..." is not a Vampire, just a freak who thinks they are. (If you are Serious, and got a REAL Spell and/or Ritual to become a Vampire) please E-Mail me at
Resource : Martha Rose
Description : hey so my people of the night. i need help in an attack against a jerk named coty gannon. so if you can help i will be in your debt. his number is 561-245-0685, his email is, thank you
Resource : kyosakz
Description : i want to become a vampire, coz i lived with that, always in grift of hate, coz of my lost love once ,, always alone,, and i hate to look at my self,, i know someday all of them will leave,, i want to become an immortal vampire to live with it as im in the darkness im living through,, i can even explain what i feel but i have the answer to my own mind,, i need power,, so i can live alone even they where all gone,,
Resource : Katie Reece
Description : i always luved vampires and sometime when i see blood i go crazy for blood and i hate sunlight i luv night time and im 16 and i want to be a vampire and im a girl looking for a way to become a vampire contact me at plz????????????
Resource : Gavin
Description : im a 12 year old boy and i hate humans therfor i hate myself for i am a human. if there are any vampires out there toll me how to become one! ill do anything for you!
Resource : Jillian
Description : hey maby it would be cool to be a half vampire because you would beable to be in the sun and wouldnt have to drink blood all your life
Resource : marializ
Description : still try to be a vampire but still nothing happen if plz someone help me be one i cant help it.....
today is dec 5 my birthday is comein come on my birthday is goin to be on disney world hope there vampire hope if u guy want to chat my e-mail is on yahoo see if u can chat i have time....bye
Resource : allen
Description : i donot believe there are any "purebloods" here at this time if there is here are a few words that should mean something to you....lamia damion rights, besides all of those wanting to be vampires fuckoff none of you really know what you are messing with keep messing with it and you will come face to face with a pist off pureblood and you will not like the outcome.
now i have tried to be polite by emailing you leo
but fuck that im sick of being nice like i said i believe there are no real purebloods here.
and people who has put in requests to become your fantsy vision of a vampire need to wake the hell up and do some real research i find the ancient text book of the damn real enlighnting..... by the way none of you will be seen as worthy if there just so happens to be a pureblood they dont give a shit about your wants and for the dipshits that say they are human and drink blood fuck off you are fucking insane and stupid if anyone has a problem with this email me and if i feel like it i will respond but dont get your hopes up
Resource : carolyn
Description : ok people first i dont want to become a vampire i like who i am if god wanted me as one he would have made me a vampire. i just have a fascination about them but i have never met one so i dont really think they are real but i do belive that every myth starts from some where so all i want is the truth whether or not they really exist
Resource : josh
Description : I can always smell blood
Resource : grace allan
Description : me and my friend have always wanted to ba a vampiar since we were about 4 years old and a while ago i got bit by a spidar and since then i love the tast of blood and my sisters had a cut and i didnt know where she was and i smelt a weird smell and i followd the smell and it led my to my sister and i could not stop looking at the blood the suddenly my knees went all funny andi just fell to the ground.i always wanted to be a vampiar and when i got it suprislingly i wanted to be normal again but eany time i see blood i get a head ake and my kaynines go very sore
Resource : dark link
Description : hey look i know ur saying beign a vampire is bad but i want and kinda need to become one for some reason if u turn me or give me a way to turn i will help u in anyway
Resource : LoveBlood
Description : I want to be a vampire..I already drink blood, but its not enough..i dont want to be a human anymore, i just cant take it ... anyone that can turn me into a wonderful vampire..please do.
Resource : Ryana
Description : hey i would really want to become a vampire because i was born a nobody and sometimes i want to die but live at the same time. an i don't care it i can never see my familly again they don't care about me anyways only person who cares about me is my anut an people who i meet calls me a goth-vampire whitch is true but for the vampire part.But my boyfriend said i would sell my soul to the devil or somebody i don't know who truthfully i really don't care.So if you could send me the spell then thanks,,,maybe hopefully what i don't beg so no hope. <3 gothic-Ryana
Resource : galen
Description : I don't know I Ive been having dreams of my teeth
growing an becoming sharp and long for 15 years and am still having them but there all somehow different but the same what is happening to me and now im hungry for something and I don't knoy what I have a bad feeling about that hunger
please help
galen keith alford
Resource : katy
Description : vamps
Resource : Christopher Eiten
Description : I want to become a vampire
Resource : pssht
Description : k. WAAAAAAAH! "My life is sucky Im depressed turn me into a vampire". Fucking pathetic. If a vampire existed and came across this shit they'd LOL and NEVER go NEAR any of you.
I think I'm a vampire, just not in the full sense of how they're portrayed. Yeah, pale, dark eyes and hair. Sharp teeth. Love blood. Dont like sunlight. Easily manipulate others to do what I want. Vamp or no, I have that much. I'm beautiful and smart. Yall made me LOL so hard, esp the "vampire" with the address claiming to have potions and whatever and that they'll bite you.
I pity you. God pities you. VAMPIRES pity you! Shit, go kill yourself.
<3 J
**EMPATH, one of you, feeling others feelings and such. EMPATH is the term.
Resource : Sophia
Description : i am a vampire... i will tell you the spell that turned me... there are many ways of changing.. such as spells, traiding blood, being cursed by an angel or an important vamp. if you want the spell email me and i will judge if you are worthy of vampirism.
Resource : ashley
Description : how do i become a real bloodsucking vampire????im desprate for wayz pls tell me if u know!
Resource : thaakiidphoenix
Description : i have so much pain through outthe day but at night..i feel so brandnew...
i love the tast of blood...
i seen good and evil spirts
and i can do this strang thing with my eyes
that i cant explain but just do when i want
i call it my blind vission..
justfor the simple fact i see every thing and person blurry..
like it was oras?
i truly wanna have the gift of the vampires
to complete my pain and have a better understanding of who i am..
Resource : twinkie
Description : hey i think im a half vampire i cant never sleep till morning comes i smell blood all the time and i always try biting people
Resource : Brandon
Description : I want to become a vampire because I beleive that it is in my blood so if there is anyone that can help me become one please email me
Resource : Abbey
Description : from what i have seen on this website, i would say alot of people like to become vampires, i dont know if i want to become one, i mean i would maybe for exsperience if there was some way to change back (highly doubt there is a way). but i would like to see it happen with somehting that works to turn you into a vampire without being bitten
Resource : Mackie
Description : PLeasse email me about this, I really want to be a vampire. I am a 12 year old girl, and will never change my mind. I have jut recently wanted to be a vampire, but the sad thing is, i have nothin about me that seems like a vampire, thts y i wanna b one. It's like a can feel the bite in the neck as we speak, but hopefully it is easier than that. I want to be a vampire sooo bad. Its a desire, not a hope or want. A NEED, ive been searching the interenet all night long and still need to find a way. It is 5:55 am right now and i really need to find away to quench my thirst to be a vampire.
Resource : Star
Description : i dont know what i am i think im a half vampire but if i am i want to be a whole one..idk i can never sleep at night and during the day im asleep..i had the taste of blood a few times and i love it..i see ghost..and i can make people do what ever i want them to do...and seduce people..i have been in situations that normal people would have died but yet i lived through it with no damage really.i dont know what is goin on i js need help plz contact me
Resource : jay
Description : i want to become a vampire,because i want to help some body who is in danger.please e-mail me soon...
Resource : Alvin
Description : I want to drink blood....
Kill people...
Resource : superkhalil2000
Description : i am a half vampire and werewolves are after us all of us if you want to survive contact me at osborne.khalil2000 its gonnah happen at feburaiy 18 friday at 8 35 hurry up thire getting ready
Resource : Scott
Description : it would be cooler than anything to be a vampire, that be sooooo awsome so i jsut wanting if someone can turn me or somethin, sooo yea if you can e-mail me and thats it thanks
Resource : Carly
Description : I keep on seeing freaky visions of me drinking someone's blood my matessay dat i should look on da computa
Resource : ARCANGEL
Resource : shreya
Description : i love 2 be a vampire n want 2 be..tell me the way..n sum symptoms through which i can noe that i have changed to a vampire..
Resource : siris
Description : i have friends who want to know the easiest way to become a vampire, we all have urges and want to know if its possible and if so how
Resource : someone
Description : if you a vampire can you bite me plz
Resource : kayla
Description : plz i really want to be a vampire that dosent have to live off of blood or burn in the sun if you can email me how to become a vampire like this and it can be an easey way
Resource : holly
Description : i want to become a vampire really bad and i dont know how to turn into one i want to live forever and want to have a power and if anyone can tell me how to become one write me at
Resource : Erica [Riika]
Description : It's not that i want to live forever,
it's just that feeling you get from being different from everyone else.
I know were all different in our own ways but, I wish to be a vampire. it's just strange on how people say it's not true and then make them up and have all this information about them...I think they are real, and I want to be one.
Resource : holly
Description : i would love to become a vampire
Resource : melvin
Description : how do i turn into a half vampire
Resource : Cy
Description : i want to become a half vampire... seriously!! pls?!
Resource : Mark
Description : I have always wanted to be a vampire. If I became a vampire the world would become a playground and I would rule it. If you are one please email me I would make a new age for vampires.
Resource : jordan
Description : ive wanted to become ella vampire since i was 5 can to call me and tell how to become one in an easy way
Resource : nasser
Description : i can drink blood but i still want to be vampire badly tell me how sen d in e_mail
Resource : maria
Description : i want to be turned if you can do this please mail me
Resource : DANAISHA
Resource : meghan
Description : i want to be a vampire so i could bite please tell me a spell
Resource : xavamp
Description : i really want to become a vampire, because it's the only thing i want and i'll do anything to become one
Resource : blazeboy
Description : i wnt 2 becom a vampire badly because of my life, cn some 1 tell me how?

just email me at
Resource : aim
Description : hi my name is aim and you all know i really want to become a vampire i will never be cool like vampires and i want evrybody tolike me and i think i am half am one i have been play like iam one and biteing people and sometimes someone i dont even know so please vamoire cometo my house and change me p.s love yous vampires and your saintserly aim
Resource : callum
Description : if any1 could turn me into a vampire i would love to be 1 just to live for ever and it would be fun so i could kill people who i dont like
Resource : chelsea
Description : may sound stupid or fake to some but i get pain in my teeth around blood or from scent my eyes change color i love the night day is ok too but the moon atmosphere is amazing i drink blood its not bad at all at least to me but this is all just starting for me since im still young an awakening an learning since i was not born into a family of vampires its just me an ofcourse otheres out there but many thing in movies and books is not true at all trust me when i say this its not everything you think it is alot of things are fiction an some are true or over exaggerated im even learning more and understanding more if you dont believe me ask urself
Resource : alyssa warner
Description : My name is alyssa and ive read so many books and have wanted to become a vampire for the longest time and if anybody out there can do it, will you help me? my number is 1518 588 6253 please help me. Its my life long dream!
Resource : Pedro
Description : I don´really believe I´m posting a message here as I don´t really believe in this...but it would be really cool if magic existed and I could be a vampire with some magic, i used to dream about it in my childhood
Resource : ozge
Description : i want to be a vampire when i watched twilight i was like oh my god there so sexy i want to become one too someone help me!!! please.
Resource : Carolina
Description : I'm a person people call weird i'm not pale on the contrary I have color but i'm not black either. I have this insane thirst that i know it can only fade away with blood, my friends and I always hang after school to suck each others blood, but I'm tired of being this and not being able to be what my heart desires most: a Full Vampire.I'm a half and I know because I've searched my family tree and most of them are vampires so all i am truly asking for is a ritual, a method, or something like that to become a Full Vampire because being a Half is not only making my life at risk is killing me faster than any human, right now i might be twelve at age but in my soul im way older because this is killing me, all i am asking for is 1 tiny little help if anyone knows the dark magic that it involves help me for i was born with the curse of the half.

Thanks, Anne(My vampire name given to me by my parents church)
Resource : Manuel Darqchild
Description : tall,dark,handsome with black eyess and just love the dark.
Resource : heather
Description : i wish to be a vampire i have long wished to be one but can't find out how e-mail me the answers if any
Resource : BlackBlood
Description : just wanna be a vampire
1.for my immotal love...
to live together forever...
2. human have life time no longer.. life too short!
3. for that i can protect myself who i love.
4. just tired to thinking about how to make money but vampire easy just bleed and drink.
5. coz im weak and powerless
6. i tired of human they're selfish
well, i hope i will be... so mote it be ... >.< woo
Resource : girly vamp
Description : im a girly girl...u knoe all into romance and cheesy stuff.and those vampire romances have already done their work on so into them!so basically i want to become a vampire beacause-:
1. i love black and red! <3 those vamp colors..
2. i have sooooo many similarities with vampires...mood swings,jealousy,big egos,different food habits,food obsession with a type of food(in my case its gol gappas which is an indian food).and many more...
3. i want to live forever more.want to stalk people
4. i've been hurt by one person so badly..and im still in love with that being a vampire myself may help...he will be forced to love me.and if he just sit by him and watch him for eternity...
5. im 5.3ft tall...not skinny, not fat, just okz...
love the color black totally...especially kohl eyes.
LOVE, girly vamp! <3
Resource : kim
Description : i want to be a vampier i live in a foster home. All me family members died.i an tired of liveing as a human.(age 16)
Resource : Annalise
Description : I would apsolutley love to be a vampire i could
- live forever
help people
and do anything pleaseee xx <3
Resource : Mish
Description : I love to become a vampire and im serching about vampires i want to meet with a vampire i love vampires
Resource : Naman
Description : I've been wanting to become a vampire for over a year now and have been looking for ways and people to change me.
Please let me know of the way to change myself into a vampire.
You are my last hope now.
Resource : skyla
Description : id love to be a vampire to never get old and the fact that u dont have to kill humans and u can still live a perfectly normal life sortov evan to you can still feed an animals and liv u can still love and omg it would just be amazing like a dream come true
Resource : mckeenzie
Description : i want to become a vamp because i could do so meny things but i dont want it to hurt
Resource : red vampire
Description : I am a vampire and cant die.
Resource : sophie
Description : please tell me how to become a vampier please
Resource : shaina
Description : i love to be a vampire bein young for ever until the end of the world. turning people to a vamp tasting cool blood but i just wont kill them. ijust suck there blood and then compel them to forget what happen. i can imagen it now.
Resource : Lityn
Description : if one of you have a really pureblood vampire ..
I want you to make creatures like you ..
I want to delete this stupid world ..

although it seems stupid words ..
I have a serious talk about removing this stupid world ..

if you real vampire you must know my real name and my adress ..
Resource : Dana
Description : my life is worth living i will turn my family so they dont leave me i really want to be a vampire but i cant just order the lessons what do i do someone help me.
Resource : Ashley
Description : I have wished more then anything to become a vampire. Since I was little that was all I wanted. I know most have said they don't want it, but I do. I love the night, day holds pain and loss for me. Plus I can't go in the sun anyway. If there is any vampire willing to turn a human please contact me as soon as you can. I am willing to pay.
Resource : jasmine
Description : i am 16 and i wanna become a vampire .....
Resource : Scarlet
Description : I think i also am a half vamp, i have good hearing smell, and i can see perfectly in dark. im also attracted to smells like blood but not blood. And i have insicors (canine teeth) that just got trimmed i have dark hair and run averagely fast ( not so sure about that). i need help if someone can please contact me at my email, i wanna become whole vamp. Thnkz :)
Resource : Scarlet
Description : can some any good vampire turn me into a vamp i live in ny. ill give u my adress or a clue if you can proove it 2 me than u can change me. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ i beg u
Resource : vampire i want to be
Description : if u are a vampire use your powers and come get me i want u to bite me please
IDC what people think if i can etay alive forever and be with my love for ever ill go through the pain pleaee come find me i live in US,OHIO u can find out the rest
Resource : Aleyah
Description : im 14 and i wanted to become a vampire ever since i was little and was wondering if anybody could help me turn iI live in south carolina it sucks here and really wanna be one but im not gonna beg i love to drink my own blood and my throat burns just thinking about it and was wanting to drink other ppl blood every time someone get close to me i just think about how warm they are and how their blood would taste. i think that im destin to be a vampire cause im nothing like a human the only human thing i do is have feelings and i want to really get rid of them so contact me at 864 346 8193 or
Resource : lilmonster8715
Description : i want to be a vamp soooo bad. thier fangs are awsome and i want to be strong and powerful
Resource : M.T
Description : I think im turning in to a vampire because i think i m starting to have fangs and im a little disey after saying spells on youtube so if any of you give me steps too so cood be a fulll vampire
Resource : ethan
Resource : Alice
Description : I have always been obsessed with vampires but I watch out of my window at night coz my dad said that if you look at something but you are acctualy looking out of the corner of you eye you can see things that no ordenary people can see.If your last names carver then you might be related to me but if your name is Scott Raven and your 28 going 29 congrats your my half brother I'm pretty good at seeing things that others cant see so if i say theres something like theres a nymth in the bush don't laugh and tell me I'm a looney and i could tell you how to use your inner sight to see the world from a differnt persepctive.P.s not all vampires are bad i've seen onew help an old lady across the road if you have inquires about the inner sight email me at
Resource : meow
Description : i want to be a vampire right now ... really desperate ... i have personal reasons , please help me!
Resource : Tegan
Description : Hi im tegan and I have been told a few days ago that im going through the chhanhe of becoming a vampire!! I dont know what to expectt tho.... Here are some of the many signs that u may be a vampire!
In the sun u get head aches?feel sick but u can stay in the sun
Animals love u
U have a craving for blood
You have pale skin
U dont have much friends
u r stronger smarter and faster than most people
And twilight vampires are fake!!
Resource : kevin lee
Description : I want to become a vampire so bad and i dont want any bs
Resource : lilcesi
Description : whats th potion
Resource : chloe cannon
Description : i really want to become a nice vampire but only drink the blood from people who be mean to me i dont want to drink any of my friends blood or any body else i know thats nice to me.
Resource : chantelle
Description : i would love to become a vampire not just because of the movies and the books... but i have done my research over them and i think i should be one... my life is terrible my family is always torn apart ive suffered enough.. please i want to become a vampire!!! pleeease
Resource : chantelle
Description : i would be sooo thankful if you would send me the steps on becoming one i hope this isnt some kind of scamm or something just to rape 15 year olds -_- just saying please email me any vampire expert too
Resource : Liz
Description : Just wondering
Resource : gary
Description : i want a spell that my whole body becomes dark and i have dark powers please find my a spell
Resource : Angel
Description : blck eyes black hair pale skin 5'9
Resource : Chritine
Description : i live for the night and thirst for blood and yet it isn't enough i want all darkness and i want to really live.medium black hairbrown eyes, short and tan. one day i'll be a true vamp but for now im stuck inbetween if u have any info. email me at xdraculas_daughterx@hotmail i live for risk
Resource : megan
Description : I just want to live forever.. the idea of eternity seems so delightful. My heart couldn't get any darker. I understand that I would have to watch my family and friends pass on, but as selfish as I am, I just want to live forever. If someone knows how to do it or can help me out, Email me.
Resource : James Abbott
Description : i want to became a vampire
Resource : roelof
Description : i'm a normal dude but would like to have more out of life or death i whant to be one .i have a dream almost everey night of being one & cant stop dreaming that ......
Resource : jose
Description : all i ever wished is to be a vampire but i cant find a spell or a theory to become one so if someone knows send me a message to this site.
Resource : Brook
Description : hmm, i have these dreams, and 6-7 a week, come true. I feel other people feelings. its weird. Are their others out there like me? Im 14, dirty blonde hair, my eyes change, so that probably dosnt help, im kinda tan, but im really white. thank God for foundation. im 5'3. im smart. If somone has anything like me, msg me. or, idk. just someone explain it better to me.
Resource : Ashley
Description : I want to be a vampire, please help me.
Resource : Lynn
Description : want to becoe a Vampire!
Resource : Sam
Description : Looking for some way to become a vampire, someone please help me?
Resource : Vixxeh
Description : i drink blood. eyes change colour. natural hair, sunshine blonde. obsessive. crave the taste of blood. i drink my own sometimes. best friend is a psychic vampire.
Resource : Kriss
Description : If my children,my brothers and sisters need advice please contact me.
Resource : crystal
Description : I always wanted to be a vampier i don't care about my family at all i hate my life of beign a humn person i want to be a vampier
Resource : Alys
Description : i really want to become a vampire because i just love them and everytime i bite someone it always gives me an erge to become a vampire. Also so some people back off some
Resource : Hunter VW
Description : dam vampires and their teenage wannabes, you gotta hunt them not make them.
Resource : Dante vlad
Description : idk if im a vamp but please help if im not i want to become one
Resource : brittany
Description : i've always been wanting to be a vampire
so if anyone knows anything...pls email me
Resource : Yamile
Description : I really want to become a vampire I dont know exactly the concecuences bue I dont mind!
If anyone can help just please emailme....

sorry for the bad ortography but I dont speak english so well haha...
Resource : Abadon
Description : I wish to be a vampire. I don't know very much about this spectacular race; I am but a human girl. But everything about the pale-ones seems to have both light and dark side. I wish to be a vampire but I would like to know more about them. Do you drink blood or feed off energy? Can you change into an animal? So many questions....

A human girl is what I am but the thought of immortality and etrenal beauty is very tempting. I am not one of those crazy goths who is obbsessed with black and death. I do not like the daytime, darkness is more appealing to me. I do not have a valid reson for wanting to become a vampire, I really don't but if you could just tell me a little more about this seducive spiecies, I would really be greatful.

Resource : Retro
Description : I want to be come a vampire because my time as a mortal is up i understand the dark life and i am ready to live it,feel it in me and i am prepared to cling on to it for my well being...
Resource : Zach
Description : My mouth always waters when I think of Blood. I hae the son-light and I love Black. I want to become a Vampire but I dont know how! I've tried deep meditation, hypnosizes and rituals!
Resource : jake
Description : my email address is
Resource : Anonymous
Description : This may sound sad, i am a vampire i am not joking i wish to remain anonymous because i am scared tht if i tell anyone i will all into a hole of hatred. I have noticed some of you seem to think tht vampires are all about going the night drinking blood. We do not. I have been a vampire 4 months i undertook a transformation after asking my friend to bite me. I wish i hadnt. I now come on here to warn you all that a vampire is not as nice as it seems I would like to ask for help. I want to know a way to change back
Resource : sammy aka strikes aka zander
Description : actually 2 tell the truth i do not want 2 become a vampire 4 myself no.....rather 4 the love of my gurlfriend u see ive always wanted this 2 happen 2 me but she wishes it more upon me then anyother i have known 2 pursuit it so u humbly beg if u know how i can do this 4 my eternal love plz let me know i show great promise
Resource : Summer
Description : I've always wanted to be a vampire ever since I was a child. Wich I guess I pretty much still am only being 14 of age. I think I have come to understand vampires to a extint. Yes, I relize sometimes being a vampire isn't so pleasant. I don't really care though. I have nothing to loose! My parents are unloving and I've stopped hoping that they would one day act like my parents. Please, if you will contact me.
Resource : Sarah
Description : Ive always wanted to be a Mom physically abuses me & my Dad left when I was 3.Im not lying,here...also,Im in love with someone,but everytime I see him,he makes me wnat to bite his neck even more.I also have dreams of the future & I can sometimes read peopl's minds.I can control it,but sometimes,if Im not concentrating,then I can hear what people are thinking.I would do ANYTHING to become a vampire.Can someone please help?
Resource : Kayt
Description : please help me. i long for darkness and death. help me become a vampire! email me! please!!!
Resource : Paul
Description : Hi,
I would really like to get intouch with someone that might be able to help me cross over to become a vampire. Most of the times i am alone and have a undesirable will to learn everything as time will pass me. Not just for the fact of being able to be call myself one ,i long to be one. I dont even want the powers but the ability to live throughout the decades.
Resource : Atemu
Description : simply human
Resource : AIMEE
Description : hey i am aimee i was wondering to become a vampire please email a.s.p at
Resource : jack
Description : help me to become a vampire
Resource : kash( not real name tough)
Description : Hi i´m kash. im 18 ( soon 19)years old (girl). Ive been a donor for about a year now. My freind asked me one day if i liked to be turned. He knew a friend who turn me. I asked him why ? he said you have a strong and good personality. You COULD bare this. I told him no thnx because just as he said i dont need to become 'anything' just to let others see that im ''strong''. Ive been trough many thing in my life. And i became much stronger just because i learned of life , people and my mistakes. He moved to USA ( i live in EU) and i changed my mind.Because my habits are just like him. I always sleep at 7 Am when im free from school or work. Its really hard thats why i understand what he ( and you guys)go trough. an a rugelar day i barely sleep or i sleep just 7 hours after school. My family and friends ( those who dont know anything) call me vampire just because i dont like the light to much , i sleep most of time during daylight and i LOVE the color black.

i like the sun , but my eyes cant stand them. im always covering my eyes and in the summer always walking with black sunglasses. Now i dont know what to do. Because there are a few problem. Im mixed ( german , spain , DR, Irish, russian, African , italian and Jordan) but my skin is ''black'' ( brown ) .

No i dont wear Goth clothes i wear regular shirts and pants. with color. i like every kind of music not just Rock :D but also metal , RnB , hip hop, Heavy metal, goth music , Punk :D and even classic music. Now i want to know do you know if if the color of my skin is holding back poeple to turn me ??? anyone give me your oppinion. Pleas!!?? Its really difficult to find someone who can turn you. And i reffused my only opurtinity :'( . I would liked to kill meself LOL

my email >>> pleas give my yor oppinion or advice

Ps ive read twilight and seen the movie. OHw my god how could it be that many people like that Crap ?? No offence ) Its a movie only for those who are dreaming to much about being loved and being special. i liked Queen of damned mostly because of the music, Aaliyah( or the fact that someone with a dark skin could be queen of the 'Vampyres') history , history lestat but thats it .

Guys you wont have Special powers just as everyone thinks. and you wont live forever .thats Bull@#$% .
Resource : kalina
Description : my name is kalina and i would like to become a vampire. it has been something i have always wanted. i have done lots of research on the topic and have asked many people but i am really sick of all the fakes. if you can help me please email me
Resource : Rose
Description : i am a vampire that is just awakening igot bit on my neck in my sleep
Resource : flo
Description : I want to be a vampire so much,I will give ALL of my blood to a vampire
Resource : flo
Description : Please I want to be a vampire. I'm a 10 year old girl. I will give ALL of my blood to be a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : flo
Resource : flo
Description : I am 50% human and 50% vampire and I use my own blood as toothpast!!
Resource : flo
Description : I live at 112 Lazy Acre RD. Wausau,WI. USA. So If you are a vampire come on over and ALL my blood is yours!!!!!!!!!
Resource : flo
Description : I WILL GIVE ALL OF MY BLOOD TO BE A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : flo
Resource : flo (and now I am VAMPIRE WANNA BE)
Description : PLEASE I WANNA BE A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Description : I wanna be a vampire because I watch MOONLIGHT
Description : come over and bite me,vampires!
Description : I was flo!! COME TO ME AND BITE ME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
Description : I USE MY OWN BLOOD AS TOOTHPAST! I want to be a full vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : chelsie
Description : iv been studying vampiresfor a while. I have leaarned alot and i have come to the point that i lick my own scars when i bleed. im cold all the time and the sun hurts my eyes a little but not alot...i would be very pleased if you would send these six things to me..thankyou
Resource : Alyssa
Description : Hey. Is there any way someone would be willing to teach me? Please, just please, email me back :
Resource : Chris James
Description : I want to be a vampire so bad. That is my wish because everytime i watch a vampire movie it makes me want it more. I watch twilight and i wanted to be one for sure. I want this so bad if anyone has a spell or knows how to turn someone into a vampire please email me.
Description : PLEASE BITE ME!!!!!
Resource : Rebecca Ramirez
Resource : holly
Description : i want to turn myself to a fullblood vampire.
Resource : dalton
Description : hi my name is dalton and i have had the thought to be a vampire i have trhought it over and trhefact that ppl dont get is that if u become a vampire all your loved ones will be lost they wil die over time im sure you think you will turn them once you have been turned but you will probably just ill the faster twighlight is soe fake ass nonsense i want to be a vampire i understand the whole losing every thing you love and cherish from your mortal life if any of you cannot handel being alone and losing ur loved ones u need to stop wishing to become a vampire i wish to and any vampires or pale ones which ever you prefer contact me at my email and we can disscuse wether i should want to be among your ranks or not my email is i wish not to offend anyone who wants to be a vampire i just insist you know what u will lose once u do become one thanku 4 reading contact me
Resource : Arman Taraggiy oskouiy
Description : Hi
Call me what ever you like, I am 25 years old and I have seen Bram stoker Dracula More than 1000 time ,during my entire life I have Loved Dracula and Darkness I am the one who most love vampires and Darkness in this world. I created the Dark theaories,Frome the first moment of my life I loved vampires and darkness for more than 20 years I am searching the ways how can I become a vampire how can I say I love them because they are vampires I can feel the sadness of Darkness and vampires even in the happiest time of my life I am sad I am alone Like Darkness. I started to learn English two years ago to learn more but still I can not find any thing in my own free time I write in the darkness with using the light of candles and I wrote a novel with my soul about Darkness this life is like hell to me, I love the Dark graves which Dracula Rises from there I want to become Darkest Vampire and Darkness itself not for power not for money or other things for Darkness itself my goal is darkness itself I do every thing for my aim if you can help me I beg you help me. Arman
Resource : Sarah
Description : i have read twilight.yes but thats not why i want to become a vampire leo i need to talk to u if u will help
Resource : sara
Description : dude i no im not a vampire but i can smell blood and wen blood is reveiled some reason i just it. i am 11 but dont think im distubed i just have urges for blood i mean who can resist
Resource : Stephanie
Description : Well i have drank blood before it sent an urge through my i cant be completely honest too when my cosins tell me to bite i just bite harder i try my hardest to stop..but the feel of it, it makes me tingle..i do believe i am a vampire. I hate the sunlight too dark enviorments seem to suit me more.. i also have outrageous mood swings they trigger on and off so fast its crazy. I do seriously believe i am a vampire...
Resource : Josie
Description : brown hair with blonde highlights, golden brown eyes.....when im in a good breath smells good the majority of the time. i really dont talk to anybody unless they talk to me first. im more of the silent type. i do not wish to be popular, but it seems as though everytime i walk by some one they turn to thier friend and whisper. it is a bit uncomfortable. i wish to be left alone in peace almost nobody talks to me in school but they do call me demonic like. hmmf they have no idea what the truth is.....that will be all. i need to get of before i break the keyboard.....
Resource : Lisa
Description : please help i need to be a vampire im so obsessed in them iv got books movies everything please !!!
Resource : vampire
Description : I am a vampire if you wish for information plz comtact me
Resource : chris
Description : I would like to became a vampire.No joke.If theirs any one that can help please e-mail me at
Resource : Kaitlin
Description : i've always loved them & wanted to be one.
Resource : tyler
Description : i am full vamp and wolf
Resource : leo
Description : power is what i desire i act one with the night your puls is my pray i cannot be stoped i cannot be controlled im human with only a greater mind
Resource : vampalicious
Description : ugh people im a vamp and i dont care all though itys kinda kewl
Resource : alex
Description : Ithink I am already a vampire experencing an awaking could you email me the steps to make sure
Resource : Rayne
Description : I would like to meet a vampire. I have been into vampires since I was about 9. I'm 16 now and Have given a ton of thought to it. I've decided I just want to meet a vampire to know them and be friends with them. I Know a lot about them and do not think "Vampire" is the correct term. But I don't know the proper term so I'll call them Vampires. I used to act like a vampire, dress like one, ect. but now, the only way I will become one is if I fall in love with one and truley love them. Or they make me. And I mean, they will have to tie me down and force me to swallow their blood. I am attracted to vampires for some strange reason. I have tried to convince myself that they aren't real but my heart won't stop saying "They are real. They are just afraid to come out and say, "I'm a vampire." When I go for a walk at night when not a lot of people are out, I look around cause I feel as if I am looking/waiting for someone to jump out and either attack or just appear out of nowhere. And if you are going to email me giving me a lecture about how painful it can be, Don't. Because I know almost all their is to know. I just don't don't have the experience. Also, Is it possible to be like Angel off of the show Angel? I'm just facinated by it because I don't think it is possible. anyway. Email is:
Resource : daniel
Description : plz i want to become a vampire to have speed strenth climbing abilitys and to gliter in the sun and good sence of smell oh and to never die too plz help me ill do any thing to become a vampire
Resource : Tango
Resource : TANGO
Resource : jasmine
Description : i want to be a vampyre because i have two friends that are and they are always chalenging me i grew up with them well i did they didnt grow up you may not beleive me but they are real and i would love to show them up
Resource : sof
Description : i want to be a vampire. i have already try some spells byt antil now nothing happens.. i feel like i am somehow.. i am wearing sunglasses all time becauce i can's stay at the sun for long time and becuase my eyes change color everytime i wathing at someone... can someone help me being a vampire.??? if someone of you have become a vampire i want to tell me the way .
Resource : Sara Micic
Description : please tell me how to become a vampire
a couple of times I saw a boy ... I think he is a vampire .. he was a child .. he has a white face and very big black eyes like two buttons as well as those from the horror movie I once reported to him, but he immediately disappeared .. I want to be something more than human will want to be different from others, please tell me at least something
My MSN is
add me on facebook or myspace Sara Micic
Resource : john
Description : help me im tired of this human life i want to become a vampire
Resource : Jake
Description : I've been thinking about this for a long time, longer than i probaly should've. But i have decided that I would like to become a vampire. I want to be able to see all of the world, and meet all its greet pepole and watch the world change as time goesby. I'd also try to elp people, since im gonna be alive forever, I might as well use that time for some good. If anyone knows how to have me turned into a vampire simply and fast, please, please comtact me at, thank you
Resource : maria
Description : I am a vampire and am willing to turn any one who wants it. But i am so sick of people talking about me like im not there. granted no one really knows that i am but still. i am one of the most powerful vamps in the world i have so many herbs and potions i could do anything i you need it i got it just email me (
Resource : denise
Description : i want to become a vampie because my life isnt that great and my blood craving has gotten worse.... lik wenever my bf gets a cut i have erge to taste it and i have once... help me become one
Resource : Hanna
Description : i want to be a real vampire a immortal Girl!!! PLease help me HOW!!!! please
Resource : Destiny
Description : becoming a vampire is what i desire, for many reasons. One for revenge, it may sound stupid but its true, when i was young i was raped and i waant to get revenge on the guy that maade my life a living hell. Two i have no reason to livee my life is just pointless and becoming a vampire would make it so my life would have meaning...
Resource : Aim'z
Description : Iv'e read most of the page but i still want to be a vampire or at least know more about them. For a long time Iv'e dreamed about being a vampire and sometimes Iv'e licked the blood from a cut or scab. I am not realy pretty or poupular and I don't like twilight (vampires dont sparkle) but Im not sure what to belive please help if you have any info.
Resource : Phil
Description : BOOBIIIEEEEZ
Resource : Edward Cullen
Description : twilight rockzrozzzz
Resource : Megan
Description : I would love to become a vampire!! To fly. That would be soooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Description : BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : Brianna D-D
Description : I to wish to become a vampire but not for my own wishes but because i have unfinshed buisness with the immortal and if i have to watch my loved ones pass i will surely do it to protect them.
Resource : Miranda
Description : i want this because i think it will take away all my worries and so i may gain strength. I am attracted to vampirism and am obsessively in love with blood. The powers vampires have are what i always really want. I want this more than anything. I dont want to grow old... i want to die but become eternal life and stay at one certain very young age in my teen years. I am ready.
Resource : selene!
Description : to be seriouse i dnt think that u guys exist but sometime i think u guys do !!! if so show me prove that u guys are here!isnt there only the vampires that mess with energy or is there really vampire like twilight or any of those movies !!!! answer my ? please
Resource : devan
Description : i live in arkansas and i need help to control the vampire thirst.they cant control it and i need a spell that will help.i am wiccan,but im not powerful, and my spell books dont have any info of it
Resource : Triniti
Description : Am i a vampire? my eyes change color
i have a dark ring around the color of my eyes
i am pale i would know cuz my friends make fun of skin is always so cold even in the summer and i honestly hate the sun it bothers my eyes and at night i feel so energetic than in the afternoon and i feel so weird when im near blood and its just so hard to explain and of course i have sharp teeth i also have a little bit of a am i a vampire or not
Resource : chris
Description : i always wanted to be a vampire ever since i turned 5 now i can smell blood and taste it if you are a vampire in brockton or you know a spell to turn me into a vampire contact me right a way
Resource : jillian
Resource : Diana
Description : I know this sounds like a broken record but I want to become a vampire. I have been studying them for as long as I can remember.I would give up everything to become one.If you know a spell email it to me at
Resource : britani
Description : i havewanted to be a vampire sence birth i see things and here things normal ppl dont i can see the future when i sleep and i feel ppls emotions ill go threw any pain to become one can anyone help?
Resource : Neco
Description : please i really want to become a vampier because i ca prove my friends WRONG by just showing them! EMAIL ME!
Resource : luna
Description : ihi i reley want to be a vampire mor then enething my mom send thers no way but i no in my heart thay are reol i no thars so meny who what to be vampiers but i reley whant to be one so ples but is ok if i dont maby if god did not whant me to then i now why thack
Resource : paolo ambil
Description : i like to be a vampire
Resource : Adam
Description : I had a dream once that there was this big war between multiple species...and i was running in it...and i in the end all i remember was that an explosion...
Resource : Muhammed nazeer uvise
Description : i really want to become a vampire from when i 10 wanted it so badly pls mail tell me how to become one
Resource : whisper
Description : i whis to be a vampire so i can be free from ppl. and so i can nvr grow old ever AGAIN
Resource : angel xf darkness
Description : i have read things bout vampires and have been captivated(?) by them....i would love to be one but i think i am already taken by another force, i have dreams, thoughts, and feelings that always come true....i have also smelled things 5 or 10 mins b4 i cross them....i am a night person and always want to sleep during the day
(does that mean a thing)....i am drawn to death and blood, when ever i got a cut i would suck my own blood...i dont know why but i am highly drawn to it you have any reasoning to it all? if so plz email me at :)
Resource : Alexis
Description : I wish to become a Vampire I need those powers and they rock so if you can help me message me at :
Resource : Jessa
Description : i really want to be a vampire. To live forever and travel the world. Can someone please grant my request. im sure they wont regret it. Im more like a vampire then a human. im actualy not called human at all. just please grant my simple request.

Resource : sublimo
Description : Hello I am interested in vampires since long time but not in any way possible to really talk about vampires. I want to become a vampire because it wants my heart and body. Write me
Resource : Alana
Description : omg its been my dream to be a vampire i love the tast of blood! plz any vamps plz contact me! my email...
Resource : cayla blackthorn
Description : i have always felt the need, the urge to drink human blood. ever since my 8th birthday... somthing changed inside. and it has gotten worse now that i am 15. my boyfriend let me drink from him whenever i needed it, more and more. i dont feell like a whole vampire... its something i still feel human as well... it hurts me t see him cut his arm or just to even let me do this... i do want to become a whole vampire. i just want to stop hurting him. he doesnt mind it, but i feel like im hurting him... its not about the powers, its not about that. its about my emotional belonging... i dont want to just have this urge and it not be the whole thing... i love drinking blood. it tastes better than anything i have ever tasted. i just need someone to help make me who i am. the whole me. not just half. being a vampire means more to me than my stupid, pain filled life. i hate it. i have only one good friend, and that is my bf. all the others have betrayed me in soem fashon. my parents are so tired of me its unreal. if someone is out there, and would like to help me, please know that i am not lying. i really need u to help me. i dont care about the pain ill have to suffer. i know this is wat and who i am. please help if u can. my email is
i will tell u everything, and maybe u will find me worthy enough to become a full vampire...
Resource : sizz
Description : i want to 2 be help me
Resource : Ally
Description : If there is a vampire reading this to find victims let me be the first not to be killed but to be turned u can teach me...u may think it is suicidal but is what i WANT plz ... i will do me at its my only wish to be one of u
Resource : astha
Description : without wasting anytime....or telling about my..desire to become a vamp. i jus wanna make a request to anyone who could help getting me through the ways to become a vampire.........
if anyone interested in sharing any information with me he or she is most welcomed...plzzzz
be fast...i m thirsty!
Resource : darius flake jr.
Description : please make me a vampire i hate my world im lonely please! i have a book of instruction of vampire
Resource : tyler coney
Description : i wish i was a vampire can u make my wish come true
Resource : Sadie
Description : I wish to be a vampire of the un-dead.I need it and it loves me.Please if anyone has a spell help me
Resource : Josh
Description : i have learned over and over the ways of a vamipire know i just need a source or another way to depress the way to become inmortal if you are true then some one give me a answer
Resource : beth
Description : I think im a vampire because my friend had a paper cut and one drop of blood fell from it and i could smell the scent of rusty copper, not only that i wanted to suck it away. My eyes are bright green but when im hungry or sad and upset they go dim, almost black. I can never sleep and i read tht vampires dont sleep and i just want vampire to tell me if im half vampire or at least give me some advise.

12 Years of age
Resource : Katy
Description : i would love to become a vampire because when someone ct themselves and bleeds i get a tingle lin the back of my mouth and i feel so hungry for some reason. then i realsied i would live to become a vampire , run fast, live wild, dream, be free, never growing older, sparkly skin , and no spots, awsome hair ... this would be amazing for me as vampires are me i love runng wild and free so plases if anyone has any spells or knos any vampres email me back... bite u later...
Resource : Nicole
Description : Wow, I have read all of the wishes and comments people have posted, and it's very interesting. I noticed all the people who want to become a vampire, well there just trying too hard. If they are supposed to be a vampire they will become one, one day. As for the vampires out there, I hope things are going good, hope to to meet one of you guys one day. Don't know what else to say.
Resource : hayley
Description : hey i really want to become a vampire!is there a way to become one?please help me?!thank you!
Resource : ????
Description : You fools who gally around saying "I'm a vampire, I'm a vampire, look at me!" You incapable morons, become a vampire something as souless at the wind itself. Living in the same condions as anyone else would, just a tad more hostile if you may. You want to walk around, looking on everything you once had and not being able to feel the remorse that should be there, the longing for the life you once had, but never aloud to have it in your reach. But fools like you wouldn't understand anything, this is why half of the world is mistaken, your the worlds problem. So I ask you one simple question for your tiny little brains, what gives you the right to call yourself this "vampires of the night". It makes me laugh, you know? Oh, wait you don't cause your existence, well I think you get the point. I'll stop here. Fill free to respond. POKA
Resource : Anonymous
Description : Alright , you stupid obsessed people ! Okay i crave blood all the time ! but doesn't mean i have to live off it ! I can eat any food i desire ! Movies and stupid human actors have got this world all wrong ! Myths and lies that we kill for flesh ! Nobody can be half vampire or become one throught family genetics it happens because most of the generous kind we're choosen ! To PROTECT ! Nobody will ever experience true vampire form! And none of you stupid people no nothing about vampires! And we are not called vampires we prefer godschoosen ! we're the only kind left since the 1st centry , it may be hard to believe but in fact its true,
3 of us we're choosen for a right! To protect from evil demons walking earth! We still walk amongst people that go along everyday lives! Yes we do watch you! Freakishly! We are normal people to you! But you will never no, heres a couple of tips ;
1 ) wanna find a vampire! ignore stupid books and look with youre eyes! we do actually have pale skin but most cover it up with fake tans or makeup just be sure skincolour ,
2 ) we don't have fangs! Our teeth are white and square we grow them when our tempre gets up!

Now that i have shared this information with you , give up being a vampire ! its gods choosen choice not what you believe rituals or being BIT!
Resource : kimberly
Description : i dream of becoming a vampire im not afraid of what could happen or whats going to happen i love the smell of blood when i get caught or get hurt its a rush to me if their was a way i could become one now i would take it in a heart beat i love anything thing that involves with vampires i want to be free i want to be different than others i want to live the vampire style i want to go where ever and when ever i want so sombody. !!PLEASE HELP ME!! BECOME ONE
Resource : natalya
Description : i really wanna become a vampire if any one nos how to im on facebook my name is

natalya mowry


im also on weeworld my username is


plz help me iv been searching and searching HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ
Resource : christos
Description : i would like tou become a vampire but live my life as it is right know or something like that what i mean is i would want to become one but live like a normal human if its posible but anyway if you have a spell or you know a way plize tell me until know i hate to be a normal human so pleas help me change me if you can
Resource : Alvin
Description : I want to become a vampire because i always alone.
I always stay in my room which always dark and lonely.Sometime i can smell blood and i like the taste of blood even i'm not a vampire....
The taste is wierd but few drop make me full.I always alone in school and at home i got no friend and i always hear somebody voice in my left ear ....
My mom and dad never like me when i was born...
i always dream to be a vampire .i'm 15 make my dream come true.....Is there any vampire out there please come to my home in malaysia ....
jalan kuning 3,johor,johor bahru and make me a vampire so i can live in freedom and travel the world without anybody stopping me.......please contact me by this email at ALVINASHRAF@YMAIL.COM .and please any kind vampire want to taste human blood please i will be willing to let you but in return make me a vampire of my dream......and not just that please train me not to attack human ..... so that it...bye....
Resource : Sandra
Description : I love vampires, I am so addicted. I wanna live forever, I wanna drink blood, and I wanna sprint all over the place...All I wanna know is how, how will I become this beautiful creature? I don't wanna feel anymore pain. As a vampire, you don't have to feel bad if you don't want to!
Resource : Sunshine
Description : i wish i could become a vampire coz i hv been fed up wid m lyf.. m nw 18+ nd dt hv interest in hang ot wid frndz or 2 njoy m lyf 2 d fullest bt i wnt sumthng which dt hv.....
so could ew plz tell m if ny 1 noe how can i tur into a vampire by hook or by crook... if ew noe plz mail me on m id...!!
Resource : ????
Description : i think this is stupid people saying there vampires or that they think there vampires vampires r not real they be but to me there not real so stop wasting ur time asking to be a vampire like this because this islike talking to ur self
Resource : Tom
Description : I live for darkness, and the demons consume my heart, yet i can't seem to figure out how to become immortal, i envy fangs and death, All vampires out there DIE YOUNG and LIVE FOREVER!!
Resource : Sally-Anne Cooke
Description : Will to be a vampire and know how to be one?
Resource : abigail
Description : I read all of this but I didn't saw if there is somebody who is wondering how is that when you live forever,that is fuckin shit,you id..ts. All of you have your lives,maybe they are not plesent but you have them. I couldn't read this and not to say anything, I apologise to the olders and by the way there is a spell but you have to look in books,not on the net and books are in Slovain and in Germania.
Resource : lavisbre
Description : had trouble with the spell... 7 days in a row yet dont do this on sat?
let me know, Being a chaos magic user im trying variations and wondering why Saturday was left out?? is this Jewish or Jewish gipsy in nature?
Resource : vlad
Description : i wanna bcum a vampire im already dark but i wanna b a vampire
Resource : nicky reading
Description : i saw a couple of movies about vampires i thought it would be cool to be a vampire and now i really want to be one. but i want to be a good vampire and help people not suck there blood
Resource : Nick (Changing my name to Damien)
Description : I have Dark brown hair, my eyes change colour, they go from all black, to all red, to blue, to green, to a mixture of all, and I have a wierd marking, sort of a symbol in my left eye... I was born with teeth, on my top row the first two then the first two second ones are normal all besides that are VERY sharp, same with bottom teeth... I think I might be a half-vampire or a new breed of vampire... I have the characteristics of a vampire.. I've been stabbed, I have a blood clot that I haven't died from, I stabbed myself with a pencil, it healed so quickly, I have the led STILL STUCK in my arm, which I haven't died from... But I can be in sun, I can see MORE tha perfect in the dark, I can't cross running water or streams... I've done so many things that I should've died from, I've cut three arteries and it healed itself.... I drink blood... I don't know who or what I am, please help... If I'm not a vampire at all I want to become one, if I'm a half vampire, I'm fine with that too... But, please help!
Resource : Jamie
Description : i want to become a vampire or something with a dark evil spirt and to become something with great powers can u find me something to help me with that
Resource : whitney helms
Description : i want to be a vampire so bad!i would do anything in the whole wide world to be one!I dream every night that i am one but when i am awake i realize i am still human and that makes me angry!i dont know if they really exist but if they do then i will have to track one down and make them bite me!lol!i have been trying to find a spell but that doesnt work!i am 5ft3,blonde hair,black eyes that can turn green when i cry,125 pounds,and i am 13 years old.if any body can help me then contact me at!please help me asap!
Resource : krystal
Description : vampires are totally awsome ive always wonted to be one and i hope i can find a way to be one i love blood i love darckness and most of all i love immortability
Resource : winter love
Description : i am pale with aubourn hair. hazel eyes. i wanted to become a vampire ever since i was a little girl and undestood what it meant. i dont want to just grow old and die. i want to be able to be free. everytime i go to sleep i dream of what it would be like. but its not the same. i want to know what it feels like. waht it tastes like.
Resource : Victoria
Description : In my personal opinion I would like to become a Vampire more than anyone...but I know that people would disagree with me. I would really really really love to become an actual Vampire, but the only problem is that I dont know how to. Every time one of my friends or I cut ourselves by accident I ask if I can have it...personally, I dont think thats normal. Im starting to get sick and tired of the wanabie Vampires. They act like they are one and they dont even know what happens to them when they "become" a Vampire. I dont know what happens either but its a feeling that I want more than anything in the world. I dont care if I would have to give up my soul my energy or anything. This is what I want and Im determined to find a way to get it! But it would help a lot if you would tell me a spell, ritual, something to help. Im unable to sleep at night and so I sleep during the day and I REFUSE to go in the sun...too bright. This is what I would love and want more than anything in the world, and I would be in pure gratitude if you would help me.

Thanks, Victoria
Resource : kathleen selby
Description : i have always been amazed by vampires. i have read all the books on them in all the local librarys and i get sexually arosed by the mere site or fresh blood. me and my mates take turns drinking eachothers blood and would love to be able to call myself a vampire.
Resource : Tara
Description : If anybody is an actual Vampire or thinks they may be then make me a vampire, i want to live forever to have the power of dark spirits I want to drink blood and have fangs I always have and always will, if anybody succeeds in their dream of becoming a vampire then i beg them to help me realise mine, i have loooked through page after page of weirf cult religions but whatever I see its just sick people not real vampires, please i would do anything if I could be a vampire live for eternity, please help me, also, if you waant to talk add me on msn, i don't answer emails but i will answer anyone who instant messages me
Resource : Marisa
Description : Lost in life.Waiting for my one true love.Only wish is to become an immotral vampire.
Resource : Angel
Description : I want to be a vampire. I wand to be thinner with purple eyes and black hair. I want to know what it is like to be more then human. Please help me.
Resource : kya
Description : medium black hair, hazel eyes, tall. don't give a damn about family or freinds can trick people always wanted to be a vampire so i can learn about the world.
Resource : ronnie sexton
Description : i really want to become a vampire thats all i really to be is a vampire i love vampires movies and dracula movies also they are really good
Resource : Jack
Description : I realy realy realy realy realy want t become a Vampire i cant just stand been a human because you have to go to school and stuff you could just stay home and bite your family and then youll probeblay get to stay home every day or do Vampire school or something i am having dreams every night and there all about me been a Vampire and there all just awesome all of them they are just awesome. I would love to be a vampire [dont give me that thing where you have to find a vampire and let it bit you cause i cant find one]tell me a spell or something it would be just Great if you could.

Thanks, Jack
Resource : Zack Black
Description : Black Hair i want to become a vampire i want to know how it feels to be able to do more than just humans are known to do. i Love the Taste of Blood. I want to know how it feels to be a vampire to live in the life of a vampire
Resource : Leo
Description : I have a new email set up for those that wish to learn, if you have emailed my old email forget about that one, i was getting too many others -read my other posts before emailing me -
Resource : Randi
Description : i really and truly want o become a vampire so i could live forever and be able to run super fast
Resource : josh
Description : i need explinations. i can hear thoughts from others, i love blood and i drink my own, my best friend is a vamp. I want to live forever. if u have any way to turn me vamp email me at
Resource : Liz
Description : I want to be a vamp but at the same time im am afraid of living while others who ilove die around me. Help me with all the pros and cons of a vamp. i would also like to know if there are any vamps around me that would make eternal life easier
Resource : Raven
Description : I feel that being a vampire isnt in everyones need just because they have read twilight. I would like to be a vampie but I dont know one.
I also think that other people who want to become a vampire should do more research.
I myself have done TONS of research. I am ready for concequences and I really badly want to become a vampire.
Anyone that is willing to help me please email me.

just ignore that my email adress is about happiness.
Resource : Yi Lin
Description : this is my dream,i want to be a special species vampire tat god specially make and to uphold justice,. . .i wanna use those powers of mine to help people, ppl always said vampire are devil bt i wan to be on god's side and this is just my thoughts, . . .wanna be lyk twilight bt also ahhhh hard to explain i know its very naive of me, . . .bt i want, . ..any vampires also can bt is lyk edward cullen , . .. those types, . . .anythinq msn me at, . . i wanna noe more abt vampires,since i small i had always wnated to become 1 , . .
Resource : Ama
Description : It's my dream, I wanted to be one of them since my 10 birthday. Now I am older and I know more about them and their life. I want to be vampire, thats my biggest dream. If You are a vampire from Europe plz contact me:,, I am from Poland
Resource : jake
Description : I wish to become a humanoid with dark powers if anyone has a spell please help
Resource : Marializ
Description : i do want to be a vampire it was my dream to be one i wished to be one so bad cuz sometime i hate daylight i love night time going everywere at night when it my birthday dec/12 that is comeing so so happy i wish to be a vampire im 13 turning 14 if anybody have something like a spell something like that can turn be to a vampire plz plz i want to be one.......
Resource : samantha
Description : hi im samantha i am not to pleased with my life at all any more i amlost see no point in it anymore, i hate it. Ive always been fasinated by vampires and have always wanted to be one. sounds pretty crazy huh, wanting to become a vampire, you only think they exsist in tv shows like true blood and teh vampire diaries or movies like twilight such, but i truly do believe that there just could be real live vampire in the world living around u today. With many movies all different charaters in a vampires view we never really know what to exspect them to be like, but what i do know is i am exspired by vampires and please if you are or happen to know one or any spells to become one, i swear on my entire life i will never tell a single soul who they are or thier where abouts. I would more then greatly appricate it.
Love always: Samantha Brooks.
Resource : brenna
Description : i want to be a vampire but i dont know how. im just sick of my boy friend kepping secrets from me and being on this bitche's side. i want to be stronger and i want more friends. it just look so cool being a mithical creature. plz help me. i know im just 11 years old but i really need help on how to become a vampire .
Resource : mark
Description : i have watched my only two friends i grew up with die..i know pain i have for 14 years of abuse from my father.i hate being the one who is everyones punching bag to take out there anger.all this crap about half vampires and
whatnot pisses me off to no end children of the night are not to be stereotyped with all these movies and books that holywood producers create to make money......lamias and so on and so forth i have done my research..for fourteen years i hate people who think being a child of the night will be so swell its not the reason i want to be a child of the night is because i want to escape from the pain and misery my mother knows not of the pain she causes me when she cusses me and yells at me all day and all night
my father i have no clue where he is he left a month ago and took everything with him. i dont have internet at my house i am typing this on my nextdoor neighbor laptop. pain? that and the risk of a pureblood killing you? i have no reason to live anyway and to watch s all my loved ones die? i have no one i love so that would not be a problem. please if a child of the night is reading this deem me worthy to becomes a fellow being as yourself help me escape from this pain and misery i deal with every day.
Resource : sonoa
Description : i want to be a vampire so bad cuz i love vampires its hard to think why i want to give up my whole life for something this stupid but i have never felt so real about anything butt this i wish someone would bit me
Resource : Dan
Description : i love vampires but i truley want my life as one i really would like too kno on becoming one
Resource : stephanie
Description : please make me a vampire im tired of human life i wish to be immortal and stay like 21 years old for ever i wish to drink blood. i have dreames where i kill people and drink them dry i wear black and im pale what you think do i have a chance
Resource : Isabella
Description : I really believe i'm half vampire because one day i was just being playful and bit my friends armand when i put my mouth away there was a very bloody bite mark on her arm she passed out and went to the hospital. I told the doctors it was my dog so i didn't get into that much trouble. My friend doesn't remember anything but now i'm worried i might have turned her into one.
Resource : Damien
Description : I wish to be a TRUE vampire. I have wanted to find a way to make me one for years and im getting tired of looking. I NEED a spell or something else to make me one.
Resource : jenypher
Description : well i found 2spells to become a vampire today at night ima try one of the spells if you've tried it before email me at and tell me EVERYTHING that happens plz well dis is one of the spells: say this ten times at night :blood red pale skin moonlight draw me in quench my thirst coarsing veins let my body feel no pain I HAVENT TRIED IT BUT IF IM SUCCESFUL IM WILLING TO TURN 2 PPL.BUT EMAIL ME FIRST!!!! the second spell is :spell spell cast away bring eviltodayi reject my soul to satans side now just pride god out of this mide. make me a vampirepale skin grow so white also fangs come in tight god has no command over me we shall see i drag to hell with comes to a know what it will be sso leave it to me blood oh so red moonlight put me to bed.somote it be!!!. MAKE SURE YOU SAY THIS 10X SAY DIS AT NIGHT TO ..EMAIL ME THE DETAILSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : maddie
Description : i have wanted to be a vampire for so long i know alot about them and i am willing to give my life up to be one. please i beg anyone out there please i want to be one i am 13 and if u know anything or just someone also looking for anwsers i am willing to be friends :) i live in california, usa.....please anyone email me... at
thnks your truely,
Resource : michelle
Description : i dont know if im half or not but iv always been
stronger- people end 10 metres wen i kik or punch them
hearing- is like a mirophone
Smell- i dont really pay attention to wat i can smell>.>
Sight: can see far distances and short and can see the out line of objects or people etc at night
oh and also my mood takes a really bad affect on people around me( it really confuses me O.o) and there is probally many more but i dnt know im just wondering because i have always felt abnormal at least thats what my parents and other people say they treat me like im some monster but yeah oh and yeah did i tell you about my 17 year old curse lol
from thee age of 7-12 years old i have gotten into over a 7000 fights at schoolXD lol( i decided to calculate it) round about getting slapped sufforcated smashed by my mum (17 years) what a crappy lifeDX
Tell me is this normal and usually i can tell what happens the next day and i stay up for like most of the night please help!

email me mk:D
Resource : kcrystal
Description : I believe in vampires to I've always wanted to become one if anyone has any information on how to be come a vampire please let me know.........
Resource : Rayne
Description : i have wanted to be a vampire ever since i first heard of them. they are beautiful creatures of the night and i already love the taste of blood. i will do anything to become a child of the night. the passion to be a vampire is that srong. i really think it would be amazing.
Resource : ojaswita
Description : how can i become a vampire i am bored wth human life.
Resource : Sapphire
Description : i am afraid of the sun when it becomes day outside i stay hidden in dark corners and dark areas in my house i want to be alone and drink all the blood i want too I want to become a vampire
Resource : hannah
Description : since i was 5 i really wanted to be a vampire but now im ten its been 5 years i really wanted to be a vampire i watch and search everything about vampires and how to become one its gonna be an honor for me if i get to be a vampire if you know anything to become a vampire please make me i really wanted to become a vampire even my best friend ashley shes a good friend to me and also we have something in common were vampire addicts both of us wanted to be a vampire.
Resource : varun
Description : hiiiiiiiiiii
i want to make a vampire.
convert me
i m very happy to convert into it.
Resource : Angela
Description : being a vampire sounds much better than living to me. I really dont like my parents and school sucks. Really have nothing much left to live for. So why not be a Vampire, travel, and drink blood? Sounds way cooler than my life. And you live for a long time. I dont wanna die now. Living a little longer sounds so much better, right? Can You fulfill my wish?
Resource : truevampire
Description : hi i am a true vampire i have fangs and i love the taste of blood but i dont look like one i have the fangs but my hair is blonde and my skin is pale... plus once i bit my thumb for 1 sec. and my thumb was brused but i want to become a full one because then i could run faster and help people.
Resource : yuthika garhwal
Description : if sumbody ask me that what u want to be a vamp or a human, i always choose to be a vampire. coz i love their lifestyl no matter what these guys eat. i love all in black and dark. n want to read others mind... plz if anybody z a vampyr so make me that also.
Resource : v girl
Description : if u r sintes i seggest 2 git dna of a vampire bat & git it in a neatel & pout the neatel in a porseon & mix it with the dna fo a perseon
Resource : ash
Description : i want to bcome a vampire coz its so so cool even though its hard to be i want to be 1... if i need to tell u guys than i have got a pale skin black n brown hairs... brown eyes...bats loves me when i see them i have got a red mark in my arm... and the final thing is im always thirsty of humans blood, coz when ever i c my frens blood comin out i fell like suckin them......i want to ask u guys m i a vampire????
Resource : Rupz
Description : i want to become a vimpire the true one and want to special from all the human beings wanna b immortal and n mind reader
Resource : gluegirl
Description : it seems like most girls want to b a vamp don't get your hopes up look:
*u will burn in the sun
*people will try to kill u
Resource : andy musni
Description : i love vampires i like to become like them please email me how to become a vampire
Resource : Kelvin
Description : Man .. Everyone wants to be a vampire. They are beautiful, powerful, and immortal. But it's not easy to actually become one. Vampires are dangerous, and if you aren't careful, you might end up more dead than undead from your efforts.
They tears you like a cheeseburger, and my girlfriend bite me for sure !!!
Article Source:
Resource : cameron
Description : dammit dude how do i im sick of looking at stuff online how the hell do i you fucking son of a bitch
Resource : shivangi
Description : please tell me the way of becoming vampire because i love them and i wanted to meet with them pls. if anyone knows pls. tell me my id is
Resource : April
Description : im wanting to become a vampire for many reasons...pls help me!
Resource : sam
Description : guys look i know wanting to be vampire mite sound great but in reality its not i should know
Resource : michelle
Description : i will love to be a vampire cause i realy hate my life and i love vampires alot i have no fear of blood or biting the only think i realy one in this world is to be a vampire am not afraid to kill some one just to be a vampire
Resource : scotty
Description : im a were wolf
Resource : not required
Description : jst a human...
Resource : ttenyeart
Description : i really want to be a vampire its all i have ever dreamed about i would do ANYTHING to become a vampire so.......if you know one please send him/her to me!!!!!!thanks plese answer back i really want to become a vampire
Resource : zoe
Description : i want to become a vampire these wierd things are going on i thinki am half vampire or mayhave been half vampire in my past life but im not truly sure...its wierd because i can smell blood and hunger for it and my eyes turn different cloros i know it sounds stupid
but i need a metore or a proper spell or somthink to turn me full if i am half can you help
Resource : jesica boss
Description : My friend and i wants a vampire spell please helps us so we can be vamps.
Resource : sam
Description : plzzz i rally want to be a vampire!! i will do anything
Resource : Eric
Description : well i want to turn into a vampire i did some research and i still cant find anything some one help me
Resource : Michael
Resource : carman
Description : I love vampires. I do want to become one, but I do want to go out to the sun and be able to go near people without fear of the hunger. But I also wouldn't know how to get the blood to satisfy the hunger. I don't have any erges or anything like that, but I love vampires. Vampires rule!
Resource : brianna
Description : bite a homen
Resource : Jsse Nrman A. Zaagoza
Description : i am become a vampire
Resource : kendra
Description : i need a spell as soon as posible to become a vampire so tell me please if you know one
Resource : Borna
Description : vampires does not egzist,and if they do,they dot give a fuck about your spells and wishes to become one...SPELLS???? COMMOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!
Resource : Jake
Description : i just need to become immortal nomatter what the method was :D
Resource : alvin lewis
Description : i won't the samething.won't the darkness
Resource : Shielddark5
Description : I have read many things about vampires and having eternal life. They never die, r cold, really fast, and all these other things. I want to be a real vampire.
Resource : Alfie
Description : im here are you there
Resource : Jessica
Description : i've always wanted to become a vampire i read everything i can find on harmful things to us to feading grounds please can you send me an email it may make my life a lot better cuz i hate my life please help me.
Resource : bethany
Description : i would LOVE to me a vampire! Also everytime i have blood on my skin and i see the blood i drink it. and it not discusting its quite yum.if your a vampire can you tell me how to be one plzzz!!!! contact me at hotmail on plzz
Resource : ck
Description : Dumb little humans you dont even know wat you all ask for just so you all know am 1000 years old but anyway u still have a soul and you need to kill so guilt is pretty bad well not for me anymore but if any of my brothers or sisters happen to turn any of you fools just know the pain in your first victims eyes will haunt you for ever i do mean ever
Resource : ck
Description : You are all lying fools vamps cant fly or shape shift and it is rare to be turned i am prue breed and we dont make ourselfs seen for one reasons there is thounsands of us there is billions of you I was born on the 6th of march 1023 you are just dirt to us prue breeds I am faster stronger than any human ever you will never even know my real name ha and out of everybody on this site i am the only one telling the truth u humans read to much books and watch to much t.v vamps that are turned are only us prue breeds slaves so if any of you want to be slaves just leave a message on the site and i myt turn just one girl if she is hot cant be looking at ah ugly face forever and by the way us prue breeds cant die anyway stake fire even if you cut of my head it would grow back naw am just kiding about the last part dont even know never tryed will get back to you on that on this internet is cool i can reveal myself and know will even pay me any hed ha bye bye
Resource : hina munir
Description : hi, my name is hina munir and ive been wanting to b a vamp since i can remember. i live a horible life and its sad, i have a reason for it and i use common sense,plzzzzz email me at if u can help me or if you know REAL SPELLS OR WAY OR RITUALS TO TURN I CAN TAKE THE PAIN AND NO BULLSHIT OR FAKES..........:) THANKS
Resource : Marie
Description : Becoming a Vampire will be a dream come true. To live a lifetime. to never grow old is just so perfect, itsa perfect lfe that i will live. itll make me happy.i can do so many things that i wouldnt have to rush to finish. I have been Biting my Wrist thinking its ok for me to do it and it is ok. Sure i get bruises but who cares. i bite so hard i feel like im bleeding. i get stomach aches and the only thing to calm it is to bite my wrist. I havent told any one that im doing it. so becoming one is so important to me.
So if you know anyways on becoming one email me at
Resource : Shadowed
Description : I want to be a vampire so bad if someone could please tell me how to become one. My reasons are:
to live forever
to always know new things
pale white
can do whatever they want
be dating forever
never lose something
don't make people sad by dieing
can turn your family a never lose
can know stuff from the past when others don't
so yea if you know a way then email me at
Resource : javier Gutierrez
Description : i would love to become one i been waiting for years i been ready
Resource : Jerico A. Baquilod
Description : I reeally really want to become a vampire please teach me.. iwant dor some reason.
Resource : iman
Description : I want to become a vampire not because of the power or stregnth because it is my soul nature, everything about it and the life of a vampire is serios this is not a joke but i NEED to no how to become one because, there is something i need to take care of and ONLY a vampire can do the job. Please just send me the a book or email it to me you can take the power back after im done i would like to privatly tell you about what this is that i NEED to do if you would like to know. OH and i have seen a vampire with my own eyes so i know that this is real
Resource : LaMia
Description : its a sign of vampire ?
iknow if people come to me
i heard people on long dstance
always dreaming about a vampire
in my dream my blood line from 19th century
with golden hair golden eyes
ifrom philippines
Resource : josey d
Description : i really want to be one of u i dont hve an email so if theres any vamps out there tht r willing to turn me txt me at this num 9188169081 plzzz only vamps txt me ive always wanted to turn evwr since my dad got in jail i promised to change i believe in this stuff because my friends r one
Resource : josey love
Description : ive been wantin to be one of u for a while since my ex austin broke up with me n practiclly killed me i still love him but want revenge i hvent ever wanted any thing else in my life but this idc how bad it hurts livin my life iz a nightmare so wat bad could it do to get a lil more hurt send a txt to this # if u can help me 9188169081 plzz vampires only txt this #
Resource : MissMayMay
Description : I want to be a vampire if anyone knows of any real one or what to do to become one let me know please and thankyou
Resource : jakeblue
Description : ahmp idid not to be come a vampires bcouse icant smell in blood in ican taste in and icant er in more voice
Resource : Kent
Description : Its Rubbish----= its not true vampires are definitely Fake.. before i believe that Vampire exist after i read some of the story...its all about myth that doesnt Exist...Sorry to tell but Its not True.....I will believe if i can see you and become one of you...... Sorry Guys its a Myth...:)
Resource : kayla
Description : hay I know a lot about vampiers but not how to be one but when you login at the bottem of the page it will tell you 6 easy steps to be a vampier but there is a catch it cost $1:70 all you haf to do is buy it and it will tell you how to be a vampier so bad
Resource : angie
Description : k i really want to become a vampire because all my friends think im one so can one of you guys do it please ill message you my address.
Resource : Umair Cullen
Description : i wanted to become full vampire ,
can any one help me how to become full vampire ? mail me :)
Resource : sergio
Description : i want to be a vampire but dont know how to become one. so anyone tell how to be one.
tell me how to be one email
Resource : tyler
Description : i want to be a vampire becouse i want to be stronger faster and i want to live forever
Resource : Misty
Description : Plz someone help me become a Vampire or buy me book on how to become 1 Or tell me how plz Email me at --->
Resource : Brittany and Miya
Description : I think that you should have actual spells! BECAUASE in order to do this you must be a witch as I & Miya.
Resource : Krista
Description : My life is already ruined, I got hit by a car I died, but I was revived I have a brain injury and epilepsy. I just want all to go away and the only way I can think of is commiting suicide or being a vampire. Plus guys are jerks to me cause I am disabled. I hate being human!!!
Resource : sandra
Description : PLEASE! i love vampires, im totally opsessed with them but i dont know how to become one, i know to become a vam. you need to be bitten or born but i LOVE VAMPIRES!! if you have any info on how to find a vamp that will be willing to bite me or summing, like that please email me on PLEAse!!!!!!!!!!
Resource : josey love
Description : HELP ME PLZZ someone plzz turn me i cane take this life any
more it iz startin to get worse my bff just got mad at me foe
no reason so i hve no one to talk to now so plz plz help me ill
do any thing
Resource : Helen
Description : Please give me an easy chant that WORKS so i can become a vampire PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAASEE! email~
Resource : mickayla
Description : i love vampires i have researched almost every drop of info about them i am convinced there real no matter what my family says so if i missed some thing e-mail me at facebook crimson nightwalker! i what i would give to be a vampire so please give me a spell,ritual anything!
Resource : John Mitchell
Description : Kids, there is nothing great about being a vamire. I've been one for nearly 200 years. This aint Twilight. You will kill for blood. You will hunt, first strangers, then friends, then family.
Being a vampire doesn't make life better. We die too. For the love of careful what you ask for....the consequences can be hell.
Resource : Savanna V
Description : My ex is Pure blood and most pure bloods look down on people like you. I'm human cuz he would not turn me unless we were getting married. Its a big thing to handle. You guys are all young and immature
Resource : jromero
Description : If there are real vampires out there please can u tell me how to become one by contacting me at this E-mail:
Resource : faith
Description : i have watched loads of vampire films like twighlight and im becoming obsessed with vamps i love em in all my games i dress up as a vamp i can run so fast and im becoming obseessed with the idea of drinking blood i need ways how to become a vamp xxx
Resource : Mariah
Description : As I read all these peoples posts about wanting to become a vampire, over reasons that I know a vampire would simply disapprove of; I continue on reading. Dont get me wrong, Id risk life and give myself an eternity to dwell in the shadows, to see this world progress and well, to share eternity with someone. I am looking to become a vampire, my wish to be one may seem like a curse to those who dont understand, or it may seem unrealistic, unimaginable and well, unachieveable. But I am persistant; and wont stop. Id appreciate all the help I can get. And If you know of a source for a vial of real vampire blood, let me know... Id die for it.
Resource : Marian
Description : hey....
I am marian... and im dreaming to become
a vampire... not because of their physical characteristics but because i want to help...
please tell me what is the exact spell to become a vampire or find me a vampire to bite me to become a vampire.....
please........ HELP ME.... I WANT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE>>........
Resource : kk (bloodangel)
Description : always dreamed about being one i also need my freedom im always lock up away from people i have pale skin dark hair and creepy blue eyes i cant tan cause i burn easily and im considered an outsider e-mail me with info on becoming a vampire plz
Resource : okko
Description : i am a vampire. real name aaalllaaannnaaa. age 11
Resource : rabia
Description : i want to be a vampire cause i just love them they are hot fast very strong plus i want blood
Resource : rabia
Description : yes ther is a way i found it on the net you need to put two drops if blood in a plate then at midnight say some voodoo words et voila a vampire at least that's what i'm gonna try wish me luck :)
Resource : Samntha Rose
Description : I wanna be a vamp, not only for immortality, but for power and the lust of the hunt...
Resource : christie smith
Description : i think iam half vampire i like to run and it feels realy good and i like jumping off things and i have this feeling i whant to know whate it feels like to drink blood so iam i realy a vampire
Resource : april
Description : i keep doing this spell on how to become a vampire and i dont know if i am a half vampire or full cause when i say the spell my eyes are a little more awak at night but i dont git tooth,stomach or even head aches and i dont know why i dont but if any one knows how i can become a full or half vampire please email me at littlebear
Resource : megan
Description : hey im 15 i want to be a vampire, hold on rephrase that i need to be a vampire. i get cravings i cant sleep with out thinking about it i cut ,yself and drink the blood please help me? email me:
Resource : Tatiana
Description : i want to become a vampire because i want to see if Jacob of twlight is real and edward they mite be real i think that i want to become a vampire please god please.
Resource : say
Description : i want to become a real vampire if i meet a vimpire i ask him for a bite
Resource : manvir
Description : i want to be a vampira.because i want to live a horrer gain more and more power as vampires have.
Resource : hannes
Description : green&blue eyes dark brown hair 1,6 tall and very fit.can do eny thing
Resource : shachi
Description : i realy want to become a vampire so please e-mail me if you know any simple ways to became a vampire
Resource : rachel
Description : i feel this erge inside of me all the time to drink blood. i cant stop thinking about becoming a vampire. its all i want to do. please email me if you know how i can become one. i feel this emptiness inside of me that i cant do anything about. please email me soon
Resource : cama
Description : i realy want to become a vampire! so, piease e-mail me if you know any simpie ways to become vampire !thanks!
Resource : nathaniel tannahill
Description : i realy want to be a vampire
Resource : Ashton
Description : I would like more than anything to become a vampire. I have read more than the general population about them. I don't believe in many of the crazy stories about the super abilities they have except for that they can all live forever. If you have any true information on how to become a vampire or hopefully one of you are a vampire then please email me at but please don't just turn me away like a common fanatic, please at least look into me, thanks.
Resource : Cheyenne
Description : i really, really want to be a vampire. please send me an e-mail on how to become one :) thanks.
Resource : Whisper
Description : i rlly want 2 b a vampire.. can some plz tell me hoe i can b com 1.. plz send me an e-mail on how i cn b one thanks :)
Resource : Reagan
Description : i need some advice. my friend zoe says she is a vampire and on monday(its friday) when i was walking she was behind me and she triped and fell and bit me! And now i have all these weird things happening. yesterday i was with my mom fishing and a thorn got her and she started to bleed and i felt like a cat about to pounce. please help me i cant control my self
Resource : sandeep
Description : hello! im living in singapore and i want to be a vampire badly! will any vampires please come and turn me? i need to be able to live forever to accomplish a very important task! please.. i beg u all to turn me! =(
Resource : Bhanu
Description : HI My is banu i hate everyone so iwant to kill them i want be a vimper so plz tel me how to became a vimper otherwise i kill u where ever u r
Resource : Sahil Gull
Description : Hi i Want To Become a Vampier becose i M so to Be A Human
Resource : gissel
Description : i've wanted to become a vampire to live for ever .
Resource : kristen
Description : my friend Ivy is a vampire and said that she is going to change me into one but i'm not for sure that they are real in a way i kinda think it's stupid for me to think that they are real. she said that she has the power as a shape shifter and that i have the power to fly i am really happpy i'm becoming one of them mabe someday all of you will be one to but watch out it's a big desition :-i
Resource : kld7871
Description : i no how a mortal can become a vampire but you have to NO a all that stuff about bitting your neck is NOT true what you have to do is cut your wrist and let the vampire that is changing you suck alot of your blood out after a few mins the vampire cuts his or her wrist and you suck alot of blood this prosses might take a couple of days to kick in and after that YOU are a vampire hope this helps alot of you
Resource : sosmdjsnjkA
Description : i am a vampire here the spell i used blood red pale skin moonlight draw me in vains burst with red red blood swimming in pain i shall not alk in the sun . SO MOTE IT BE ! .
Resource : alucard
Description : i want to end this pitiful human life of mine and become perfect. i am tired of us humans calling this earth ours. of coarse if i were to become nosferatu, i will be bound to this world... what awaits a vampire after he is finally silenced? i wish to become a child of the darkness, but i will not lose my sanity and free will.
Resource : keeth
Description : i want 2 serve a vampiress
Resource : Ericka
Description : i heard you can change into a vampire with magic but im not to sure if its true i love vampires they are the most amazing creatures in the world ive never seen one but i would like to become good friends with one , i would love to become one but i dont know if thats possible....
Resource : ck
Description : Oh one more thing stop ripping of twlight you wanabes or i will hunt you down and show you want a prue breed can do ha you wont even see me coming and my eyes are blue not red and i can walk in the sun why do you dumbass think i have not been found out i have lived among ya for over a thousand years and magic has nothing to do with being a vamp and there is know such thing as a half vamp ur are either a fledling of a vamp and for yous out there that dont know a fledling is when you are turned but before u drink human blood you dont have full power basicly so stop dreaming people none of you are vamps well execpt me
Resource : alayna
Description : i wanna be a vampire like everyone else here on this website x i keep gettin dreams about me walkin flyin runnin around in the dark and all that werid stuff. When i was younger i bit my big sister in the leg than once i started i couldnt stop and when i eventully did her leg was bleeding so i kinga liked all the blood off her . and she still has the teeth marks. so plz can u email me the lessons to become one or just tell me x because i would do anything to become one
Resource : chantelle
Description : hey i need to know if im a vampire i dont a spell last night and felt diffrent straight away i want to know if it has work or not and i cant tell if it has
Resource : roger
Description : my email its from fb i hope its ok and i want to become a vampire becuse i have been fascinated whit them so i hope you can tell me how to become a vampire
Resource : abhijeet
Description : hi i been reading about vampires since 2-3 years and i would want to be one of them becoz i love the power they have and the main thing thirst for blood
and the way they rule during night i love it i want to become vampire
Resource : David Nathaniel Tate
Description : hello everyone and good evening if want to become a vampire i can help you either email in 4 days or simply call 573 473 8089 or email or mail me 415 fairground lot 2 mexico, mo 65265 david tate and if you are already vampire get ahold of me as well bcuz i have found ways to turn vampires back to human i will be looking forward to everyones messages but i will not come to you. you have to come to me your all welcome in my home and if you are vampire dont kill the humans were i live visit me tonight and there is a child age 17 first room on the right that i just can't bring myself to change he is on the bottom bunk first room on the left wall plz do it for me he will greatly apprciate it its my brother i watch over my family but dont wake my mother she is wican and banished me from the house i need her gone she is free for you to draw energy from but i want to be the one who changes her good bye for now :)
Resource : link
Description : this is garbig
Resource : rebekah
Description : i believe i'm a half
Resource : shianna
Description : im half vampire
Resource : Evangeline
Description : please! i'm begging any vampire, please tell me how I can get to be one! i'm positive this is what I want! I know everything about them, so I know what i'm getting myself into! Iaccept it! please e-mail me!!
Resource : mandy
Description : I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon this, or why people are begging to become immortal and live of the energy of others. I would never want that for myself, or anyone else I love. However I am a Wicca, and I would love to know what it is like for you guys to live day to day, for purposes of my religion. I've seen ghosts, spirits, satan himself, but never these vampyres. I feel kinda stupid because I probably will not get a reply, and believe me i'm not gonna publish a book or release your secret, I have secrets too, I was just thinking maybe we could share them, through email of course. Let's talk about or journeys through life.
Resource : Maria
Description : i want to become a vampire.
somehow, when i was little like about 8,
i would always say i wanted to become one.
So as i grew up, i've noticed that i still want to be one. its not because i was little and didnt have a good brain. Now i do and want to be one. May you help me?
Resource : Muhammad Awaiis
Description : It is just mythology by unknown concept. if vampire are live then we saw, reseach on these. we can use our common sense. it is waste of time.
Resource : Chloe
Description : I did a spell to become a vampire, and I have a good feeling about it. E-Mail me at and I'll send the spell to you. I have been reading these comments and I see people like me asking vampires to turn you. I know they won't. Once I'm a vampire, I'm going to start a clan. Anyone is welcome. Only humans. Either I will turn you or someone I pick will. E-Mail me. Email is above.
Resource : shumal
Description : i love to become a vampire i have sharp teethand time to time wen i drink something i feel it is blood, i am a little sensitive to light and i never fall sick sometime i feel like pouncing on some1 and suck their blood and i get blood cravings in the night i sometimes cut my skin for blood thirst and i hate howls but idk why they come to me every night
Resource : Jacob
Description : I would love to be avampier I love the taest of blood so if you fined someting e-mail me thank you!!!!
Resource : Vampirewannabe
Description : Hi I have always wanted to be a vampyre. I love the idea and I wanna be one soooo bad! Is there anything I can do to change to one?? Please Please PLease help me!!!
Resource : Katarina
Description : please make me a vampire.
If u do then people will think i look better.
I could watch the world Shift around me
I could see how the world changes before my eyes
Just really be a new me
Resource : Alice
Description : I have these thing wrong that peple laugh at me for
1.very pale skin
2.verygood eyesight at night
3.a thrist everytime I see blood
4.a weird shiver like something waking up inside me when I see a cut
5.turning my nec to be exsposed at night!! fangs!!!!!!!!!!
so if any one is a vampire here or mabye an expert on them please e-mail me at

Regaurds from
{aged 10}
Resource : vampiress
Description : i really want to become a vamp cause i have a genetic feeling for blood.ive drunk blood before.and a few nights ago,i read a poem to summon a vamp in ur room to bite you.i read the poem went to sleep and the next morning i ran faster and i can see in the night.i think im becoming a vamp.YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.i forgot the poem and the website!ill write back if anything else bad happens!if im not one ill cry and try to read more poems on how to become a vamp!
Resource : aaron
Description : i nvr really thot of myself as a vampyre. yet, blood fascinates me as well as tastes delicious to me. if im not a vampyre i would do anything possible to become one. tis my dream to stalk the shadows in search of my nxt bloody feast!!
Resource : Onyx Sterling
Description : I am 100 Percent sure that I want to become a vampire If anyone knows a way to turn me I live In Indiana New washington 1619 McIntyre Road and I live in a Tan double wide trailer! Plz Ture me!
My Email
Plz E-mail me on how... or Bite me?
Resource : Edward
Description : Hello. I wish to become a vampire. For my own personal reasons. Let me start off first by saying; please, i don't wish for anyone to tell me "oh this is going to take evertything away from you" because I'm well aware of the risks, and I actually think that some of the frauds on the internet exaggerate it so other people can't attain vampirism. I'm also not a silly teenage fanboy or girl of Twilight. I have no opinion on Twilight, except that the people who watch Twilight and say they love it and then say they want to be vampires or whatever afterwards; don't deserve to be vampires. If you can help me out, please email me at
PS: I don't mind anyone asking me in email why I want to be a vampire.
Resource : Joshua
Description : Hello. I wish to become a vampire. For my own personal reasons. Let me start off first by saying; please, i don't wish for anyone to tell me "oh this is going to take evertything away from you" because I'm well aware of the risks, and I actually think that some of the frauds on the internet exaggerate it so other people can't attain vampirism. I'm also not a silly teenage fanboy or girl of Twilight. I have no opinion on Twilight, (I'm restraining myself from saying I hate it) except that the people who watch Twilight and say they love it and then say they want to be vampires or whatever afterwards; don't deserve to be vampires. If you can help me out, please email me at
PS: I don't mind anyone asking me in email why I want to be a vampire.
Resource : Brian
Description : I am seeking history, I have read most peoples posts and I am truely amazed by peoples blindness to what the world really is. Forgive me people im sry if someone hurt u, but there are way more better resolutions than what u seek. I have seen the best and worst in humanity and have been plauged by dreams of wars since i was eleven. My only request on this blog is that if there is a "pureblood" who can help me please do, im not askin to be a vampire.. Im askin about history because only a true pureblood could know the truths i seek. amd for those of you who are hurting right now and seek a way out....dont feel me harsh, I was raped repeatedly as a kid, i know pain, it has killed parts of my soul to, but there is more to this world than u realize, and having narrow sight will not heal ur heart or make existance better
Resource : Brian
Description : and if there is a pure that can help me with the history
Resource : Alan
Description : I dont know wht has happened 2 me but i know this much that i hav always dremt of becoming a vampire but now i think it's impossibl . these new sights are all false and never provide any information about vampires i m trying this from the age of 7 and now i m 12. i hav many family problems and that is why i want 2 becomen a vampire and run away because right now i dont hav the strength to stay away from my family but if i become a vampire there will be no relationships , no feeling and no love...............
so plz help me someone for god's sake
and dont think i m tellig a lie
like i thought when i came 2 this site
Resource : miky
Description : I really want to become a vampire really easyly but i dont know how please email me if you do know!
Resource : Kevin
Description : Its random for me but i start to smell blood then i start to think about the taste and its hard for me to find out where its comeing from cause i never find it but i would become a vampire to protect and give my all to them and make a promise to stay by thier side and if i break it they can kill my by thier hands and no one eles
Resource : Cant say
Description : if there is anyone there who could tell me how to become this please send me an email i know maybe i dont deserve it maybe i do so please this is my email pleasee and i want to say if there is anyone who like pain bite me please il give my direction if u want to see pain please
so u have fun
Resource : america
Description : i've tasted human blood before but i want to become a vampire and im only 12yrs old plzz tell me how
Resource : Thane Of the Blood Wulf Clan
Description : This is funny, so many comments I have read, "I want to save the world" "blah blah blah." You won't ever become a vampire because of that right there. I'm not a vampire, I am a lycan, however my good friend is a vampire. The chances of living if your bit are less than 1%. It'll start with weakness, hallucinations, convulsions, and end in shock. Keep wishing, it'll never happen. It's a life of suffering that only slayers can put an end to. Good luck, if you succeed, you'll regret it.
Description : i wants to be a vampire because i like drinking blood and i also use to do it from my friend kate he allows me to drink blood he says that i am a vampire ,he also wants to become one. its very bad that now i cant stay a day without drnking blood what shall i do please contact me [my no is 9947044070]my address is mangalath(H){nalukettu},kulavan kunnu,chengamanad.po,aluva ernakulam ,cochin,near cochin international airport,athani ,chengamanad
Resource : healer
Description : You are all Idiots and have no idea...
Resource : seth mitchell
Description : i merely want what i had returned to me. i was once an immortal walker of the night,but i died qnd now i am stuck in this god awful human teen body on the brink of sanity as my old memories(those that i still have) taunt me. i want my power, my wealth, my old ways and knowledge. i just realized i succeeded in turning into a regular human.
Resource : vitika
Description : look......its my inner urge to become a vampire..i want seems like i would any pain to be one.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i request u to help me become one....
Resource : mallory
Description : my hobbies are running blood tasting
Resource : Marcelene
Description : I really want to become a vampire. Ive been wanting to for a long time, so if you are a vampire, email me at:
Resource : janet
Description : i realy want to be a vampire, i think they are te best! i like blood, and when i'm bleeding i like to drink it. i like it when someone bite my neck, it does me think about vampire's ^-^, i realy want to be a vampire, so please help me.
Resource : Rubie-Mae
Description : ok so heres the thing, all my life i have been obsessed with vampires and magic and all this stuff that everybody says is fake. i KNOW its real. I have looked for ways to become a vampire, but i havent found one that actuallu works yet.
i really want to be a creature of the night.
but i dont want to lose my soul and kill my family.
i have been researching.. actuslly i still am but you get what i mean... researching on how to become a vampire, or to bind my soul to my body no matter what happens. so that way when i turn i will still be me. soul and all.
im also working on either finding a way to walk in the sun freely, if i cant find one or there just isnt one, then i will do what i can and MAKE one.
i want to be a vampire for many reasons, one is that i want to help people.
have you ever thought about demons being real as well? they are.
i want to be a vampire and learn to fight with my new abilities and go out there to help people. save people.
i want to never grow old so i can live forever and study demonology. so i can learn eaverything there is to learn.
learn about prophecys and demons and higher powers and the old ones, the ones that lived before time.
i dont know why but this is just something that i have to do.

i have a strange obsession with the colour red and i love the taste of blood.. granted the only blood i have tasted is my own.. . and i often find myself staring at people necks.
i dont know why this is, maybe im half vampire and i just dont know it?
i dont know. but if you could help me with this, if you could email me and tell me how i could become a vampire, if not tell me then at least give me hints on where to look for the answer. :) email me on this adress:

if anyone else has any info that helps my case then please email me! ill owe you one for it.
i hope i get some answers please :) thanks
Resource : Rubie-Mae
Description : also, my eyes change colour sometimes. my friends have told me that my eyes go silver, vibrant green, blue, grey, and sometimes really really dark. i dont know why this is.
i hate HATE heat from the sun, i like light but not too much and people tell me that im always cold. that my sin is always really cold for somereason.
if you know how i can become a fully fledged vampire pleas PLEASE email me!!

thanks a bunch guys and girls XD
~~~ Rubie-Mae
Resource : Ryan
Description : Guys in the bible it says not talking to the dead of bieng the dead but if you want to be a vamp go to and youll be a vamp but you cant return to human i hate it and i tried it and im a vamp i hate myself.
Resource : Zara
Description : I WANT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE!!! plzzzz send me the spell that turns me to a vampire
Resource : Diksha
Description : I just ant to be a vampire,m not fascinated by them but its there ability to see things differently and their emotionless behaviour that attracts me towards them...!!please help me to be one...
Resource : Brooke
Description : i think this is a crap cake!
Resource : dylan
Description : bloody,sharp,fast,
Resource : savannah
Description : hi im 11 and i want to become a vampire do you guys know how to become one
Resource : bloom
Description : i want 2 become a half vampire so bad i even tryed a vampier spell that said it worked but it was another frawed
Resource : christine
Description : i realy want to become a vampire realy baddly. i love the night i hate the sun i love dark colors. please help me become a vampire!
Resource : katrina
Description : i love to be a vampire it fits m and i belong there to be a vmpire and i want to live a long time if anyone knows there is alive vampire ot
Resource : ArIbA
Description : hey! how should i turn myself into a vampire. I want to take revenge, frome many people who have hurt me! & iam of 13 yrs only pls, pls, pls tellme how should i turn to a vampire!!!!!!!!
Resource : nelson
Description : there is only one are a close family
Resource : ashleigh
Description : I would do any thing to be come a vampire. If I anyone and I mean ANYONE please contact me at
Resource : ErNesT
Description : morons vampire's do not exist
Resource : rosie hodges
Description : i know how you can become a vampie just go to google and type in spell to make me a vampire in seconds. dont you come tellin me it dont work cauz it does.
Resource : sade
Description : hi i been wanting to becomr a vampire and i am excited becouse tonight is a new moon and i cant watie to try the chant
Resource : justin
Description : i realy want to be a real vampire and to control my thirst
Resource : bhawna dobriyal
Description : i want to become a friend of a vampire
Resource : bhawna dobriyal
Description : i reaally want to become a friend of a vampire
Resource : shamkaran
Description : hey guys i'm a vampire. And if u want to know hw to become one too or if u want to become one then all u have to do is add my on facebook.I'm on facebook as stefan Parks so add me and i'll tell u all about becoming one.And just how to become one .
Resource : aleigh
Description : i want to become a vampire ive wanted to ever sense i was 5 plzzzz turn me to one...
Resource : ayrianna
Description : id love to be a vampire.and i am because i was out on night and i saw someone i asked who are you and it ran in front of me and bit me so now i am a vampire i have to keep it a secret i can conrtol myself but i knda ate my family so we are all vampires now
Resource : Kayleigh
Description : I want to be a vampire too
Resource : Robert Moreno
Description : Forever & Always ~

Come to me you creature of fhe night, for I have a juicy neck for you tonight, Turn me into a vampire who's darkness delight. I wish to crave sangre, I wish to also need it to survive. There must be a way to prove I am a vampire after my turning.
Resource : katherine allisson
Description : vampires? i know that they are not real for what purpose?
Resource : ethan
Description : im sick of this life i want to be free from this torment if you will change go to 159 westbury park rd in watertown ct so that i may finilly get rid of this mudane soul
Description : I dn't know who I am , why I came to this Earth....for what purpose I came on here....I want to know the resource of life....I want to be a vampire neither to harm those restless humans nor to suck their blood...I want to know the meaning of take me in vampire's family...
Resource : vampire advocate
Description : i've always been weirded about the fact of having rumored vampires around our place but have never been bitten, seen one nor even heard of a credible source's encounter. if it's true, then i guess there are really good vampires. or they just know not to mess with us. but i honestly am curious and, for the heck of it, wants to be one. can anybody hook me up? a date with fate.
Resource : priya
Description : i wana be a vampire nowdays im kinda off hurting myself to drink blood and if i see any blood i will drink it am i changing to a vampire or wat i dont know
Resource : shreema
Description : guys you won't belive if i tell this to you that whenever any human or animal is near me i start feeling very thirsty and can't controll myself. Even after i drink water the thirst won't stop. at last after i go to a lonely place then it stops. it's kind of wierd. u belive it or not it's really true. i love vampires, i always keep on searching about them, and my biggest secert that i can feel them, whenever they are close to me. i am not sure, about this because, something happens to me, inside my blood. i sometimes tell the thing which my friends keep thinking in their minds and they ask me ''how do u know what i am thinking ?'' i think that i am a vampire but i am not sure and niether i have fangs.
Resource : mracinow
Description : I want to become a vampire as you can see. I've been having these dreams that like I've turned into a vampire andI suck peoples blood and soetimes when i see people bleeding i want the blood really bad how do you become a vampire
Resource : chantel
Description : i want to become a vamp.
Resource : kurt
Description : i wanna be a vampire because i like it very much and i like to have power lik em...!!! i wanna join em because they are powerful
Resource : amy
Description : say this
aperently it works i aint tried it though
O dea tenebris
mater immortalibus
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
mea lux vestra absorbere

liceat mihi locus ad tenebras
sicut ex utero immortales
filios tuos in ulnis
quibus invocaverit te frater

O lunae lumen
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
me duce tenebris sunt
i ita erit renatus


Oh goddess of the darkness
mother to the immortal
let me be reborn as your child
let your light absorb my own

Allow me passage to the darkness
as from your immortal womb
into the arms of your children
to whom I will call brother

Oh moonlight
let me be reborn as your child
guide the dark ones to me
so I shall be born again

but only say out loud when you want to be one someone will apeer aperently im gonna try it cya
Resource : rayne
Description : im rayne im a dhampir half huma half vampire my mother was raped by a great vampire his blood line was strong enough to creat me but once i was born he tried to kill me becuz being a dhampir is like such a shame on the vampires! but thanx my mom she hidded me well but she payed for that once my father killed her!! my mission is my own and not o evil entante! i will revange for my mother and release the human race again!
Resource : Scarlet.D
Description : To everyone who wants to be a vampire,
My name is Scarlet Dracula, I am Romainian and yes i am from Transylvania. Being a vampire is a very interesting thing. You can still eat human food, vampire's only hate the smell of garlic, they feel a little pain in sunlight and most of the other facts are true. When a vampire bites you it feels like that part of your body has been set on Fire!!! :D
Resource : Heather Jocelyn
Description : i want to be a vampire, to run fast and to have super strength and to read minds. i am super pale like a vampire, i am always thirsty but dont feel like anything we have in because it is always something else and i love the darkness. i love vampires, always have. and i would do anything to become one.
Resource : Scoute
Description : im a 4 year old vampire, human age would put me at 22. being a vampire is not as easy as everyone makes it seem to be. for one when your a vamp you are NOT above the law, you are still to follow the laws that society places out. We live in a human world and in secret because if humanity were to learn we existed they would destroy us because of the simple fact they are not ready to accept what is different. Another issue is finding a healthy and trust worthy donor. what i mean by this is a donor is obviously the one that you get your blood from, and they must be healthy both physically mentally and emotionally. they also have to be trustworthy. meaning they can't tell your secrets if they aren't mentally stable they can't handle the feedings and they can't keep it a secret, and if they are not physically healthy they could pass the diseases to us. if you have anymore questions you can contact me at
Resource : alyson
Description : brianna
where your best friend is a vampire you should cut your self a little or when you bleed and he is near you just tell him to bit you because i bet he could nit stand to be around your blood with out trying a little taste and then he would probble bite you so you can be a vampire (and if that works will you came turn me)or you could call at 1276-988-7698 and ask for alyson
Resource : Maddie
Description : Please email me back. im hoping to become a vampire this week or by xmas :) i want any of the side affects to wear off before school starts aftr winter break. ever since twilight ive been wanting super pale skin and fangs. and cool eyes. I just want my life to be better and i hope this will help. i wanna shine when im in the sun. i wanna look beautiful everyday. i just sant my life to be different. it would mean everything to me if you emailed me back. i need a spell, steps, anything! thanks
Resource : Charyssa
Description : Hi people. As well as everybody else. I know this is hard to except but no vampires or purebloods or whatever probably are here. I mean seriously if you where a vampire would you give a damb about humans. Or care enouph to read all the emails here. Oh and for any vampires who are here if your so lonely afer all thee years theres a solution. Find another vampire and a few more if you don't wanna be alone. Be your own family love each other. Do you really wan't to be with someone who's gonna eventually break your heart by dying. Seriously,Like the rest of you I wanna be a vampire. But you shouldn't be willing to give up everything for it. Like if you make a deal with the devil. Do you really wan't to give up your soul. If you do then how will you enjoy your experience as a vampire. All though I don't really care what you do I want yu to be happy and safe. I love you all please be careful. I am human or a witch or whatever but still. I have nothing more to offer vampires but blood and love. Then again thats probably nothing you want so whatever. Just know that I love you no matter what. Humans and vampires alike and anyone else who needs it. You always hve me if no one else. My email will no work if you try to email me. This is also not my rea name. Everything else I told you is true. There is one way you can talk to me though. make a video and post it. Say at the beggining of video that you are here for Charryssa from a vampire site. Say then what you wan't to talk to me about I will decide to reply or not. Give an email address if you wan't me t talk to you. Love you all. Yours in eternity, Charryssa
Resource : Wyatt
Description : Oh, Goddess of the Darkness,
Mother to the Immortal,
Let me be reborn as your Child,
Let your Light absorb my own.

Allow me passage into the Darkness,
As from your Immortal Womb,
Into the arms of your Children,
To whom I will call Brother.

Oh, Moonlight,
Let me be reborn as your Child.
Guide the Dark Ones to me,
So I shall be born again.
Resource : pv
Description : i m dying to become a vampire ! ! ! i will do nething to become a vampire... nething...
Resource : alondra valdez
Description : why i wanna be a vampire cuz to be a kid for life an to never to die and plus my life is shit and i want to show those mean kids dat iam better than them and be attractive and be strong so plz just change me in to a vampire
Resource : laarnie
Description : i realy2x want to be a vampire but i realy dont know how if u know just tell me how ilove vampires and sometimes i drink my blood from my open wounds!!!!!hahaha
Resource : laarnie tabili
Description : iam one of a vampire im 101 years old find me in philippines i will bite u then
Resource : Intelligent Woman
Description : I will not claim I am a vampire, however, everything about them interests me. I would love to learn some more and possibly meet one eventually. Please contact me.
Resource : nolash mendes
Description : i wanna become a vampire badly please help me become one
Resource : bobby
Description : its not true
Resource : miky
Resource : valerie
Description : i just want to be one so plse plse give me the answer at 7;30 will try a spell to become a vamoire wish me like a i hope it works
Resource : blair
Description : hello. i understand that becoming a vampire would not be as glamorous as people make it seem, but it's all that i've ever wanted. please help me an e-mail me a solution. i've looked all over the internet, libraries and everywhere else i can think of. please help me.
Resource : ConstantineS
Description : Humans.. Most of you are miss lead by these "vampire" movies and "books". Take your tie to truely familiarize yourself with us before jumping to such an answer.
Resource : ella
Description : if i will become a vampire what wiill happen ? cuz i want to become a vampire !! i think ..?
Resource : meee
Description : i realllllyyyy want to be a vampire me and my husband.
Resource : brittney
Description : i almost started crying about what people say about vampire's.those people can go sit on a tack.i would just love the hell to become a vampire.i'll take pain if i have'can a vampire please e-mail me?also,are their any vampires in ocala?
Resource : Zora Hasmay
Description : I am a dhampir. My father is a vampiire, my mother is a meer mortal. I have all vampirre strenths but none of their weaknesses. I have seen family perish. I have relocated more than 100 times. I want to become full vampire. I have no way of getting the blood i need. i have to hold myself back if anyone is injured. I ask for help and training.
Resource : R
Description : i want to be a vampire cos i like the colours of their eyes.
Resource : charlie humpherys
Description : i soooooooooooooo wanna be a vampire
Resource : lawrence
Description : f the immortal angel of dakness exist,i wil be part of him be one of him...i wnt to witness this world for more than centuries and make my legendary remarks...i want to be the angel of darkness............
Resource : Bella Swan
Description : I know that vampires exist but i want to see them.So if there is any Vampire in this world m challengng him/her to come in front of me!!!!!!!
Resource : anand
Description : PLZ PLZ help me in becoming a vampire.
i've checked many spells on web after then i have not transformed. if there is any way of transforming me then plz tell me. mail me on
Resource : anusha
Description : hello to my dear all pure bloods, and ck, john mitchell, vampire girl. i am pure blood like u all. i just want us all be togeather like a famely or frnds. will u all axcept my frnd reqest?. hope very soon we all gettogather at a place. pl send this request to all our other frends. hope u all will
Resource : edward cullen
Description : I am a vampire because of the spell:
blood red pale , skin moon light, drav me in, quench my thirst ,let my body fell no pain
say it ten times at night
Resource : Kierra
Description : I'm very young but I'v always felt different from my friends and family. I need to become a vanpire!!!I just...wish I could be one but not feel the pain of watching my friends and family die. so like be a vampire but still age. somebody anybody email me about this.
Resource : tabby
Description : okay i wana become a vampirw not just becausw i want it and need tired of being in pain, and having heart problems,.im wana stay young and pretty.i feel like life haa been shitty,i feel i like to start over and live forevrer.i wana be in controll and do things my way and i dont know where else to find vampires...i dont care if it hurts or wat the conciquences are..i wana be free from being heart broken and hormones,depression and being a vampire giving ne stregnth and giving me power and controll ovrr my life. i rathee be a animal than to be a beoken hearted hurrt sad little 19yr old girl inside all the time
Resource : Francis Lartey
Description : i really and badly want to become a vampire.. please help me.
Thank You
Resource : Lanni
Description : I really really want to be a vampire. I just love vampires and i always wanted to become one so please please tell me how to become a vampire please! I'll be forever in your debt. Please!!!!!
Resource : joebel
Description : iwant to be a vampire. b-coz i feel inside my self i want this life. please grant my wish
Resource : Demon King
Description : i want to become a vampire so much
Resource : Phuong-Danh Le
Description : I really want to become a vampire but let my two friend in. their names are tanjianay bullock and diamond broadnax
Resource : rheanna
Description : how do i become a real vampire
Resource : tejdeep
Description : i don't know why, i want to become a vampire.if it is not possible..i'll die.
Resource : yumi
Description : please help me i don't want this to be happen to me..when i was 10 years old i wanted to be vampire so i tried everything a spell vampire hunting..and later on i realize that it's better to live human than vampires..but now i was 12 turning to 13 on july 2013 i obviously shocked that i have 4 fangs...and when i got angry it grow and become sharp..and when it's full moon i always want to drink coz im badly thirsty..and my eyes hurts when i look into the now im having a tutor in our house coz i dont wanna go out...i cant even sleep when night comes...i ate pig's blood..and i felt dizzy when i look at the altar..please e-mail me if you know how can i rid of it and please don't wish to bcome a vampire its difficult...
Resource : sarah
Description : i have been watching vampire shows a lot. my life is so boring i feel like every day its the same routine. being a vampire would be so cool. i wouldnt grow old and i would be more free! i have been doing tons of reasearch and i really need a real vamp or someone who knows one to conact me.
Resource : ThisGirlRox
Description : i suspect a boy in my class to be a vampire. i want to know about them .what do i do
Resource : Shadow
Description : i have no future y not become Vampire/wolf easy go in sun not get burn
Resource : edward
Description : i'd love to be a vampire your eye color change you run really fast faster then a human! i'd love to be a vampire
Resource : Peri
Description : actually blood is my only facination... if im cut witch was aloooooong time ago but i was bitten by my cat sharp teeth it ACTUALLY went through!!! blood came out but that was yesterday anyway i actually drain bloood from my self with a special needle poor it in a cup and drink it that happens all the time i dont do any spells something is wrong with me either im becoming a vamp or i crazy.... it takes a week to transform im starting to use umbrellas for light to stay off.... im addicted to blood i hate the light and i have a pet bat.... i luv what vampire does and hate what they hate.... only one explenation im becoming a vampire!!!!!!creepy my cat wont go neer me. is this the work of my blood sucking side or im crazy??? anyway i have a heart and i dont go after annimals i have 2 matrices one is always ontop of me... so hate wolves >:) plus i dont listen to clasic music i listen to rock and i am the most popular one in school. well my transformation is done the day march break is over sad i know cuz i started on monday
on moday i am a vamp
Resource : washeera the vampire
Description : here is a real spell that really works: blood red,pale white,quench my first,coarsing veins,let me feel no pain,dont let me harm the ones i love,let me be peaceful like adove! say this spell 10 times in normal voice and pay close attention while reading this spell.... the side effects are: smell other people's blood over the perfume,itchy blood,feel dizzy in the morning,less sleep at night,you'll feel a little awkward as soon as you do this spell,faster,smarter,food taste....and read this spell 2-3 weeks for full transformation
Resource : Brace
Description : I want to become a vampire.
Resource : micai
Description : the spell to become a vampire is blood pale skin moonlight draw me quench my thirst coarsing veins let my body feel no pain
Resource : madddie
Description : i want to be a hybrate. a vampire and werewooolf i have tried everything but nothing has happened. IT SUCKS NOTHING WONT HAPPEN!!!!

Resource : Angel Mae
Description : I want to become a vampire because of many reasons
~I don't want to grow old
~I want to travel the whole world
~I want to see what the future will become
~I want to know how it feels to become one...

Is there any methods I can turn into one? I've tried different methods from the net before but all of them seems fake so I want to know real methods of how to become a vampire. Do I need someone to bite me to become one or exchange blood? If so is where could I find a vampire who is willing to turn me into one?

I really want to become a vampire not because of twilight. Since yuong I have huge liking towards supernatural creatures and I seem to fancy vampires more. Like on how they were able to survive in this world... Please tell me how to become one
Resource : robert
Description : i wish i can become vampire becuse of my family they alway yell at me andd tret me like trash if iwas vampire i wood travel around the world it wood be cooll to go around the wood too all the states and in the morning i can small blood but i dont kown where it comeing from i can hear far far away i wish i could become a vampire and i can see in the dark with out triping or anything wood is a real vampire pls trun me to one ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
Resource : Rosie
Description : So it seems many people want to become a vampire, and I suppose I am no exception. I've researched, and read about them for my entire life so far. I can see things, out of the corner of my eye, or right in front of me, that others can't. Creepy men made out of shadows looking up to my window, a shrouded man in the corner of my room, movement and people where there are none. I have craved.. yearned to be a vampire. At one point in time I gave it up to become a faerie, but the craving.. the pull.. it continued. The love, power, raw emotion.. everything besides your looks are fake. I can hear the voice of Nyx, her love and understanding for my crazy endeavor, but I will never give up.

My dreams are so vivid.. I can feel the cold of scissor blades pierce my body. The scrambling immortals tossing aside their masks as the ball room burns. The feel of arms wrapping around me as I fade away, and waking up to see my blood sprawled across the bed sheets. This hass happened many times, some with cruel vampiric monsters slowly draining my limp body, slices from falling into mirrors being attacked. All of it remains for a brieve moment when ai wake, then the skin curls and seals together healing.

I can just taste the warm blood in my mouth, sliding down my throat, drippind down my lips. I may sound a bot crazy, but what reason would I have to lie to you?
Resource : merrie byrnes
Description : girl 12 years old brown-blond hair greeny eyes
Resource : meli
Description : hi . well i am really confused if what really i am . i have this thing uhhm . my teeth i have growing fangs they are getting sharper every year i think ? well i think im a vampire yet these other thing makes me really confused coz once i think of a thing and sopmething like that there is a 80% that the thing i just imagined well suddenly cme true well yhays a signs of bieng a witch though . can you help me ? email me . thankss .
Resource : Sean
Description : All i need to know, is if they are real.
No further requests..
Resource : Eric Amora
Description : I really want to be a vampire and i did all those spells and it didnt work i really want to be a vampire sent me one please. STREET ADRESS: BURNT MILL CREEK S. ROAD please make me a vampire i will love it. <3 thanks
Resource : TinTin
Description : Can You Email Me The Steps To Become A Vampire?
Resource : michael
Description : Can You Email Me The Steps To Become A Vampire?
Resource : harsh
Description : Can You Email Me The Steps To Become A Vampire?
Resource : torrion
Description : i sooooooooooooooooo want to be a vampire. i love to drink blood put i dont think i am a vampire
Resource : Erca
Description : i want to be a vamp and i think i am but i really want to bite someone i can smeel it i eat my own blood i dont
Resource : charlie_lu
Description : hi am i teenage girl who despartly wants 2 become a "vamp" but 1st can someone tell me want (if anything) i need 2 get rid of and if its possible 2 not drink blood of those you love e-mail me if your a serious vamp expert or an actual vamp
Resource : charlie lu
Description : hi i am a teenage girl who wants to become a "vamp" and so does one of my friends as we plan on doing it together (becoming vamps) and we would like to know if we need to get rid of anything and if we can go out in sunlight and not drink blood of those we love and f we can survive on animal blood if necassary so email if your serious n a expert

oh n i av pets does that matter as we r planing to do this nrxt full moon ( i know may sound weird but we have found tones of chants and spells
Resource : elle
Description : I believe I'm a half vampire but my parents are both human! I hate the sun it always hurts my eyes, and when its really sunny I feel really warm like im being burned! I drink my own blood aswell and have always been fascinated with vampires since i was 5 years old! I would love to be a full vampire!
Resource : priyansha
Description : i want to contact,meet and become a vampire.its serious and i just want the answer.if you are true then plz tell me the correct way to do so.ithink u should not make someone unhappy as such the website is closed,iam interested in it a lot so email to me about it and fast.i live in india
Resource : killian wheeler-adams
Description : i want to become a vampire because iv loved vampires since i was 6 years old and i hate the day light and i love the darkness and if u no a way because every time i cut my self i always drink my own blood and i want to become a vampire so please can u tell me how to become one email me at and can u do it quick please because i really want to become a vampire for ever
Resource : alexis
Description : it seems so awsome to be a vampire you get to drink bloo and live forever.imean there are down sides but a vampire it will be awsome if i get to be one.
Resource : Milliee.
Description : I really would love to be a vampire, i've seen so many movies about them, i have no fear of blood or biting someone wouldn't bother me i just really would love to become one so if you have any spells could you email me thanks guys.
Resource : Unknown
Description : I know dat people won't believe dat i have phsycic power,they'll think it's rumours but it's true n i want to become a vampire coz i hate my life, i got some spells to become vampire also, but i don't think it works n i really n truly want to beocme a vampire!
Resource : Onyx Sterling
Description : Please! I have been researching how to become a vampire but I cannot find a way! I have been researching sence I was 7... PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT... I would be very greatful! I crave Imortality! |PLZ Healp?!
Resource : laarnie
Description : just tell me so how many percent you like to be areal vampire in the future because i gonna make u wat u like for im one of the vampires u are idolizing now tell me are you ready to be a sinners and herecitians??????
Resource : shacarri
Resource : eric
Description : I can run fast and im only 12 years and i belive in these thing but everone tell me no juct thing as in vampiers but i say yes there is ill befove it and i did i run'ed really fast for no reason
Resource : michael
Description : I am 15 and want to become a vampire but I don't know how to so can anybody tell me if there is words I have to say to become one so that I can at least not have to deal with the crap my family gives me?
Resource : Mike
Description : i want to be a vampire , 1 . because ive lost all family i have ,im alone ,lost,cherrokee indian so feel like wolf alot of times, i would love to be a vampire to have a family in to make forever family, i wish to join or be bitten at will ,or donate till im worthy. i need a reason to live.i have to scars also on my arm look like bit marks ,dreamd of being a vampire since young. please email at
Resource : angel zain
Description : plzz help me i relly want to become a vampire dear
Resource : nancy
Description : i really badly wanna become a vampire
Resource : Reggie Stallworth
Description : I just want to see what its like
Resource : jacklyn
Description : i want to become a vampire so i can be better at everything so some one help me please
Resource : kathleen
Description : i want to become a vampre, i badly want. all my life I suffered a lot, im useles being mortal... i would sell my soul in order for me tobecome a vampire. please email me if you can help me
Resource : Tiago
Description : I want to become a vampire because i absolutely hate my human life and because i fell in love with a girl and she broked my heart, please im beging you my email is this:
tell me a spell
Resource : lyran
Description : If you really want to become a vampire then contact this email You must be older than 18. Everything will be explained.
Resource : Haseeb
Description : I want to be vempire Is there anyone who can help me plzzzz someone help me I am in Pakistan I like I like his power plzzzzzz help me if I like the smell of blood
Resource : anna
Description : i want to be a vampire.but i thing that i am a half vampire . whenever i see blood i want to taste it.the blood attracts me .everytime i am concernedwho is watching me . i love vampires.plz help me .
Resource : Mukesh pat
Description : well.. i have started assuming this sincelaat whn my friends they started complaining tht im grivibg youbg every day... infact i look much younger niw... my haur color become black autonatically.... is this a sign od me on my way to becone vampire....
Resource : Adara
Description : i believe to be a vampire but im not sure. i am extremely sensitive to light always been pale and my eyes.change all the time. plus ive always needed blood..i get weak or angey when i.need it if i cant get it. or i get sick. i need help to determine if i am or
Resource : efe
Description : i seriously really want to become a vampire will somebody please help me?
Resource : bitteu
Description : vampire is very dangerous
Resource : mya
Description : i think im a vampire
Resource : melissa
Description : i tried one of those spells and now everything is stomach dudn't hurt until after i said the spell,i keep tasting blood in my mouth,and i have sore throat.i tried the normal way to get rid of it but thhat didn't work but when i started bleeding and i licked up all the blood it went away.i don't know iof i am one or not.
Resource : Jake
Description : Contact me with any info.
Resource : Taylor
Description : I feel the same way as everyone on here, i also crave for blood but i want to become a vampire for one specific reason i want to defeat my enemies so if you find a vampire anywhere please email me at
Resource : Leigh
Description : Hey taylor im a vampire so wanna gt bitten
haha come on
Resource : Warwick
Description : i need to become a vampire i dont care what happens just change my life or soul i just want become one even if its painfull if u are a vampire that sees this or nows one in New Zealand please contact me by
Resource : Rohit
Description : I am rohit i need to become a vampire, i saw the mirror and feel i am a vampire i think i saw vampire diaries .. but its truth .... can you make me a vampire.......... reply must
Resource : jessica
Description : Am Jessica Cris from Canada After a 8 months relationship with my boyfriend, he changed suddenly and stopped contacting me regularly, he would come up with excuses of not seeing me all the time. He stopped answering my calls and my sms and he stopped seeing me regularly. I then started catching him with different girls friends several times but every time he would say that he love me and that he needed some time to think about our relationship. But after l contacted Dr. AGUBA of he cast a love spell and after a day, my boyfriend started contacting me regularly and we moved in together after a few months and he was more open to me than before and he started spending more time with me than his friends. We eventually got married and we now have been married happily for 3 years with a son. Ever since Dr. AGUBA of helped me, my partner is very stable, faithful and closer to me than before. is Facebook address is
Resource : dejah
Description : my teeth all ways hurt and my i teeth are getting sharper, i try spells on youtube and they are really stupied, some timesi smell blood from far away so if you find a spell to turn me and other people in to vampires contact me at lioneyes399@
Resource : Kaylee
Description : Please I wish to become a vampire and not just for imotalltiy yes that would be nice but I would like to see how the world evoles..... I would even wait till im legally an adult... Im only 13. Contact me at if u would turn me.
Resource : genntreial
Description : i wish to become a vampire please i need a real spell and im satanic so please make me a vampire please i wish to be one
Resource : genntreial
Description : my email is
Resource : sally
Description : are vampires real?
i want to be one
Resource : Donar.K Eripmav
Description : I turned into a vampire by a black magic but then I got accident with my father, he was dead but got that feeling when I was dead in hospital with big surprise, that I am not dead also I felt like I’m different than usual. My eyes became dark red at night I really hate sun at once I felt rays penetrate my skin, also it change me all my personality “I was not angry before but now I felt like I am burning to become angry. I have become very faster when I just walk, I love to play with blood path (I mean drinking blood). My friend was annoyed, he want to become a vampire but I give him a spell magic but it doesn’t work with him. Anyone tell me which spell is Appropriate to him to becoming like me?
Resource : Kaleigh
Description : Hey. I'm just wondering. Last winter I was board and I forgot exactly how but I came across vampire spells on youtube. I tried one because they were all the same and I was SO board! Some of those thigs came true like they said. I stayed up later than usaul without feeling tired, my teeth grew a little sharper. When ever I take a quiz they say I'm not one. Am I a vampire? What does it take to become one? Also what will happen after that? Sorry if it seems like I'm all like"Blah blah vampire blah blah blah" Also I don't know if this help but I think ghost are in my room. My room will get colder and it was so hot in there a second agao. And during the night I would see shadows moving. I'm not sure if it's my imgination or not though.
Resource : Ashley M. Bartlett
Description : Hello I am Ashley. Recently I've been at a Baby shower, when I got there with my sister in law. A lot of people came. Now the freaky part was this.... My mouth was watering, My breathing became short, My head would hurt and feel lighter then the rest of me, my eyes are light dark brown but this morning it was carmel light, My eyes do hurt when bright light touches my chest would ach a bit also my senses and speed came up fast, my throat would throb at times. even for a odd reason I love to walk at night and wear dark cloths.:3.
So I asked my sister and she said I must crave Blood.
Is it true that me a abnormal girl would be a Vampire? Or what? Please help me understand.
Resource : amsi
Description : i olwis wish to be a vampire i now hw to bcecom one but am scerd to hert my oun famaly or to hert my frends or pets help me wat shod i du gies
Resource : wesley
Description : HAY,Will some vampire please turn me into a vampire, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to part of the living dead.I AM BEGGING PLEASE MAKE ME A REAL VAMPIRE.I WANT TO BE a REAL VAMPIRE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Someone turn me into a REAL VAMPIRE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want the abilities, and indefinite lifespan, the thirst for human blood(with the fangs),the red eyes, and for none to remember me. I must be a vampire please come turn me into a vampire, too.I live at North Park Gardens 7430 West Northwest Hwy. apartment #8 Dallas, Texas.Come bite me and turn me into a vampire, too.Please turn me into a vampire. I DON'T care what the cost, I just to be a real vampire. I am misrule.REAL VAMPIRES ONLY--NO FAKERS.I am not kidding, I really want to be a real vampire fast and now.Will someone please turn me into a vampire, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am giving up my life and my neck to be a real vampire. I really want to be a real vampire fast and now.Will someone please turn me into a vampire, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am ready to be turned into a real vampire.I wish to be a vampire so bad if any there ARE to help me then reply me at,then come bite me and turn me into a vampire, too.But stay hidden till you see a boy with a leather jacket on.Please answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone please turn me into a vampire, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM BEGGING PLEASE MAKE ME A REAL REAL VAMPIRE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It would be my pleasher to be a REAL VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that I could have the abilities, and indefinite lifespan, the thirst for human blood(with the fangs),the red eyes, and for none to remember me.I don't fit in anywhere so I want to become a vampire so please help me. Please i have no friends i the freak in school,please I'm begging. Please turn me into a real vampire seriously i want become a real vampire.
Resource : anonymus
Description : i really want a vampire please turn me
Resource : yasmine
Description : guys i tried so many many manyyyyyyyy spells :( they dont work but vampires do exist! i do believe in them! these wonderful why dont somebody here bring us A REAL POWERFUL SPELL?! A REAL SPELL 2 join these amasing vampires in theyère life? please vampires r not a joke or a style or even something we use 2 show off! they got a lot of risks in they'r life! but where do they live? & what r they're facts?! THAT'S WHY THEY R A WONDERFUL CREATURS! not like twilight or these vamps u see on screens -_____- we must respect them! & if any body here is a vampire i want him 2 tell me! i really wish 2 meet 1 :) BUT WE MUST BRING A REAL WORKING SPELL -.-
Resource : Deborah Solomon
Description : I am giving this testimony cos l am happy My name is Mrs. Deborah Solomon from Houston, taxes. I never believed in love spells or magic until I met this spell caster once. When I went to Africa in March this year on a business summit. I meant a man called dr. Gbojoro1.He is powerful he could help you cast a spells to bring back my love’s gone, misbehaving lover looking for some one to love you, bring back lost money and magic money spell or spell for a good job. I’m now happy & a living testimony cos the man I had wanted to marry left me 3 weeks before our wedding and my life was upside down cos our relationship has been on for 2 years… I really loved him, but his mother was against me and he had no good paying job. so when I met this spell caster, i told him what happened and explained the situation of things to him. at first i was undecided, skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try. and in 6 days when i returned to taxes, my boyfriend (is now my husband ) he called me by himself and came to me apologizing that everything had been settled with his mom and family and he got a new job interview so we should get married. I didn’t believe it cos the spell caster only asked for my name and my boyfriends name and all I wanted him to do… well we are happily married now and we are expecting our little kid, and my husband also got a new job and our lives became much better. In case anyone needs the spell caster for some help, email address Great Gbojoro1 I thank you very much thank you in 1000000 times.. if not you i would have been losted and wasted thank you. Please make sure you contact him for any financial difficulties okay.. What a powerful man such as Dr Gbojoro1.. he is so much powerful..\\ email him for any difficulties..
Resource : sravs
Description : i really wish to be a full vampire. i would like to meet one. i love vampires
Resource : Elena Gilbert
Description : Hi Im ElenaGilbert im a vampier i was born a vampier but it is so hard to not wont to kill a humen but it is ok, I sleep at night but i wake to go eat and then i go bake to sleep if you are new vampier stay out over the sun it can kill you, you new a ring that can save you from the sun you will have to find a witch and have her or he put a spell on it.
Resource : matt
Description : i wanna be a vampire but how can i
Resource : Mario
Description : am back and better
I promised to tell the world about him that's why am posting this here...all thanks to Priest JAYEMA...there are so many fake spell casters out there I was more than scammed heartbroken and almost gave up all hope until I met with am so happy...
If you have issues mail sure would help you he casts all kind of spells
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